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Terrace mediterran planting: Trees, flowers and shrubs for the Tuscany garden

You want to bring a Mediterranean flair to your home and have decided to create a charming Tuscan garden? Now the question arises how you can also plant the terrace in a Mediterranean style. We will show you several ideas for romantic outdoor seating and explain which plants are suitable.

Planting terrace Mediterranean: What distinguishes the Tuscany garden?

Terrace mediterranean planting tub plants and climbers

Evergreen perennials , exotic trees, fragrant herbs and flowers: this is what a garden in the sunny south looks like. If you want to fulfill the dream of a Tuscan garden, then you can plant the area around the terrace Mediterranean. Because admittedly: The majority of plants from the Mediterranean region are true sun worshippers and only conditionally hardy. However, they usually feel at home right next to the terrace, because it provides wind and rain protection. Climbing plants can also thrive outside in the cold season, because the house wall provides warmth.

Planting a terrace in a Mediterranean style: Climbing plants provide shade and privacy

Terrace mediterran plant trees and perennials for Toskana garden

Climbing plants are true all-rounders in the Mediterranean garden. On the one hand, they provide the patio roof with a blanket of shade, and on the other hand, they provide blooms. Climbing plants are the perfect choice for the allotment garden of a city villa, because they do not take up space and can be staged in many ways. If you have a pergola over the terrace, then the following climbing plants are suitable:

Terrace mediterranean planting pergola with climbing plant blue vine

  • the hop
  • the blue vine
  • the grape
  • the climbing rose
  • the jasmine
  • the lilac

Terrace with climbing plants mediterran plant jasmine

Additionally, you can frame the terrace with plants in a raised bed. A dwarf olive tree and several bay trees are the perfect planting partners to the climbing plants. When planting, leave a minimum distance of three feet between perennials and three-four feet between trees and climbers. When planning, consider that all plants will cast shade. If they are too close together, the terrace will be in the shade all day long.

Tuscany garden and terrace design: Plants for dry soils

Terrace mediterranean planting climbing plants and pergola in Tuscany garden

Want to plant your patio in a Mediterranean style, but live in an arid area? The following Mediterranean plants are ideal for dry soils and can handle heat and blazing sun quite well:

  • the sedum
  • the aloe
  • the mullein
  • wormwood
  • the yarrow
  • the daisy
  • the agave

Terrace mediterran planting plants for dry soils Scharfgarbe

All the above plants have one thing in common: they feel comfortable even in dry soils. They can easily survive the long dry periods in summer. Therefore, they are perfect for people who want low-maintenance planting around the terrace.

Planting terrace Mediterranean: fragrant herbs

Terrace mediterranean planting tub plants and raised beds

While most frost-sensitive flowers and perennials are moved to winter quarters in the fall, typical Mediterranean herbs such as basil, parsley and tarragon can easily withstand the cold weather. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for planting on the terrace. It will look especially effective if you create a bed of herbs in the middle of the terrace.

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Tarragon
  • Lavender
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Saffron
  • Chives
  • Marjoram

These herbs are perfect as gap fillers in flower beds and can be planted together in raised beds. They are also suitable for the container garden. Mediterranean herbs give off a gentle scent in the morning and evening that attracts butterflies to the garden and repels mosquitoes and flies. Our tip: Check first if you like the scent combination before planting the herb mix.

Terrace and garden in Tuscany style: trees and perennials

Terrace mediterranean planting flower beds and trees for the patio

On hot summer days, you’ll want to relax in the cooling shade of a tree. In the Mediterranean garden, trees and perennials play an important role not only as a source of shade, but also as a privacy screen.

  • Mediterranean oak
  • Mediterranean cypress
  • Pine
  • Black pine
  • Crepe myrtle
  • Evergreen Magnolia
  • Bluebell trees

Depending on how large the garden or patio is, you can opt for one or two trees. In addition to these, flowering shrubs provide privacy screens and can shield a raised patio from the prying eyes of neighbors. These shrubs are characterized by a magnificent growth:

  • The lot tree
  • The fragrant flower
  • The Garden Marshmallow
  • The Mediterranean snowball

Mediterranean terrace planting: palm trees and other exotic plants

Terrace mediterranean planting garden with palms Chinese hemp palm and ferns

When Tuscan garden style meets Moroccan design principles, the result is particularly impressive. Because that’s when palm trees and ferns come into play. Bring a touch of the exotic to your outdoor space by spicing up your patio with a fire pit and natural stone decking with these plants:

  • The Sago Palm
  • The hemp palm
  • The date palm
  • The lycopod plant

Popular partners to the palms are the oleander, the midday gold or the hollyhock. If you want to surround your Mediterranean terrace with plants, then you can choose the exotics. This cozy planting will make even the small terraced house garden look visually larger.

Mediterranean Terrace Planting: These flowers and flowering perennials come into question.

Terrace mediterranean planting flowers and plants for Tuscany garden

It is impossible to imagine a Mediterranean garden without flowers. Especially if you want to plant a raised terrace all around, you can plant flowers in raised beds. Beginners can choose one flower, while experienced amateur gardeners combine flowers from the Mediterranean region. Since they all have similar requirements for soil, location and light, they can be grouped in any way you like.

Terrace mediterranean planting flowers choose californian poppy

  • California poppy
  • Seidelblast
  • Ranunculus
  • Agapanthus
  • Mugwort
  • Blue rue
  • Sage
  • Geraniums

Terrace mediterranean planting flowers and flowering perennials ranunculus

Popular partners include blue fescue, which is perfect as an accent, and woolly zest, which adds texture to the flower bed.

From when to plant the terrace?

Terrace mediterranean planting privacy screen for Tuscany style garden

Many amateur gardeners ask themselves the question, from when they can plant the terrace? Basically, after the Ice Saints, you can bring the potted plants outside and plant the flower bed. As for the climbing plants, you should bring them forward and bring them outside and plant them in pots around the pergola only at the end of May.

Terrace mediterranean planting blue rue flower