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Zucchini preplanting: From when is sowing on the windowsill possible and when to plant the pre-pulled plants?

Spring is the right time to bring forward certain crops. This includes the zucchini. We explain how to grow zucchini in advance and how you can easily sow them in the greenhouse or on the windowsill.

Pre-planting zucchini: Why the young plants feel comfortable on the windowsill

Planting and caring for zucchini in a vegetable patch

Zucchini are among the easiest vegetables to care for. So that you can enjoy them in the summer, you should now either pre-grow the vegetables on the windowsill or sow them directly in the garden. This is because zucchini takes a month and a half to two months to become ready for harvest in the vegetable patch.

When is the right time to bring forward the zucchini?

From mid-April you can grow zucchini on the windowsill. You will need a pot with a diameter of 6 – 7 cm.

Pre-growing zucchini: What kind of soil should you use?

Sowing zucchini seeds in pots for balcony

Fill the pots with lean growing soil (soil for herbs is good). The seeds contain a lot of nutrients, so they do not need to fertilize the soil additionally. Later, when the seedlings appear, you can repot them. Take a nutrient-rich organic vegetable soil with high nitrogen content. In addition, provide the seedlings with liquid fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium. They are very important for the growth of seedlings.

Pre-growing zucchini: The right temperature promotes germination

Zucchini seedlings preplant at home window

The room temperature in the next few weeks should be between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius, regularly check the soil and water the plants as needed. The growing soil should be constantly fresh to moderately moist. With good care, the seedlings will show after about 12 days. During germination, you should regularly water the plants. However, avoid waterlogging at all costs.

Repot the young plants

Grow zucchini at home on windowsill

When the young plants form two to three leaves, then it is the right time to prick them and repot them. Proceed as follows:

  1. First, carefully dig up the zucchini with a spoon. Always be careful not to damage the roots.
  2. Fill a slightly larger pot halfway with garden soil, place the plants in the soil and cover the roots with garden soil.
  3. Water abundantly and place in a bright spot out of direct sunlight.
  4. Water the young plants regularly until about mid-May.

When to plant the pre-cultivated plants in the garden?

Zucchini pre-sprout on windowsill at home

As soon as the night frosts are over, i.e. from around mid-May, the pre-pulled plants can be planted in the vegetable bed. An important prerequisite is that the soil is frost-free and that there have been no sub-zero temperatures at night during the last two weeks. Choose a sunny day for planting.

The perfect location is in the sun and protected from the wind. Here you should provide a minimum distance of 120 cm from other plants, so that the zucchini can grow in peace. You need at least 2 plants per vegetable patch.

By the way, you can plant zucchini in containers as long as they have a minimum volume of 35 liters. So growing is possible even on the balcony. If you want to plant the vegetable in a raised bed, then you should choose the appropriate variety in advance.

Sowing zucchini in the garden

Zucchini when to sow in the garden tips

If you want to save yourself the trouble, you can sow the zucchini directly into the garden. The same rules apply: When sowing, choose a sunny and wind-protected place in the garden. Dig holes about 5 cm deep at a distance of one meter from other plants, put the seeds in the soil, cover with a mixture of garden soil and compost and water abundantly. Of course, instead of compost, you can add a slow-release fertilizer to the garden soil. Water abundantly the vegetables with rainwater.

The optimal time for planting the vegetable patch turns out to be the middle of May. Night temperatures should not fall below 0 degrees Celsius.

In the next few weeks, you should never let the soil dry out. Zucchinis prefer a moist soil. At the same time, this must have good drainage, otherwise the roots may rot. With good care, zucchini will be ready for harvest in mid to late July.

Zucchini are one of the most popular vegetables for the home garden. They take up a lot of space, but are high-yielding plants. You can sow the vegetables directly in the tub, raised bed or vegetable patch, or preplant them at home on the windowsill, and then plant the seedlings after the icemen in mid-May.