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What trees and shrubs to plant in October? For these species now is the right time for planting

Not only in the spring you can put trees and shrubs in the ground. In some cases, autumn is the right time for planting. We explain the benefits of fall planting and why it’s worth it.

Planting trees and shrubs in October: What are the benefits of fall planting?

Planting trees for shade instructions and tips

In principle, most trees and shrubs can be planted in the ground as early as autumn. October is the right time to do this, because the ground is not yet frozen and the plants can develop their root systems. Especially bare-root species need time to root through the soil. Anyway, they are pre-pulled in garden centers in summer and early fall and then stored until spring. However, a long storage period can have a negative effect on the woody plant. Individual plant parts could rot, pests could spread, and most growths are then weakened anyway. So, if they want to buy healthy plants at a reasonable price, autumn is the right time to do it.

Important when buying bare-root species: you can keep them until the end of April. However, it is best to put them in the ground as soon as possible.

For which species is it advisable to plant in the spring?

Conifers, frost-sensitive hedge plants and exotics such as hibiscus are best planted in April. They take longer to develop their fine roots. If you plant in the fall, there is a risk that the soil will freeze before the shrubs and trees can develop their root systems. In this case, the woody plants will evaporate because they can not absorb the water.

What flowering shrubs to plant in October?

Planting hydrangea put in soil tips

If you want to add some color to your garden in the spring and summer, flowering shrubs are a good option. These species are eligible:

What trees and shrubs to plant in the fall: Hydrangeas

In the fall, you can plant the hydrangea species that sprout and form flowers on this year’s wood. Such are, for example, the quick ball hydrangea or the panicle hydrangea. They are cut back heavily in March anyway.

Autumn planting is useful for ball hydrangea varieties “Annabelle” , “Incrediball” and “Belle”, and for panicle hydrangea varieties “Hercules”, “Pink Lady”, “Magical Flame”.

However, the hydrangeas, which bear flower buds on perennial shoots, can be severely frostbitten in the fall, and then the next spring will not bloom.

You can also plant out the forsythia in October

Forsythia can be planted in the ground from October to March, even April. In regions with a mild climate, it is even recommended to plant in the fall, because more precipitation falls in the cold season. The variety “Magical Gold” tolerates frosts particularly well. However, in order for it to sprout vigorously next year, it should be planted in the ground by mid-October, before the first permafrost. The young plant needs time to adapt to the conditions of its new location.

Trees and shrubs for planting in autumn: roses

Planting roses useful tips for beginners guide

Rose bushes are planted in the bed between mid-October and the end of November. Important condition for their good development is that they are planted out during a frost-free period. However, the shoots of the young plant need frost protection to get through the winter well. Heap a layer of soil at least 30 cm thick on top, and then lay a layer of mulch 15 cm thick.

The planting season for lilacs begins in September and ends in November.

Lilacs are among the shrubs that benefit from planting in the fall. This gives the shrub plenty of time to root through the soil and adapt to its new location before resprouting and flowering in the spring . Varieties that come through the winter without problems are, for example, the royal lilac, the dwarf fragrant lilac, as well as various hybrids.

What trees can be planted in the fall?

Not only flowering woody plants can be planted out in the fall. There are also many types of trees that you can put in the ground in October. We list several examples and explain what to consider when planting.

Winter hardy fruit trees

When to plant fruit trees in autumn instructions

Winter-hardy fruit trees can easily tolerate even sub-zero temperatures. The young woody plants are sold bare-rooted in the fall and should therefore be planted as soon as possible after purchase, preferably as early as the beginning of October. Then, during the winter months, the trees can root well.

Such trees include the following:

  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Sour cherry
  • Plums
  • Plums
  • Quinces

Even berry bushes, although in principle they are not trees, are among the hardy woody plants and can be placed in the ground in the fall.

When planting, you should pay particular attention to the correct hole depth and width. In addition, most fruit trees need to be supported. To do this, place a stake in the ground about two hand widths from the tree. Then fill the hole with soil (you may want to mix in organic compost if the soil is poor in nutrients). Then tread the soil. Finally, it only remains to tie the tree to the stake and water it vigorously.

Shade trees

Trees such as the red maple, rock pear or monk’s pepper are the perfect shade trees for the balcony or patio. Remove weeds before planting. Don’t plant them too deep in the ground and lay down a 5 cm to 7 cm layer of mulch to prevent moisture in the soil from evaporating too quickly.