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Planting strawberries in the spring: What should you consider when planting in the spring and what varieties are suitable?

Strawberries are probably the most popular summer fruit, which you can also grow yourself. Until you harvest strawberries from your own garden, it still takes a little time. But for a good harvest in the summer, the first preparations should be made now. Strawberries are usually planted in mid-summer (July, August), but spring planting is also possible for latecomers. Read on to learn how to plant strawberries in the spring to get good yields in the first year.

Can you plant strawberries in the spring?

Plant strawberry seedlings in the ground spring

If you missed the ideal planting time for strawberries in the summer, you should not necessarily do without delicious homegrown strawberries this season. After all, in the spring already potted seedlings are offered in stores, which you can easily plant between March and May. The harvest obtained will not be as large as with summer planting, but you will still enjoy freshly picked strawberries in the summer.

Spring planting even has an advantage over summer planting. If you plant strawberries in the spring, it is easier to plan the rows of beds. The beds in the kitchen garden are still fairly empty at this time, so you have plenty of room to plant the seedlings.

Seeds or seedlings for spring planting?

Growing strawberries from seed Planting seedlings

To plant strawberries, you can either preplant seeds or directly plant seedlings . If you want to grow strawberries from seeds in advance, you should start sowing them in winter, but no later than the end of March. The seeds need their time to germinate and form seedlings. To do this, they are distributed in trays with fresh sowing soil (strawberries are light germinators, so just press the seeds and do not cover them with soil), covered with foil and placed in a bright place. The seedlings are pricked and moved to small pots as soon as they have formed 5 leaves. The grown seedlings are fertilized in May and planted in the garden or in suitable containers on the balcony. Even after a few weeks you can harvest the first fruits.

What strawberries to plant in the spring?

What varieties of strawberries to plant in the spring

You can plant strawberries in the spring after all, if you choose the right variety. Forest strawberries, monthly strawberries and the so-called Frigo strawberries, which are usually used in commercial cultivation and can be planted throughout the strawberry season, are the most suitable.

Here are some suitable varieties:

  • Kitty Schindler
  • Florika
  • Bowlenzauber
  • Rügen
  • Fresca
  • Elan
  • Ostara
  • Mara de Bois
  • Pink pearl
  • Kyrel

It depends on the right time of planting

Planting strawberries in the spring what to consider tips

If you want to plant strawberries in the spring, then you can buy potted seedlings in March or April and put them in the ground no later than May. The plants must be well established before temperatures rise during the summer months. If you plant them in the spring, you will actually get a crop the first year, but it will not be as rich as strawberries planted in the summer.

Planting strawberries in the garden in the spring this is how to proceed

Plant strawberry plants in early spring, as soon as the soil is dry and workable. Strawberries do best in well-drained, reasonably fertile soil. A good supply of organic material , incorporated into the soil, improves aeration, drainage and water-holding capacity. Ideally, you should have applied the organic material the previous year.

Furthermore, you should only plant certified, disease-free plants. There is nothing more frustrating than carefully tending a strawberry bed only to find out that the strawberry plants you have set do not produce. Also, avoid using runners from an old bed, as they are often disease-ridden.

Planting strawberries in the garden: here’s how to do it properly.

Planting strawberries in the spring tips for proper planting time

If you have already purchased good young plants or have grown them yourself, you can plant them in the ground or in pots by May. Before planting, loosen the soil 15 to 20 inches deep and keep it loose so the runners and roots can get established. Then dig a hole large enough for each plant so you can set the roots straight down and spread them out a bit. The center of the crown should be level with the soil surface and the top root should be just below the soil surface. Water the plants as soon as you are in the ground.

Planting strawberries on the balcony in the spring.

Grow strawberries on the balcony in hanging pots to save space

You do not have a garden, but still want to grow your own strawberries? Then even a small balcony will do! You don’t really need much for a small strawberry patch on the balcony – just a suitable spot and the right care. Here are some tips for growing strawberries on the balcony.

  • The right location: a sunny place on the balcony is necessary for sweet strawberries. However, there are varieties that do well in partial shade, such as most wild or monthly strawberries.
  • Proper watering: Strawberry soil does not need to be dry by any means, but strawberry plants also do not tolerate waterlogging. Water the strawberries on the balcony twice on hot days, but only around the roots.
  • Fertilize: It is best to provide strawberries with organic fertilizer. If you plant strawberries on the balcony in the spring, mix compost or horn shavings into the soil to provide the plants with valuable nutrients.
  • Further care: Remove yellow leaves and regularly check the plants for pests.

Freshly picked strawberries from your own garden or balcony

If you want to snack on freshly picked strawberries in the summer, you do not necessarily need a lot of space. Check out our ideas on where to plant strawberries to save space and make the first preparations for the strawberry season 2022!