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What vegetables to sow in August? These varieties you can grow and harvest before the end of the season

In August, not only the fruits of the earlier sowing are harvested, but you can also put some new plants and make the most of the season until the end. The free areas in the vegetable patch can be filled with fast-growing varieties, so that the vegetables will be ready for harvest before the first frost. What varieties of vegetables can be sown in August and what to look for when sowing seeds in this month, we reveal in the article.

Sowing in August: what does the seasonal calendar say?

What vegetables to sow in August

Vegetables that can be planted in August include leafy greens such as lamb’s lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kale and mustard. Radishes, beets, beet and carrots can also be grown from seed in August. Chinese cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts can be planted this month and still have plenty of time to produce a good harvest. When choosing plants, be sure to buy edible (not ornamental) cabbage and kale varieties, as they are easy to mix up.

August is also a good time to sow a variety of fall crops. You can sow the seeds of winter radish, winter hedge onion and fall turnip now. There are also crops that are sown this month but will not be harvested until spring. One of these is the healthy chard , which overwinters outside in the vegetable patch and sprouts in the spring.

Sow and grow vegetables in August: Tips for success

Vegetables to grow in late summer what seeds

When sowing vegetables in August, there are a few things to keep in mind for a successful harvest in the fall.

When is the right time to sow seeds?

Whether for seeding or planting, the right time always plays a crucial role in vegetable growing. Since the days in August are usually very hot, you should wait for a cooler day, for example, after a rain shower. In such a cool, moist soil, the seeds and seedlings can grow better. If no rain is expected in the coming days, water the bed well the day before sowing to create optimal conditions.

Prepare soil

After watering the soil, you should still loosen it and remove weeds. A supply of organic slow-release fertilizer would also be beneficial to the plants.

Note: If you sow vegetables in August, make sure that you water the young plants extensively and regularly .

Observe crop rotation

In the vegetable patch, you should always follow proper crop rotation. It has to do with the nutrient requirements of the plants and determines which crops can be grown on which area. Whether the crop is a weak, strong or medium grower plays a role. It is best to be informed when buying from the seed, where to sow the selected vegetable varieties.

These vegetables can be sown in August.

Sow leaf lettuce in August

Asian vegetable Pak Choi with its tasty leaves is very easy to cultivate. You can both preplant the seeds and sow them directly into the bed. Wait until the hottest days are over, otherwise the vegetable may bloom prematurely. After six to eight weeks you can harvest the leaves.

You can sow lamb’s lettuce between mid-August and mid-September. The plant is hardy and can be grown later in the fall. However, the low temperatures can slow down the growth. It takes 10 – 12 weeks until harvest.

August is also good for sowing carrots. This vegetable can be resown every four weeks from February into September for a continuous harvest. In areas without sub-zero temperatures, late-sown carrots can be left in the bed over the winter and harvested.

Sow vegetables in August harvest crisp radishes before the end of the season

Among the fastest growing vegetables are radishes. Outdoor sowing can be done from the beginning of April to the end of August, so you can harvest crunchy radishes throughout the season. In summer it takes 3 – 4 weeks to harvest, whereas in autumn the vegetable takes a little longer to mature – about 8 weeks.

If you want to sow spinach for the fall harvest, the third and fourth weeks of August are the ideal time to sow. After that, it will be six to eight weeks before you harvest fresh spinach leaves from the garden.

You can also still sow arugula or salad rocket directly into the bed in August. This is the month when the soil is warm enough for the plant to germinate and produce delicious leaves quickly (about six weeks).

To grow kale in the fall, you should sow the seeds outdoors no later than August. The leafy vegetable is in season in winter and can be harvested as early as after the first frost, with the main harvest period between November and January.

In the first two weeks of August, you can also still sow bush beans, so that the vegetable can ripen before the first frost.

Grow bush beans sow seeds in late summer