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What bulbs to plant in the spring? These summer blooming flowers are planted in the ground in March

Hyacinths, crocuses and the queen of bulb flowers – tulip: every amateur gardener knows that the bulbs of the most popular species are placed in the ground already in late autumn. But there are frost-sensitive species that can not survive the winter outside. These must be planted in the flower bed in the spring, preferably in March and April. Which bulbs to plant in the spring? We answer the question

What bulbs to plant in the spring?

What bulb flowers to plant in spring list and varieties

There are numerous summer bloomers , which are placed in the ground from March. However, first check whether the soil is still frozen through or has already warmed up. Because the summer blooming bulb flowers are very sensitive to cold and can not tolerate frost at all. However, the bulb flowers have a distinct advantage: they have already stored important nutrients in the bulbs and can form a strong root system. Therefore, it is not a problem if the soil is poor. You do not need to improve it before planting, but can compensate for deficiencies by regularly applying fertilizer.

Planting bulbs in March: peonies.

Planting peonies in the spring bulbs in March

Peonies are planted in the garden in March and April and can be found in garden centers between February and April. Their bulbs have an average diameter of 3 cm. They are planted 15 cm deep. The flowers reach a height of growth of 80 cm and form their large double flowers already in June.

Plant bulbs in the spring: Lilies

Lilies planting in spring tips

Lilies are also planted in the flower bed after the night frosts are over. The right time for planting begins in March and ends in May. Depending on the variety, the bulb size can vary greatly, reaching up to 18 inches. Most lily varieties prefer a sunny to off-sunny spot in the garden and, if properly cared for, will thank you with a display of flowers from July to August.

Popular lily species to plant in the spring:

  • Asiatic lily
  • Tree lily
  • Iris
  • Jewel lily
  • Tree lily

Planting bulbs in spring: tuberous begonias

The tuberous begonia is an extremely attractive summer flower that scores with a long blooming period from June to October. The flower requires a bright off-sun location and moderately moist, nutrient-rich soil. The planting depth is 5 cm, the bulbs are placed in the soil with a distance of 25 cm.

Plant bulbs in March: Dahlia varieties at a glance

Dahlias in the garden when to plant

Dahlia is the queen among bulbous flowers. This summer flower needs a lot of direct sunlight and humus loose soil to form its large double flowers. Bulb size varies by variety. The following dahlia varieties are good for spring planting:

  • Terrace Dahlia “Blue Record”
  • Pompon dahlia “Goldon Scepter
  • Anemone flowering dahlia “Blue Bayou
  • Jewel dahlia “Lucky Number
  • Cactus dahlia “Nuit d’Ete

Planting summer blooming gladioli in March

Gladioli are summer bulb flowers when to plant

Gladioli stand out with them filigree flowers and tall stems from July to September. The flowers have relatively large bulbs up to 14 cm in diameter, which are placed 10 cm deep in the soil. Leave a space of 20 to 30 cm between the plants. If necessary, you can first loosen the soil and fertilize it.

What to plant in March: Ranunculus

Planting ranunculus in spring in garden

Unlike the other plants in this list, ranunculus are relatively frost hardy and can be planted as early as late September. However, if you missed the right time in the fall, then you can also put the bulb in the ground in early March. The bulb size is 7 cm, and the flowering period begins as early as June and ends in late summer. The earlier you plant the bulbs, the more time the flower will have to sprout and the longer it will bloom.

What bulb flowers to plant in the spring? Several unusual suggestions

Splendor chart bulb planting in March in the garden

Montbretia is a delightful summer bloomer. With proper care, it forms its filigree orange flowers beginning in July and continuing into fall. The proper planting time is late March (if the winter has been mild) through early May. If the ground is not frozen through and daytime temperatures are above 0° Celsius, then you can put the bulb in the ground. The size of the bulb is 6 cm. Montrbretias prefer sunny to semi-shady places and a nutrient-rich humus soil.

The freesias give off a slightly sweet fragrance in the garden . The flowering period begins in July. In order for the bulbous flower to develop its root system by then, planting in mid-February to late March is required.

The splendor chart is a true sun worshipper. With proper care, it forms many flower stalks in the summer. The correct time for planting is March; if there is a permafrost, planting can be postponed until April. The bulb size is 12 cm, the plant distance – 30 cm.

Summer-flowering bulb flowers are sensitive to frost and, unlike early bloomers, can not survive the winter in the garden. Therefore, they are planted in March.