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When to plant strawberries? August is the right time! Tips about the soil, spacing and planting partners.

Delicious strawberries from the raised bed in the garden or the balcony box is what every amateur gardener looks forward to. If you want to have a rich harvest next year, you should start planting now. August is the right time for planting. In doing so, there are a few things to keep in mind. We explain how to plant strawberries.

When to plant strawberries: Why is August the right time?

Planting strawberries in raised beds what soil

Strawberries are low, perennial plants that are part of the gathering nut family. They are true sun worshippers and thrive best in sunny spots in the garden or on the balcony.

Basically, the planting season begins in late summer and ends in autumn. However, the optimal time to put the young plants in the ground is early to mid-August. This way, the freshly grown perennials have enough warm days ahead of them to grow well in the raised bed or balcony box. Only then will you have a real chance of withstanding frost, snow and wind in winter.

Do not wait until the fall to grow strawberries!

Planting strawberriesWhy August is the right time_

Also very important for next year’s yields, strawberries form their flower buds in late summer and fall. The more flower buds you have formed, the more fruit you will have next year. So if you plant your strawberries in early to mid-August, you’ll be looking forward to a bountiful harvest next year.

There is another reason why planting in August is more beneficial than planting in September. When planting, the fine roots of strawberries are often injured. In August, the weather is warm and the soil – dry. Two good conditions for the wounds to close quickly and the plant to recover. But in September it rains much more often, the weather is also colder. The soil dries much slower and fungal diseases spread quickly. The cut wounds make the strawberries more susceptible to pests , bacteria and fungi.

What should be considered when growing in August?

What soil for strawberries on balcony in tubs and window box

What soil for strawberries?

Airy, nutrient-rich soil with pH in the acidic range (5 to 6) provides the optimal conditions for flowering. You can additionally work into the soil compost, horn shavings and coarse-grained sand. The sand can improve drainage and prevent waterlogging.

Planting strawberries: the right spacing

Planting strawberries space saving useful tips

If you plant strawberries in rows, then the minimum distance between rows should be about 70 cm. Leave a distance of 25 cm to 30 cm between plants in a row.

Plant strawberries to save space: Ideas for the balcony

strawberries planting partners in the window box on balcony

Unlike in the garden, where there is enough space in the raised bed or vegetable patch, the balcony is a real challenge. In this case, you can grow strawberries vertically in a tube. You can also attach several longer flower boxes to a balcony wall and grow the young plants there.

What plants should be grown together with strawberries, and what crops do not get along?

Planting partners in mixed culture with strawberries

For now: strawberries bear the most fruit in the first three years. After that, the flowering decreases. You should transplant the strawberries to another raised bed or find another location in the garden from the fourth year. If you care for the strawberries on the balcony, then you can simply repot them or replace the soil. However, in the old location in the garden, you should not grow the perennials again for the next four years.

Why is a mixed culture with strawberries useful?

A mixed culture offers many advantages for the crops: Matching planting partners can attract pollinating insects and repel pests. Strawberries also have a lot to offer: They crowd out weeds, and their fallen leaves act as mulch, preventing the soil from drying too quickly.

Plant strawberries and tomatoes next to each other

Especially in small gardens, it can often happen that tomatoes and strawberries are planted next to each other. They may not bring out the best in the other planting partner, but they get along well and can as long as they are planted in the ground at least 30 inches apart.

Strawberries: Good neighbors, bad neighbors

Strawberries good neighbors and bad neighbors in a mixed culture.

Good planting partners to strawberries:

  • Herbs like thyme and borage attract pollinators.
  • Other crops such as asparagus, beans, peas, spinach, lettuce, garlic, horseradish, rhubarb and onion.

Asparagus and strawberries have completely different root systems, so there is no competition for nutrients in the soil.

Legumes such as beans and peas can keep the level of nitrogen in the soil in check and improve the soil for strawberries.

  • Flowers such as marigolds, borage, lupines and white clover do great with strawberries.

Poor planting partners to strawberries:

  • Cauliflower, broccoli, fennel, potatoes, melons, peppers and mint.