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The garden in August: these are the most important gardening tasks you should do this month

The peak season of our garden is soon coming to an end, and in addition to harvesting numerous fruits, we need to focus on other work. After all, we need to prepare our garden for the coming cold season, so that next year it can start again with full force. However, inexperienced amateur gardeners usually do not really know what to do. Therefore, we have summarized the most important tasks in the garden in August.

The most important gardening tasks in August

Take care of the fruit trees

Support fruit-bearing fruit trees in the garden in August

So a lot of harvesting is going on now in the garden in August – in addition to tomatoes and other vegetables, apples, pears and plums are ripening now, slowly but surely. This means an enormous load for some trees, under which many a branch can break. Therefore, it is necessary to support the trees. After all, fruit that has fallen to the ground and is not immediately picked up, quickly spoils, while still unripe fruit can not be processed or saved at all.

Water abundantly all plants

Water the garden sufficiently in August due to drought conditions

Even in August, there are still plenty of hot spells and drought. So don’t forget to water your vegetable plants (or the other plants in your garden). Fruits need enough water to develop well and become juicy. Proper watering is also of great importance. How exactly is this not to be underestimated gardening in August?

It is best to use collected rainwater or, if necessary, water from the tap and water the plants in your garden daily in August. The morning or evening hours are best, as temperatures during the day are too high on the one hand (water evaporates faster than it can be absorbed by the plants). On the other hand, wet leaves during the day increase the risk of sunburn, which not only damages the leaves but can also affect the vegetables. Instead of sprinkling, use a water hose or watering can for more concentrated watering.

The garden in August – What about the hedges, anyway?

Strong growing hedges cut before September

Pruning in the spring before the bird nesting season and then possibly a topiary in the summer for fast growing specimens and you can forget about hedge plants until next year? Not at all. Especially the strong-growing ones will most likely need another pruning now in August, but no later than the beginning of September, so that the pruning wounds still have enough time to heal until the first frost.

By the way, you can now also cut the lavender and faded daylilies.

The lawn in the garden in August

Maintain lawn properly in summer - water, fertilize and reseed

Just like the rest of the plants, the lawn in your garden naturally needs regular watering in August to stay nice and green despite the heat. You may sprinkle here, of course, but still keep to the times mentioned above so that the water has enough time to soak in and feed each blade of grass. Among other things, this is also necessary to get a strong lawn that can resist weeds and also bugs.

For this purpose, however, something else is absolutely necessary: long-term fertilizer, which provides it with strengthening nutrients and a new sowing wherever gaps have formed, in order to obtain a dense and resistant turf. Regular mowing also has a compacting effect, which is one of the most important gardening tasks in August if rainfall is more frequent or if watering is done every week.

Pamper the roses after they have bloomed so profusely!

Cut roses and aerate soil for proper garden care

Withered rose flowers should be cut off right away, so as to encourage new blooms. However, if you missed it, the first half of the month is the ideal time to make up for it. Here, focus mainly on the side shoots and shorten them about more generously. This will allow the rose to grow stronger new shoots, which will also be accompanied by more abundant flowering. Now is also a great time to provide the beauty with nutrients . Potassium, in particular, will benefit her now.

Also, take advantage of the time after rainfall in August to also aerate the soil around the rose bush. For this purpose, it is best to use a rose fork, with the help of which you break up and loosen the soil. This not only results in better oxygenation of the roots. This will also interrupt the growth of any weeds, and watering and rainwater can now better seep into the soil.

What can you plant in August?

Strawberries and autumn flowers can be planted in the middle of the summer

September is already the beginning of autumn. Does it still make sense to plant something new in this month? Absolutely! In fact, there are many vegetables that grow quickly and still manage to fully mature before the end of the season, so you can enjoy a late harvest. We have already given you a list of suitable vegetables in this article.

Strawberries are also highly recommended now. If you plant them in the bed this month, you can expect strawberries already next summer. However, for this you should pay attention to a few things:

  • on the bed should not have grown strawberry plants in the last 3 years.
  • the bed must be cleared of weeds
  • moisten the strawberry bed well before planting the young plants.

Furthermore, you can also set the autumn flowers in the garden in August.

Fertilize everything in the garden in August

Fertilize the garden in August to return nutrients to the soil

All the flowers, vegetables and fruit plants have drained the soil of nutrients. You should, of course, give these back to it. Exceptions are gardens with mixed culture. In these, any nutrient deficiency is less of a risk, so additional fertilizing is only necessary to a limited extent.

The garden in August and the most important gardening tasks