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Planting tulip bulbs in the spring: What you should be sure to do & when it is possible

Colorful beds of tulips are without question a magnificent sight. That is why this spring flower is usually not missing in any garden. As you probably know, for bulbs the perfect time for planting is autumn, and this also applies to the tulips. But what if you did not think about it in the fall or simply did not manage to plant tulip bulbs due to time constraints? If necessary, can you plant tulip bulbs in March or even in April? In fact, you do not have to worry, because you can also plant tulip bulbs in the spring, but not too early. We summarize when it is possible and what you should definitely pay attention to! After all, there are some differences with planting in the fall.

When to plant tulips?

Planting tulip bulbs in the spring - when and how to proceed.

Most types of tulips thrive best when planted as early as fall. The ideal time to do this is between September and November. The reason this is such a good time period is because the soil temperatures are already less than 10 degrees by then. The later coming frost brings the advantage that it kills germs and also pests, and in this way protects the bulb. As a result, the risk of them rotting is very low. However, it is important that after planting there are a few more frost-free weeks, so that the bulbs can acclimate and grow.

Planting tulip bulbs in the spring - what time is best other than autumn

However, if you want to plant tulip bulbs in the spring, this may also be possible. The difference is that the tulip bulb should already be pre-germinated. Perhaps you have noticed that in the spring of just such bulbs are sold. So there is a reason for this. If you have pre-germinated bulbs, tulip bulbs can be planted in the spring. The ideal time for this is considered to be mid-May. If not, start preparing the bulb in time:

How to grow bulbs in advance?

If you want to plant tulip bulbs in the spring, you need to pre-sprout them

If you need to preplant the bulbs first , you should allow about 5 weeks for this. This means that you should start in late March/early April. Take a container (e.g. a fruit crate), mix sand with potting soil and fill this mixture into the crate. Then spread the bulbs on it (do not dig them in!). Water them well once and then just let them rest in a cool and dark place. Soon the germination will begin. Then you can set the tulips in May.

For tulips determine the location

Planting tulip bulbs in spring - tips for spring bloomers

Then still find the optimal location. This should be sunny and warm, with a soil that is loose and permeable. Stagnant moisture causes bulbs to rot quickly, so you can provide loamy soils with drainage, for example, before planting tulip bulbs in the spring. Also, provide the soil with nutrients to encourage growth. Compost or slow-release fertilizer is best. A neutral pH should also be a given. Soils that are too acidic can be balanced by liming.

Planting tulip bulbs in spring – tulips in the garden

Advance tulips and plant them in the garden

The chosen place in the bed, where you want to plant tulip bulbs in the spring, first loosen well. Now dig a planting hole, the diameter of which is twice the size of the bulb. In this, put the germinated bulb. The distance between each hole and tulips should be 10 to 20 cm, depending on the size of the tulip.

Planting in the bed tulip bulbs in the spring - instructions

While in the fall many are not sure how deep to put them, in the spring this can be easily seen from the germination: The tip of the shoot should protrude from the ground. Then cover the bulb with soil and water it.

Planting the bulb in the pot

Planting tulip bulbs in the spring in a pot - how to do it

Can I plant tulip bulbs in the spring and in a pot ? Yes, of course, tulips in a pot are even very popular! The important thing is to choose a suitable variety. Small tulips are most suitable and probably thrive better than larger varieties. For example, the multi-flowered wild tulip is a good variety. Otherwise, the procedure is the same as in the garden: you fill a suitable pot with soil, dig holes, after which you plant the tulips – again, so that the shoot axis protrudes from the soil. It is also recommended for tulip bulbs in the pot a drainage layer, so that excess water can drain away well.

Underplant tub plants and trees with tulips

Do you have a large plant or a small tree in a pot ? Then it would be a great idea to spread bulbs around the trunk and fill the empty spaces with flowering.

Planting tulip bulbs in spring and taking care of them properly

Put bulbs in the garden bed in mid-May

After you plant your tulips, you will of course need to care for them properly so that you can soon enjoy the beautiful blooms of the spring bloomers. A sufficient amount of fertilizer will guarantee a lush bloom. However, the care continues even after the flowering, but it turns out quite sparingly, to the delight of all who can not invest a lot of time. All you need to do is to regularly fertilize the beds and water them during prolonged dry periods, so that the bulbs do not dry up.

What is the right location for tulips