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Properly care for tomatoes: Follow these 6 tips to help your plants grow healthy & bear lots of fruit

Like strawberries, tomatoes are one of the favorites when it comes to growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden. And although the tomatoes are quite easy to care for plants, since they are not so sensitive, there are still some things that you should pay attention to, or rather avoid, if you want to properly care for your tomatoes. In this regard, we have summarized a few tips to guarantee you success with your plant care and harvest. Avoid these mistakes:

Tomato plants grown incorrectly

Do not preplant young plants too early and plant them in the garden

Have you noticed that your tomato plants don’t seem to be quite as vigorous as you would have expected? This may well be because you haven’t pricked them out appropriately. After all, if you want to care for tomatoes properly, it starts right then. Since these plants like it warm, the cultivation is carried out indoors, of course . It is often recommended to sow seeds as early as February or March, but this increases the risk of developing weak plants. Why?

Properly care for tomatoes - Provide plenty of light when growing them

At this time of year, daylight is not yet so strong – the sun shines less, clouds dim the amount of light, and besides, the days are still shorter. As a result, the young plants can become stunted. This means nothing more than that the main shoots develop weakly because they lack light. Instead, if you start to preplant the tomatoes only in early April, that will be quite enough and this risk will no longer exist. Then the plants will still have enough time to grow large enough to be planted in the garden until after the Ice Saints.

Note: If you can provide the plant with optimal light conditions (for example, in the greenhouse or through grow lights), you may of course sow them earlier.

Do not underestimate the quality of the seeds!

Properly care for tomatoes - Buy high quality seeds

Of course, it is one thing to grow the seedlings in advance. But for this you should not just randomly grab any seeds. If you want not only a satisfactory, but abundant harvest with large and juicy fruits, the seed quality also plays an important role. Also, sow about twice the amount of what you have planned for your garden. First, because not all seeds will germinate, and second, because some seedlings may die. When you later separate the plants, you can then decide which ones to keep and continue cultivating and which ones to discard.

You should cut the tomato properly

Don’t forget that you should prune your tomato plants if you want to take proper care of tomatoes and guarantee a bountiful harvest of large fruits. How to do it properly, you will learn in this article . But not only that. Other pruning is also quite necessary to promote growth and fruiting and prevent disease. So how should you properly care for tomato plants in this regard?

  • Leaves that touch the ground, remove them. Otherwise, they will remain in contact with moisture after watering, which will cause them to rot, providing ideal conditions for fungal diseases.
  • Ensure adequate aeration between individual shoots, side shoots and plants in general. You can achieve this once by removing the stingy shoots. But you may also remove other side shoots or leaves if they interfere with each other.
  • However, this described thinning should not be too radical. Really remove only the most necessary, because all parts of the plant are very important for photosynthesis, without which the plant can not develop, including fruit.

Properly care for tomatoes – Why the location is so important.

Tomatoes properly care - The location and pruning are important

Each plant has its own requirements for the location, including light conditions and soil composition. So, of course, the tomato. Sunny places are a paradise for it, although it will then also benefit from some protection from the sun (for example, a net stretched over the tomato patch). But if you can’t offer it a fully sunny location, at least make sure the plant gets 6 to 7 hours of direct sunlight a day. Only in this way it can form many fruits, while too much shade largely promotes the growth of foliage.

Cut tomato plants for a rich harvest at the end of summer

If you would like to provide the plants with warmth at night as well, you can find them a place against a wall or wall. These heat up during the day and release the collected heat at night. They are also better protected from wind this way.

Avoid wet plants

When watering the tomato plant do not wet the leaves

In any case, tomato plants are watered only from below and the plant itself should remain dry (except for the main shoot, which protrudes from the ground, of course). Meant rather the leaves, which should not get wet, because this can burn them, and not only because of the strong sunlight in the summer. If they do not dry out quickly, a fungal disease can also quickly develop and make your plant care difficult.

Properly care for tomatoes – lack of support

Care for tomatoes properly - Without support, plants will fall over or break off

Especially stake tomatoes grow strongly in height, which sooner or later leads to the fact that they simply fall over or even break off. Of course, you want to avoid that! However, don’t wait too long to provide a support, either, because the larger and more lush the plant already is, the harder it will be to attach it to the climbing support without damaging parts of it. You can put a stake in the ground close to the plant as soon as it is planted. The roots are not yet strongly formed and you will not hurt them in the process. Then tie the tomato plants to the support at regular intervals – whenever you notice that it begins to lean to the side. Do not tighten the cord too much in this case, because the shoots will still continue to grow and need space.

Tomatoes properly care - Avoid these mistakes with tomato plants

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