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What to do in the garden in November? Winter protection, planting tips and upcoming garden chores.

There is no end to gardening. Even in the cold season, there is always something to do. What to do in the garden in November? We explain what tasks are next in the ornamental, vegetable and fruit gardens and tell you what you still have to do in the greenhouse. Then we give a few tips on garden care in the fall and winter.

What to do in the garden in November? Gardening tips for the ornamental garden

What to do in the garden in November gardening tips

In November, there is a lot to do in the ornamental garden . Here comes a list of the most important tasks:

1. plant tulip bulbs: November is the right time to buy fresh tulip bulbs from the garden center and plant them in the bed. It is best to place the bulbs in wire baskets so that voles cannot reach them. Then protect them from frost with a thick layer of soil and compost.

Gardening in November planting tulips instructions

2. dig up the dahlia bulbs and winter them: the dahlia is not hardy and can not survive the sub-zero temperatures in winter. Therefore, you should dig up the tubers in mid-November, shake off the soil and move them to a dark and frost-free winter location.

3. make planting plan for the next year: Now is the time to order seed catalogs or browse online and select plants and flowers for the next gardening season.

4. Plant shrubs, hedge plants, roses and trees before the first frost.

5. cut back or discard annual plants such as fragrant chickweed, showy bindweed, thunbergia.

6. cut back perennial plants and protect from frost with compost.

7. Plant young fan maples in containers and place in a wind-protected and frost-free location. Fan maple prefers partial shade. Do not allow young plants outdoors until spring.

What to do in the garden in November plant young fan maples in containers

8. If the rose bushes are infested with the starry sooty mold: Collect all fallen leaves so that the disease does not spread.

9. protect container plants (such as alpine plants and plants for the rock garden) from rain.

10. Protect trees and shrubs from browsing by deer: Install browsing protection.

11. protect plants that are conditionally hardy from frost with a thick layer of compost or straw.

What to do in the garden in November? Gardening in the vegetable and fruit garden

1. cut cuttings: In November, you can cut cuttings of currants, blueberries and gooseberries.

2. protect vegetables such as beans and various types of lettuce from frost with foil tunnels.

3. cut back raspberry bushes close to the ground after harvest.

4. plant garlic and onions in raised beds and then protect them from frost with fleece.

5. cut back Jerusalem artichokes, then dig up the tubers and store them in buckets of dry compost in a frost-free place.

6. planting fruit trees: Possible in good weather until mid-November. The soil should be moist, but not too muddy.

7. check the crop for rot and pests.

8. dig up chicory roots and let them sprout in containers made of opaque material.

9. give strawberries a nurturing pruning.

Gardening in November: the greenhouse

Gardening in November what to do in the greenhouse

1. insulate the greenhouse: Insulate the walls and floor. Disinfect the walls and windows.

2. make sure all exotics are stored frost-free.

3. Propagate perennial plants via root cuttings. Suitable plants: Phlox, Turkish poppy and mullein.

4. plant herbs in window boxes and place them next to windows.

5. regularly check all plants in the greenhouse for pests and diseases.

6. water the bulb of spring flowers regularly.

Grow plants in greenhouse in November gardening tips

7. clean, disinfect and store all empty tubs, window boxes and plant pots.

8. install Min-Maxi thermometer in the greenhouse. The device shows the lowest measured temperature and serves as a guide when to turn on the heating.

9. water the plants carefully. Wet leaves dry very slowly in the greenhouse and are susceptible to fungal diseases.

10. clear tomatoes and cucumbers, compost the plant residues.

The garden in November: other upcoming outdoor work.

Gardening in November Collect autumn leaves and compost them

1. In winter, the fire bowl, fireplace and open fireplaces in the garden become popular hiding places for hedgehogs and other small animals. So to be on the safe side, check first and only then light the fire.

2. do not mow the lawn from mid-November.

3. collect fallen leaves regularly, but do not throw them into the compost heap.

4. build bird feeders, insect hotels, etc., and regularly provide food, windbreaks, and fresh water for wildlife in the garden.

5. protect compost piles from rain with worms.

6. give apple trees a nurturing pruning.

Planting fruit trees in November tips

7. repair fences and trellises.

8. wrap clay pots with fleece.

9. drain garden showers using the drainage valve.

Winter protection is perhaps the amateur gardener’s most important task in November. Exotics are brought to winter quarters, shrubs and hedge plants are cut back and conditionally hardy plants are wintered frost-free.

At the same time, preparations for the next gardening season are underway. In the greenhouse and winter garden, plants are pre-pulled, annuals are composted and new seeds are planted.

Because most container plants are stored in a limited area during the winter, they are particularly susceptible to pests and diseases. Good hygiene in the greenhouse is therefore very important.