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The best dethatchers 2022: top 5 models for your lawn and what to look for when choosing.

According to garden experts, the best scarifiers for lawns have an aeration function. This means that the machine can not only remove moss, thatch and dirt, but also increase the flow of oxygen and thus the health of your lawn. Accordingly, dethatching and aerating your lawn can contribute to thicker grass, which makes it grow faster and better able to resist disease. Here are the top 5 suggestions of the year that will surely make your gardening easier.

How to choose the best scarifier

make it easy to scarify the lawn through the best scarifiers

In the first place, it is worth paying attention to the number of cutting heights of the scarifier. This will affect how deep the unit cuts into your soil. The recommendations below range from 3 to 5, and it’s certainly true that the more, the better. However, you should also consider the working width of the machine, as it will depend on how often you walk up and down your lawn as you maintain it. Medium to large gardens, for example, need 36 inches or more. For smaller gardens, the 30 cm to 35 cm range is fine. The collection capacity is also an important feature as it relates to how often you will empty the bin.

lawn care during the spring season with gasoline dethatcher

Medium to large gardens need a collection box of 45 liters or more. For smaller gardens, 25 to 40 liters will suffice. Finally, it would also be advisable to look at the weight and power of the machine. These indicate how easy the garden tool will be to use and maneuver. All this practical information you can read here for comparison and decide on a suitable model. Considering all these features and based on scarifier test, Hyundai 2-in-1 lawn scarifier and aerator might be the best option for most households. This machine does a lot for its fair price and looks good doing it, too. Here’s a list of some of the best scarifiers on the market right now.

Why you should choose gasoline for Hyundai lawn scarifier

gasoline dethatcher hyundai hysc210 as the best model on the market

If you are in the market for a scarifier petrol option, then the Hyundai HYSC210 is currently one of the best models for your lawn. Powered by an easy to start 210 cc four-stroke engine, this machine offers powerful performance as a rake and scarifier. In addition, the machine has two cartridges, one with 17 blades for removing lawn thatch and another with 16 spring tines for removing moss and dead leaves. Furthermore, adjusting the height is very easy. Simply turn the dial on the front of the machine, choosing from 5 height settings that range from +5 mm to -15 mm. However, you could also find an electric version on the market.

hyundai as an example of the best dethatchers 2022 in the garden sector

However, this is a pretty powerful machine, so use the height adjustment wisely. When you use it for the first time, it’s best to set the scarifier on the highest setting and see how much material it removes. Don’t just put it on the lowest setting, as you might find that it shreds your lawn. The working width is 40 cm and the collection bin holds 45 liters of material, which is a decent size if you dethatch regularly.

hobby gardener using a gasoline dethatcher model called hyundai hysc210

However, if you have never dethatched before or there is a lot of thatch or moss in your lawn, the collector would be useless. This is simply not large enough for the sheer amount of material this machine extracts. It would be easier to just strip the bag and rake the moss or thatch by hand. Other than that, no other drawbacks are observed. The Hyundai HYS210 is well built, easy to use and works great.

Al Ko Scarifier & Rake 38P Combi-Care 2-in-1

choose al ko scarifier for gardening in spring

The AL-KO 38P Combi-Care is a smaller machine than the Cobra model, but the manufacturer claims it is suitable for lawns up to 1,200 m². The engine is quite small with 53 cc. Admittedly, this means it can be difficult to start from cold every now and then. Despite having such a small displacement, the engine produces an impressive 6,100 rpm, which can easily handle even thick thatch and moss. Moreover, the fact that it is smaller also means that the Alko scarifier is almost half the weight of the other model called Cobra. So if weight is an issue for you, this would be the right choice. The machine has 5 working depths, a slightly smaller working width of 38 cm, but the collection tank is larger at 55 liters.

alko lawn scarifier as the best scarifiers 2022

However, if this is your first time scarifying or you don’t do it that often, it doesn’t matter how big the collector is because it won’t be big enough. If you do use it, the extra weight at the rear may cause the machine to roll on the very small rear wheels. Therefore, it would simply be better to never use the collector and pick up the debris by hand. This can make using the machine a joy. Cleaning is also incredibly easy, as AL-KO has made the underside completely smooth. There are ribs of crevices where soil and debris can hide, which is a brilliant idea. Overall, the model pleases and deserves its second place for the best scarifiers. It’s well built and although it can be difficult to start, it works well and easily to boot.

Bosch AVR 1100 electric scarifier

electric scarifier model bosch avr 1100 lawn rake

Technically, the Bosch AVR 1100 is not a lawn rake, but a scarifier. However, it is the same kind. The device removes moss as well as the top layer of thatch and keeps rooting as well as creeping weeds. In the process, dethatching also prunes the roots of the grass plants, which promotes new growth of the desired grasses. Conventional dethatchers have more blades and do not cut as deeply as this model. The advantages of this are that they are much gentler on your lawn, and you can use such equipment throughout the growing season. So instead of attacking lawn thatch all at once and damaging your lawn, you can reduce it gradually throughout the year. However, it still removes a surprisingly large amount of thatch and moss.

handling and maneuvering by the best scarifiers 2022 like bosch with collection bag

The Bosch has 4 height settings, ranging from +5 mm to -10 mm, and 14 pivoting blades that won’t break in tough spots or when hitting hard debris. The unit also features what Bosch calls their “Jet Collection System.” This is just a fancy name for an airflow system that sucks debris into the 50-gallon collection box. However, it works pretty well and if you use it every two weeks between April and September, 50 liters is a decent capacity. The model weighs 9.9 kg, so it’s easy to maneuver and carry. When you’re done with it, you can easily store it away thanks to the double-folding handle and stackable storage box. So, if you prefer to combat moss and lawn thatch by scarifying little and often, the Bosch AVR1100 is the machine for you. It’s reliable, easy to use and does a great job.

If you want the lawn scarifier to be electric and inexpensive: VonHaus 2 in 1

lawn scarify by the best dethatchers electric vonhaus 2 in 1 lawn aerator

If you’re in the market for an electric-powered scarifier but have a limited budget, the VonHaus 2 in 1 Electric Lawn Aerator & Scarifier is a good alternative. It’s a bit cheaper than the best Bosch and AL-KO dethatchers, but the unit is still backed by a two-year warranty. The model feels a bit cheap, but it’s still sturdy, and at 1,500 watts, it’s pretty powerful, too. It rips up moss and works through thick straw with ease. In fact, the unit extracts a huge amount of material when tested. Like the Bosch, this scarifier has four height settings that are easily adjusted with a lever. However, again, it is recommended to start with the higher settings and gradually lower them so as not to ruin your lawn.

cord wrapped around handle from electric lawn scarifier

Maneuvering is also easy, as it weighs less than 10 kg. However, you would expect it for the price, the model is not perfect. The collector holds only 28 liters, which makes it practically unusable. Again, however, it would be best to remove the tank completely. The power cord is also only 10 meters long. The instruction manual is equally not quite good, and the underside is not easy to clean due to its design. Still, for an inexpensive dethatcher, it is strongly recommended.

If you need to use hand for your lawn scarifier

manual scarifier wolf garden suitable for small lawns

If you have a limited budget and / or have a small lawn area, Wolf Garten’s Multi-Change moss remover and rake is just as good as the best scarifiers to handle manually. However, to use the garden tool, you also need to buy the handle, which is sold separately. Unless you already own the Wolf Garten handle. This is because it is a multiple tool. This means that you can buy different tools for the same handle. For example, you can buy the scarifier head for removing lawn thatch and a rake head for raking. Then turn right around and attach a hoe head for cutting your lawn edge before swapping it out for a brush head to sweep up any mess.

multiple use of gardening tools through different attachments for one handle

While this is not a criticism in itself, it can actually be good to know that you also need to buy the handle. However, the manual scarifier works well, cutting into the turf and removing excess lawn thatch very reliably. The higher you raise the handle, the deeper the blades go, which means you can scarify deeper. The build quality is excellent. The Wolf Garten also feels solid, is very well made and comes with a 10-year warranty that gives you the confidence to work without any problems.