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Use beer trap against snails and slugs: Can you really fight the pests with the home remedy?

It is hailed as a miracle cure for slugs and slugs: The beer trap. But can it really deliver what it promises, namely to keep the garden free of pests? We take a closer look at the question and explain whether the beer trap is really effective against slugs and slugs.

Beer trap against snails and slugs: This is why the home remedy does not help against the pests

Beer trap in the vegetable garden is not effective

Snails and slugs are among the pests that are most common in the home garden. Of course, the amateur gardener then wonders how to prevent the infestation or fight the creepy-crawlies. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution, you have certainly heard of the beer trap. The principle is simple: fill a bucket halfway with beer and place it in the garden. The creepy crawlies are attracted to the beer and drink from the alcohol, which is toxic to them. Attenuated, they then fall into the bucket and drown. This should work great in theory, but the reality is different.

Slugs is beer trap effective means of control

Not all slugs are pests: Not all creepy crawlies are pests. The tiger snail, for example, is a beneficial insect that contributes to the decline in the population of the immigrant Spanish road snail.

Some snail species are protected: In addition, there are also some species that are protected. If these endangered snails are killed or injured, they face heavy fines.

Drive away slugs in the garden beer trap does not work

Other beneficial insects and small garden animals can also die in the beer trap. Even more so, alcohol attracts not only all snails, but also other animals and birds, which can also fall into the beer trap and drown. Beer is also toxic to hedgehogs and snakes, among others. The more beneficial insects you have in your garden, the faster the slug infestation spreads.

The beer trap is not particularly effective: theoretically, all snails should drown in the beer trap, but this is often not the case. This is because some specimens drink very little and then go back to looking for food.

Beer traps also attract the snails even from the neighboring railings

Why beer traps in the garden are not effective against slugs

One thing beer traps can do in any case: attract the snails. The strong smell of beer is simply irresistible to the creepy-crawlies. And they come, in large numbers, even from neighboring properties. You can count on the fact that all the specimens that are in the radius of up to 150 meters, will find their way to the beer trap. A significant disadvantage, because then, on the one hand, the plague is twice as large and the number of pests in your own garden will grow rapidly, but on the other hand, because the hungry “neighbors” will be looking for food in your own vegetable patch.

Properly use the beer trap against snails and slugs.

Drive away and control slugs in the garden with home remedies tips

In order for the home remedy to achieve the desired effect at all, you should use it specifically. It is best to place the beer trap at the end and, if possible, outside the plot. In this way, the slugs can be attracted to your own garden.

In no case place the beer trap right next to the plants you want to protect. It will attract any slugs from the vegetable or flower bed, but it will also attract other slugs from the area.

Then you should regularly empty the beer trap, clean it and collect the slugs and slugs. Also clean the vessel regularly and then fill it again with beer.

Alternative to the beer trap: how to effectively combat the pests

Drive away slugs in the garden home remedies that work

If you want to act quickly on an infestation and effectively control the pests, then the beer trap is not a good choice. Much better is, you rely on natural predators. Such include hedgehogs, some species of birds and running ducks, which can be rented.

Collecting the slugs is one of the most effective methods. The snail hiding places are located near the food source. Such are, for example, high grass, under shrubs, in joints of the terrace of natural stone or the garden path.

You can also install a snail barrier as a preventative measure. These are usually electrically charged and deter the creepy crawlies when they come in contact with them. A steel slug fence up to 20 inches high can also be very effective in preventing an infestation. You will have to spend more for this variant, but the investment is definitely worth it. After all, the material is extremely durable and can serve for years.

A significantly cheaper option is coffee grounds, which you can scatter around the flower or vegetable bed. This method proves to be very effective both in prevention and in fighting the creepers. Coffee grounds contain substances that are toxic to pests.