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Ground cover with purple flowers for sun, semi-shade and shade: These splendid specimens can decorate your garden

Whether you’re looking for ground covers for the rock garden, to complement a flower bed or to underplant a tree, you’ll make exactly the right choice with the romantic purple color. But with so many groundcover perennials to choose from, how are you supposed to know which ones will bloom in this color? Well, you could take a look at our list, as we’ve rounded up some stunning groundcovers with purple flowers for different light conditions.

Carpet phlox ( Phlox subulata ) for the garden

Ground cover with purple flowers - carpet phlox (Phlox subulata) for sun and partial shade

You can look at as many lists as you like, searching for a wide variety of colors – carpet phlox (also known as cushion phlox) is guaranteed to always be in them. No wonder, because it is simply magical to look at in the flower bed and impresses with a dense growth and incredibly lush amount of flowers and that in different colors. If you are looking for ground cover with purple flowers you will also find it and get quite a low-maintenance plant. It needs a well-drained soil, and the location can be both in the sun and in partial shade. In winter, however, it needs a light protection from the sun.

Creeping ground cover with purple flowers – periwinkle ( Vinca minor )

Ground cover with purple flowers - winter hardy Vinca minor for any location

Vinca Minor is a groundcover that is hardy and comfortable in pretty much all light conditions (sun, partial shade and shade). The plant is also very tolerant of soil conditions, tolerating both lime and acidic soils, but preferably loose, well-drained and moderately moist. The flowers delight the gardener between April and June, and in impressive quantity.

Two-tone beauty with the box crucifers ( Polygala chamaebuxus )

Ground cover with purple flowers and a hint of pink and yellow - box crucifer (Polygala chamaebuxus).

Even those who were looking for a monochromatic variety until just now will forget about that endeavor when they see this unique color combination. This interesting contrast of purple and yellow will undoubtedly become an eye-catcher in your garden and is also easy to care for. Growing up to 20 inches tall, the only thing the plant can’t tolerate is waterlogging, which should be avoided at all costs. Do you want another great news? The box crucifers are evergreen ground cover and will thus decorate your garden with green leaves even in winter.

Midday flower ( Lampranthus ) is a ground cover with purple flowers.

Midday flower (Lampranthus) is a succulent and not hardy

By its interesting flower and leaf shape scores again the Lampranthus, a succulent . But this seemingly perfect beauty comes with a small less practical feature. Namely, it blooms only on days with full sun. Furthermore, it is not hardy and must either be overwintered in the warm or you collect branches in the fall to use as cuttings in the spring. Otherwise, however, this groundcover with purple flowers is very easy to care for and resistant.

Woolly zest ( Stachys byzantina ) with silvery leaves.

Woolly zest (Stachys byzantina) with silver leaves and small flower

As if the leaves with their silvery pubescence weren’t attractive enough, the groundcover also gets small purple flowers that, despite their size, just contrast beautifully amidst the foliage. In any case, with the woolly zest you get a plant that is attractive at any time. Find him a sunny place in the garden, but where do not expect waterlogging and not too wet in winter.

Dreamlike bell flowers ( Campanula )

Ground cover with purple flowers - bellflower (Campanula) is a beautiful perennial

Just when you thought you’d already seen the most beautiful purple perennials, along comes the next one that seems to top everything that came before. We are sure that the sight of the bellflower has caused exactly this thought. Depending on the variety, it requires a different location, and that’s a good thing, because it means you’ll find the right one for every area in your garden. You also have more varieties to choose from in terms of flower color.

Plants with purple flowers – The Blue Cushion ( Aubrieta ).

Another groundcover with purple flowers is the bluecissus, so don’t let the name fool you. This cushion perennial is one of those plants that are the first to bloom in the spring. They are evergreen and can be used not only groundcover, but also hanging. Choose a sunny to semi-shady place for this drought-tolerant perennial and enjoy the first bees thanks to its nectar. The plant grows between 10 and 15 centimeters high.

Plant bluecissus (Aubrieta) in the garden for flowering in spring

Ground cover fast-growing, undemanding and hardy – thyme (Thymus).

Low-growing, incredibly fragrant and pretty to look at is the thyme , with which you get not only an eye-catcher. You can collect the flowers, dry them and use them to flavor your dishes or for tea, and we promise that the aroma will be much stronger than with store-bought dried thyme. Be sure to choose the right variety, as some grow into taller shrubs while others grow groundcover (such as field thyme or Thymus praecox).

Plant and harvest low thyme as a spice or for tea

This ground cover with purple flowers is optimal for people who are looking for something very easy to care for, because it needs sun, dryness and hardly any nutrients. However, the beauty does not tolerate shade at all. Cushion thyme is also tread resistant to a certain extent. So, if in the course of time it spreads to where you often walk along, it is not a big deal. However, keep in mind that it is still not as tread-resistant as grass, for example.