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What can you do about maggots in the trash can?

If you suddenly see maggots in the trash can, then you should act quickly. Because in hot weather flies are attracted to the garbage. The garbage can provides food and shelter from birds, so the pests multiply quickly there. The insects are not only not a pretty sight, they also endanger your health, as you can transmit diseases. If the garbage can is located near the house, then the kitchen can also be infested. How to fight the pesky maggots in the trash can without insecticides, we tell you in the article.

Why do maggots get into the garbage can?

Kill and expel maggots in the garbage can quickly

If you suddenly find maggots in your garbage can, you should act quickly. Because maggots are often the first sign of a fly infestation. But how do the worms in the garbage can actually develop?

They are the larvae of fruit flies, house flies and blowflies. When the food decomposes, a typical odor is produced, which attracts the insects. Since it is very humid in the garbage can, it provides the perfect conditions for the flies to multiply quickly. The life cycle of the insects allows for rapid infestation. Fortunately, there are several variants of how you can prevent it. For this purpose, you can use home remedies, as well as certain means of pest control from specialized stores.

How to kill maggots in the garbage can: home remedies

Get rid of maggots in the garbage can tips

1. garbage can powder or bio garbage can powder. You can find a special environmentally friendly bio bin powder in garden centers. Its effect is versatile: it absorbs moisture in the bio garbage can and prevents rotting and mold. Therefore, less rotting gases are formed and the trash can remains odor-free. First, wash the garbage can thoroughly, rinse it and let it dry. Then sprinkle its bottom with the powder. Add powder every time you dispose of organic waste.

2. quicklime is a good substitute for organic waste powder, because it has a similar effect, is environmentally friendly and contains no chemicals.

3. table salt kills the maggots immediately, but it is not suitable for the compost bin, because then you will also add salt to the garden soil with the compost. And salt is very dangerous for the plants and beneficial insects.

Maggots in the garbage can drive away home remedy scented oils

4. pepper can also help to remove the maggots in the garbage can. For this purpose, fill 1 liter of water in a pot and boil it. Then add a tablespoon of pepper and take the pot off the stove. Let the water cool completely before spraying the garbage can with it.

5. with vinegar essence and water you can drive away the maggots permanently. Simply add 5-6 tablespoons of vinegar essence to 1 liter of lukewarm water and spray directly on the maggots. After that, leave the garbage can without a lid for half an hour so that it dries well. Dispose of the maggots and then thoroughly clean the trash can with the garden hose and dishwashing liquid. Then spray the walls, bottom and lid again with the vinegar essence solution. Let the garbage can dry well and only then dispose of the garbage.

6.The newspaper can also absorb moisture and therefore enhance the effect of various home remedies against maggots. Wrap meat scraps and garbage of animal origin with the paper, cut the newspaper into thick strips and mix them among the garbage.

What can you do against maggots in the organic waste garbage can: preventive measures

Drive away maggots in the garbage can home remedy vinegar

  • Always wrap meat and fish scraps well in newspaper first and only then dispose of them.
  • Also wrap food scraps individually before disposing of them.
  • A bio-filter lid reduces odors and ensures that the trash can is always sealed airtight.
  • Regularly check the rubber seal for wear.

Garbage can cleaning against maggots spray

  • Regularly clean the trash can, always carefully removing any residue. For this purpose, you can dissolve some baking soda in water and use it to remove food residue. Then spray the garbage can with a vinegar solution of 5 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 liter of water. Place the garbage can upside down on newspaper to allow the water to drip off. Then turn it upside down and let it dry without the lid. If you use only biodegradable and harmless cleaners, then you can dispose of the dirty water in the street gully.
  • Scented oils keep maggots away and are perfect for prevention. You can put 3-4 drops of tea tree or lavender oil on the lid.
  • Garbage disposal: regularly place the garbage can by the street so that garbage can be disposed of. The shorter the trash stays in the garbage can, the better.

What you should use for the organic waste garbage can

What to do about maggots in the garbage can tips

If you want to compost the organic waste, then you should proceed differently:

  • Food scraps, meat, cheese and fish scraps should be sorted out and never thrown away in the garbage can. By the way, the same applies to compostable packaging.
  • It is very important that you clean the organic waste garbage can only with home remedies that are not only harmless but also permitted for use in the garden. Otherwise, there is not only the threat of fines, but harmful substances can enter the groundwater and pollute the environment.

Proper composting what to do against maggots in the organic waste garbage can

  • Salt has no place in the compost garbage can or the organic waste garbage can.
  • Only use compost bins with a filter that neutralizes unpleasant odors.
  • Mix newspaper (without pictures) between the garbage so that it absorbs the liquids.