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Propagate lavender: How to grow the plant yourself by cuttings in a water glass / pot or seeds!

Its small, delicate flowers and fresh herbal aroma make it a highlight in the Mediterranean garden: the lavender. If you are fascinated by this Mediterranean plant, you can grow it yourself. Fortunately, lavender can be propagated. We explain how pre-growing via seeds and cuttings in a water glass can be done without any problems.

When is the right time to propagate lavender?

Lavender propagate by cuttings instructions

August is the right time to propagate the Mediterranean perennial by cuttings. You will need the following accessories:

  • One or more lavender plants (whether they are container plants or outdoor plants).
  • a sharp and clean knife
  • a sharp and clean pair of secateurs
  • water glasses (1 glass per cutting)
  • 10 cm growing pots (1 pot per cutting)
  • growing soil or garden soil and peat-free compost
  • transparent polyethylene bag

Propagate lavender by cuttings in a water glass

Lavender cuttings in water glass propagate instructions


  1. Select young side shoots and cut off pieces about 10 to 15 inches long. This Mediterranean perennial shoots best from this year’s wood, so remove woody plant parts from the cuttings.
  2. Also remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem, so you can then put the cuttings in a glass of water. In this case, it is important to cut off the lower leaves. Otherwise, they will wither in the water and the plant will die.
  3. Optional: promote root development by natural means: For this purpose, you can cut willow branches into small pieces, put them in a jar and pour water into the jar. Let the willow branches steep overnight and the next morning you can strain the water and dip the cuttings’ intersections into it.
  4. Cover the cuttings with the transparent bag. You should remove the bag daily for about 20-30 minutes and aerate the cuttings to prevent the soil from becoming moldy and to allow moisture to escape.
  5. Place the jars in an off-sun warm place in the room.
  6. Change the water every two – three days when it becomes cloudy.

Lavender propagate cuttings in water glass put instructions

  1. Leave the shoots in the water until they have formed several roots at least 6 cm long. This will take the cuttings between 2 and 3 weeks.
  2. During the rooting phase, you can gradually add coconut fiber to the water. This way you can later keep the stress of planting in potting soil to a minimum.
  3. Pour potting soil or a mixture of potting soil and peat-free compost into the growing pots. Water thoroughly . Continue to water the seedlings regularly over the next few weeks and months and never allow the soil to dry out.
  4. Plant the cuttings. The cold winter months are best spent in the winter garden, heated greenhouse or windowsill at home. During this period, the plants will shoot up. Shorten the shoots regularly to 15 – 20 cm, then the perennial will also grow in width.
  5. The pre-cultivated plants can then be planted in the garden in the spring.

Propagation by cuttings in growing medium.

Propagate lavender by cuttings in potting soil


  1. Repeat step 1 from the instructions above: cut the cuttings.
  2. Also remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem so you can later put the cuttings in growing medium.
  3. Optional: To help you speed up root formation, you can dip the cuttings’ interface in rooting hormones (powder, from the garden center).
  4. Fill the growing pots with potting soil or potting soil and peat-free compost.
  5. Put the cuttings one by one in the growing pots, cover the pots with the plastic bag and place the plants in a sunny and warm place.
  6. Remove the plastic bag daily for 30 minutes. After 3 – 4 weeks, you can cut off one corner of the bag.
  7. When the cuttings sprout again or the old shoots grow, then you can completely remove the bags.
  8. Water the plant regularly, the soil should always be fresh to moist during the growing season.

Propagate lavender: Here’s how you can pre-grow the Mediterranean plant from seed.

Lavender from seed instructions

Propagation by seeds is a little more complicated than this by cuttings. It is best to pre-grow the seeds on the windowsill and then transplant the young plants next spring in containers or in the flower bed. You will need the following supplies:

  • Seeds from the garden center
  • Sowing tray
  • Growing soil

Lavender propagate instructions and transplant in the garden


  1. Fill the sowing tray with growing soil.
  2. Place the seeds on the soil and cover with a thin layer of growing soil. This is because the Mediterranean plant is a light germinator.
  3. Then cover the seeds with a plastic bag. Ventilate regularly to prevent rot from forming.
  4. Unlike cuttings, which need a lot of water to form roots, seeds prefer slightly dried soil.
  5. The germination process can take anywhere from weeks to months, so patience is required when growing.
  6. When the seedlings grow to a height of 6 – 7 cm and have formed at least 2 leaves, then you can plant them in the garden .