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Grave design for All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day – ideas for grave decorations and autumn flowers with symbolism

Summer planting on the graves so slowly but surely fades, or has long since, and in the fall is again time for renewal. Usually choose the Christian holiday “All Saints’ Day” for this purpose and decorate the grave with floral arrangements, grave bowls or a new planting directly in the ground. We would like to explain what this day is all about, why many plant and decorate the graves at that time of all days, and what to choose for a grave design for All Saints Day.

What is this holiday about

In autumn decorate the grave with new plants and decorations

All Saints Day is a day when the Western Church commemorates all the saints and martyrs and takes place on November 1. It actually has nothing to do with the arrangement of the graves of our loved ones. Actually, it is the following day that is supposed to honor all the deceased and on which the priests also bless the graves, and this one is called “All Souls’ Day”. But then why do many choose to decorate graves for All Saints Day instead of the actual holiday?

This is simply because in many states precisely November 1 is a public holiday. People then use the day off to design the grave.

Ideas for grave design for All Saints Day

Grave design for All Saints Day with flowers and grave decorations like lanterns and candles

Various options are available for grave design for All Saints Day. You can do it yourself or have something made. Flowers and plants are of course part of it, but can be supplemented by other grave decorations. We have summarized a few ideas that can serve as inspiration for you.

  • Wreath for the grave
  • Grave arrangement for All Saints Day
  • Planting grave bowls
  • easy-care grave planting for autumn and winter

However, you should choose the right plants and flowers. Especially if you want to plant the grave, you should choose those that are suitable for this season. You will find a selection in this article . Furthermore, you can choose flowers that have a suitable symbolism. We have a selection of suitable flowers for you below:

For planting the grave

Heath to plant graves for autumn and winter

Here is a small selection of suitable flowers for grave design for All Saints Day:

  • Aster – blooms until late autumn.
  • Chrysanthemum – autumn bloomer with large flowers in bright colors
  • Autumn daisy – blooms from September onwards, so there will still be flowers by November 1; hardy and winter-hardy
  • Horn violets – blooms from April into the fall; best planted in the fall to have some blooms for All Saints Day
  • Budding heather – perfect not only for grave design for All Saints’ Day, but also for afterward, as it blooms all winter long
  • Purple bellflower – no longer blooms in the fall, but decorates with attractive leaves in purple, making it perfect for grave design for All Saints’ Day; hardy
  • Pansies – classic for grave planting for All Saints, but also for spring

Ideas for All Saints’ Day arrangements

Grave design for All Saints' Day - Have a flower arrangement made or do it yourself

A grave arrangement is very beautiful homemade, but you can also have it made. It is best to use natural materials to make a beautiful natural flower arrangement. A dried root is often used as a base. This is great to store and use again after the holiday.

  • Artichoke flowers
  • dried lantern flowers
  • fir greenery
  • fresh or dried cones
  • walnuts
  • ornamental pumpkins

Tip: Insert a nail through the base of the root from below, onto which you can then stick a candle.

Grave decorations for All Saints Day

At All Souls' Day honor the deceased with lights

In addition to flowers, plants and flower arrangements, you can, of course, use other decorative elements. Candles are simply part of it and can be placed on the flower arrangement, as well as in a lantern. Some people like to decorate graves with stones, which makes maintenance much easier. Especially gravel is very popular and optimal for a modern grave design on All Saints’ Day. Or how about a planted grave bowl, for which you can choose the flowers already listed? You can always redesign these depending on the season.

Grave design for All Saints’ Day – choose flowers with appropriate symbolism

Grave design for All Saints' Day - planting bowl with fir greenery and flowers

If you want to send a certain message with the planting, then suitable varieties that are not only typical for cemetery planting, but also have a certain symbolism. For example, you can choose the following specimens:

  • Cyclamen – modesty and tenderness.
  • Asters – hope
  • Boxwood – perseverance, love, longevity
  • Christmas rose – purity, peace, considered a flower of light
  • Chrysanthemum – love, even beyond death, longevity
  • Ivy – fidelity, immortality, glory
  • Yew – immortality
  • Erica – home, family, happiness and suffering
  • Heather – longevity, strength
  • Autumn anemone – hope and transience
  • Budding heather – constancy, loyalty
  • Spindle bush – longevity
  • Holly – faith
  • Pansy – memory and remembrance, modesty, trinity
  • Dwarf pine – longevity, friendship, marriage

Grave design for All Saints Day - choose flowers and plants with symbolism