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What vegetables to plant in the fall? These vegetables you can still sow in September and October!

The nights are gradually getting colder and longer and the temperatures outside are slowly dropping – even if we hate to admit it, summer will unfortunately soon be over. Whether it’s cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries and co. – hobby gardeners have quite a bit to do during the summer months. The summer harvest is in and a large part of your beds is already empty? But that doesn’t have to be the case! While we have to wait until next summer for some fruits and vegetables, the gardening season is still not over and there is still something to sow. After all, everything from your own cultivation tastes much better, right? But in September at the latest, the question arises: Which vegetables to plant in the fall? Fortunately, there are numerous healthy vegetables that we can sow before winter. What these are and what you should pay attention to when growing in the fall, we will explain in a moment in our article!

What should we look for when planting in the fall?

Growing arugula tips what vegetables to plant in fall

If you think the gardening season ends with fall, you’re sorely mistaken! There are actually plenty of delicious and healthy vegetables we can plant in the fall. But in order for you to enjoy a bountiful harvest, there are a few things you should keep in mind when growing them. As a rule, the same rules apply to fall vegetables as to summer vegetables. For it to thrive and grow well, soil and site conditions play a crucial role. Most vegetables for autumn need less heat, and the heat requirement is about 20 degrees. However, the sunlight in September and October is predominantly still very strong and therefore you should definitely think of a suitable sun protection.

Prepare vegetable bed for autumn planting which vegetables in autumn

Since there is even less rainfall in the fall months, a regular water supply is also very important. A raised bed acts as a heat accumulator, making it one of the best possible options for planting vegetables in the fall. If the raised bed is covered, it is better to open it during the day – this will prevent the growth of any fungi. At night, on the other hand, the cover serves as a cold protection for our vegetables and allows us to have a good harvest even into the winter months.

What vegetables to plant in the fall?

hardy vegetables list lettuce planting in autumn

Not only is there an abundant harvest in the fall months, but you can plant quite a few vegetables already. In fact, there are many vegetables that tolerate cold and wind well and are absolutely worth growing in the fall. Below we tell you what vegetables you can plant in the fall.

Growing lettuce in autumn

Vegetable growing in autumn tips when to plant lettuce

A crisp and light lettuce is more of a typical summer or spring vegetable? Far from it! There are many varieties of lettuce that you can grow in the fall and grow outside without any problems. Classic lettuces that you can plant in September are, for example, lamb’s lettuce and lettuce. In fact, lamb’s lettuce has the highest vitamin and mineral content of all lettuce varieties and can withstand temperatures as low as -15 degrees. Lettuce prefers deep soil with good water availability and high humus content. All lettuce varieties grow best in a partial shade to sunny location. Here’s a little tip – if you want to plant arugula in the fall, make sure that no cabbage vegetables have grown on the bed before.

Plant spinach

spinach cultivation and care which vegetables to plant in autumn

Full of vitamins and nutrients, low in calories and a real multi-talent in the kitchen – it is now impossible to imagine our menu without spinach. Since it does not tolerate heat and warmth well, you can easily plant the vegetable in the fall. The perfect target point for this would be between late August and early October. As a deep rooter, spinach prefers a deep soil with a high humus content. In addition, the vegetable can tolerate frost very well, so nothing will stand in the way of your harvest even in winter. To thrive, the plant needs a partial shade to full sun location. When planting, make sure to keep a distance of 20 to 30 cm between seeds and plant the spinach only in grooves.

Plant vegetables in the fall: Cauliflower

cauliflower grow and care what vegetables to plant in autumn

Cauliflower is another vegetable that we can plant in the fall. Since the plant is very demanding, it thrives best in a seed tray or a mini-greenhouse. Once the vegetable has germinated, you can transplant it in the garden. As a heavy grower, cauliflower likes a loamy, nutrient-rich soil with a pH of 6 to 7. In addition, it prefers a partial shade to full sun location. Generally, cauliflower can be harvested as early as 9-12 weeks after planting. When the vegetable feels firm to the touch and the head of cabbage has already reached the desired size, it is ripe and ready for harvesting.

Planting kale in autumn

what to plant in the garden in october grow kale in autumn

Kale is, without a doubt, THE quintessential winter vegetable. So it’s no surprise that it’s great for fall growing. This healthy vegetable is quite hardy and adaptable, and can easily tolerate temperatures as low as -15 degrees. Moreover, kale perfectly thrives both in partial shade, and in a sunny location. In fact, it tastes best after the first frost and then loses its harsh taste. The reason for this is that the starch is converted into sugar at low temperatures. Similar to the rest of the cabbage varieties, kale needs a calcareous, nutrient-rich soil with a pH of 6 to 7.5.


grow radishes when to plant what vegetables in autumn

Whether in a balcony box, raised bed or vegetable patch, radishes are one of the late bloomers, so you can safely plant the vegetable in the fall. To thrive, the crunchy vegetable needs an airy location with a few hours of sun. It’s best to sow the seeds in a row, 4 to 10 inches apart and 1 inch deep. Radishes are particularly easy to care for and are ready for harvesting after just 30 days – so perfect for all beginners. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the soil always remains moist in case of drought.

Planting carrots in autumn

what vegetables to plant in autumn when to grow carrots

What most amateur gardeners do not know: We can sow carrots not only in the spring, but also in the fall. In fact, late carrots taste even sweeter and milder than varieties harvested in summer. When planting, make sure you keep enough distance between seeds – 40 centimeters is considered optimal. Since carrots love a sunny location, you would be at your best with a vegetable patch with direct sunlight.

grow chard when to plant what vegetables in autumn