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Soap against aphids is a real miracle cure – so you get rid of the annoying pests for good!

In the fight against the pesky aphids in the garden, you can use various means. To what extent they work, may be controversial, but there is one particular home remedy that can really work wonders. Here we are talking about the good old soap. How to use soap against aphids to fight the pests, we reveal in today’s article!

How does soap work against pests on plants?

Soap in spray bottle against aphids on roses and other plants

Pests in the garden nobody likes. They deprive amateur gardeners of crops in the kitchen garden and can take the beauty out of the plants in the ornamental garden. Of the numerous home remedies that help against aphids , soap has proven to be one of the best. But how does it really work?

First, the soap is mixed with water to form a solution. With this solution, you spray the infested plants, so that a kind of fine film is formed over the pests, suffocating them. If the soap used for this purpose is neutral and organic, the plants will not be damaged.

Recognize aphid infestation in the garden

Are my plants infested with aphids? There are some clear characteristics that indicate an aphid infestation . If the leaves curl, have a sticky coating and the buds fall off, then aphids are the culprit.

What soap against aphids?

How to fight aphids on plants with soap

Can you take any soap to get rid of the pesky pests? In principle, yes, but we do not recommend using commercial soap or dishwashing liquid. The reason is that the plants can be harmed by the chemicals as well as the microplastics that are in it. If you want to control aphids naturally, use curd or soft soap instead.

Green soap against aphids

Natural remedy against aphids mix yourself with soap

Soft soap (still known as green soap) is a natural remedy made from vegetable or animal fats mixed with potash lye. Usually, the green soap does not contain fragrances or allergens and is therefore a biological agent. It is completely safe for use in the garden and has also proven to be extremely effective against the pesky aphids.

Get rid of bugs with curd soap

Green aphids are a real plague in the kitchen garden

Curd soap can also be used effectively against the pests. Unlike soft soap, it is more solid and consists of sodium salts of saponified fats. How to use the home remedy against aphids, read below.

Make your own anti-aphid spray with soft soap

Anti aphid spray do it yourself with soft soap

An aphid infestation in the garden is the nightmare of many amateur gardeners. But if you act quickly, the problem can be solved. This is where soft soap comes to the rescue. You can easily mix an effective spray against aphids with the miracle product yourself. For this you need the following ingredients:

  • 50 g of neutral soft soap
  • 1 L of warm water
  • empty spray bottle

Put the warm water in a suitable container and dissolve the green soap in it. Let the soap solution cool and then pour it into the spray bottle. It does not need to be diluted before use. Use the anti-leaf aphid spray to spray infested plants in your garden.

Use soft soap against aphids

Spray liberally on aphids, paying special attention to areas under leaves and between shoot axils. These areas are the most common hiding places for these pests. You should not wipe off the soap solution or remove it with water to allow it to work.

How often to use soft soap against aphids?

Until you completely get rid of the pests, you can use this home remedy weekly. In the case of a very intensive infestation, more frequent use is also possible.

Even more effective: soapy water with alcohol against pests and diseases.

Soap mixed with water and alcohol helps against stubborn aphids

For an even more effective remedy against aphids on your plants, you can add alcohol to the soapy solution. Two teaspoons of alcohol are quite enough to combat even stubborn bugs like blood lice, mealybugs and scale insects. This stronger solution can also be used against some plant diseases, such as powdery mildew .

Curd soap against aphids – how to use it

How to use natural soap against aphids soft soap curd soap

Besides soft soap, natural curd soap is also a good remedy against aphids. The application is not much different than this of soft soap – you make a solution and spray the affected plants with it.

Since curd soap is solid, you must first grate it with a kitchen plane and then pour hot water over it. Then stir well until a liquid soap solution is formed. Let the liquid of water and soap against aphids cool before pouring it into a spray bottle. Use it to wet the plant areas that are infested to get rid of the bugs.

Besides soap, what else helps against aphids?

You can also use beneficial insects against aphids

There are also other natural remedies and methods to banish the pests from your plants. Among the most popular home remedies are milk , canola oil and even coffee grounds. You can safely try these as they will not harm your plants. Alternatively, you can also attract certain beneficial insects to your garden , which eat the tiny bugs and thus fight them.