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Planting large flower pots – 60 ideas, pictures and suggestions.

large flower pots planting garden hanging baskets table decoration

If you don’t have the space or patience to become a master gardener, you can master ” container gardening ” instead. It’s a piece of cake – all you need is a large flower pot, potting soil, some plants and you’re ready to get started. Even though the possibilities are genuinely numerous, we’ll give you some suggestions on how to plant large flower pots. With our ideas for plant combinations, you will be inspired to beautify your patio or balcony with pretty tub plants and enjoy their blooms all year round.

Flower pots late summer Impatiens Impatiens

In late summer, this tub of low-maintenance plants is a real delight. The focal point is the vibrant ‘Rustic Orange’ variegated nettle (Solenostemon scutellarioides), which can be identified by its rusty leaves and will last until the first frost. The filler in this compact container is the Busy Lizard ‘Compact SunPatiens’ (Impatiens sp.). With tiny orange flowers and dark, glossy leaves, it contrasts well with the bronze-colored variegated nettle. Snapdragon ‘Yellow Moon’ (Torenia sp.) complements the arrangement with overhanging, lush greenery, showcasing its dainty yellow flowers with purple accents. Place the container in full sun or partial shade and make sure it is well watered.

Planting flower pots Shade Caladia Pennywort Fournier Tourenia

Give the illusion of a floor-length dress with these four plants. At the very top at eye level, the caladiums – ‘Celebration’ and ‘Florida Sweetheart’ shine. Clusters of white Fournier’s tourenias fill the empty spaces between the caladium stems and also cover the entire tub. The final attention grabber is the elegant pennywort that has overgrown the edge of the tub. Place the planted planter in the shade and water it regularly.

ferns ivy impatiens caladia shade

Caladiums are among the most popular plants for shady locations and enchant us with their beautiful leaves. Here you can see an example with Caladium ‘Miss Muffet’. Other popular varieties include ‘Pink Simphony’, ‘Iceberg’ and ‘Candyland’.

flower pots group terrace zinnias yellow fuchsia

The highlight in these planters are the beautiful zinnias – ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’ and ‘Magellan Salmon.’ Purple verbena and blue magic bells serve as fillers, adding texture and color for a nice contrast. Opt for inexpensive plastic tubs that are weatherproof and easy to move. Grouping your tubs together in a small space can create a homey mini-garden atmosphere.

willow basket zinnias cape plumbago convertible anemone ivy

This woven wicker basket is a great way to decorate an outdoor blank wall. It looks just as nice against a background of brick, wood or concrete. Pink zinnias and yellow tuberous begonias are the “thrillers.” Cape Leadwort ‘Blue Cape’ and Wandelröschen ‘Golden Lantana’ add an extra touch of drama as fillers. English ivy, with its delicate, familiar form, is the “spiller” that adds a sense of movement to this beautiful hanging pot.

Summer zinnias magic bells verbenas

A simple flower pot that can brighten up any dark corner. Yellow magic bells and fuchsia zinnias harmonize with the copper pot. Purple verbena provides another interesting focal point. Because the magic bell grows hanging, it creates a nice sense of movement.

high flower pots fiberglass modern pea plant ageratum

Timelessly beautiful and distinctly modern, tall planters made of fiberglass in stone look. Thanks to the clear geometric shapes, they cut a fine figure anywhere. The neutral shade brings out the unique natural beauty of the flowers. Here, the pea plant (Senecio rowleyanus) impresses with its unique shape, while purple magic bells and purple ageratum plants add subtle splashes of color.

blue fan flower succulents summer hanging flower pot fiberglass

Hanging flower pots are an easy way to decorate a space in a space-saving and beautiful way. In this example, a mix of succulents is planted in a hanging fiberglass pot. The Blue Fan Flower provides a refreshing contrast to the dark pot. The blooming season of this evergreen, herbaceous plant usually runs from May to October.

flower tub planting summer pewter tub convertible floret busy lily

This sturdy tin tub – a flea market gem – is filled with a vibrant mix of Wandelröschen and busy lilies. With their dense foliage, dark red Alternanthera plants, green variegated nettle, yellow pennywort create a beautiful backdrop for the flowering plants. Coleus species (variegated nettle) were first brought to Europe in the 1700s and are still very popular today. They don’t tolerate cold weather quite well, so don’t plan on putting them outside too early in March, for example.

The secret to this rustic aesthetic is to not overplant the planter. This weathered, rusty metal planter from a flea market is planted with evergreens, richly blooming Rieger begonias, variegated nettles and other annual flowers.

A simple galvanized metal toolbox becomes a flower box and is a perfect match for spring decorations on the garden table. A classic combination of light green mint, red geraniums and white silverweed is shown here. The rustic charm of the weathered metal contrasts with the soft and subtle colors of the flowers.

Place this vintage-looking metal planter in a dreamy, romantic garden or on a light-filled patio. The tub itself is designed with classic Victorian lines, but it’s the flowers that really make it magical. The key to success for this look is to combine contrasting textures. Here, club lilies, pink dianthus, Ipomoea ‘Ace of spades’, dainty blue lobelia and pink angelonia make a great ensemble full of colors and textures.

summer hanging basket dianthus silverleaf ivy

This romantic hanging basket gives a sense of magic and mystery through its beautiful colors. To achieve this effect of movement, try to balance floral splendor and foliage greenery. First place a hanging basket with sphagnum moss, then plant dianthus, petunias, silver leaf and ivy. Allow bubicop (Soleirolia soleirolii) to hang from the hanging basket.

summer table terrace petunia dianthus evergreen

To create a stunning planter, it’s best to set the plants at different heights. If you choose flowers like dianthus to catch the eye, you can’t go wrong.

Petunias Dianthus Bubicopf flower pot summer

This vibrant composition puts the flowers in the spotlight. Perched on a white-painted brick wall, the planter features overhanging blooms – there are pink petunias, delicate bubicots and pink dianthus balls.

large flower pots red geraniums creeping nettle ornamental grass

Southerners used to have a choice between geraniums that can withstand high temperatures and humidity, and those that have lots of blooms. No longer do you have to make that decision, because the hybrid varieties Calliope offer the best of both worlds. The red geraniums are the centerpiece of this arrangement, while Ipomea batatans and variegated nettles provide a nice backdrop.

sun terrace ornamental asparagus impatiens ivy neon

A beautiful planter of low-maintenance plants for sunny patios. SunPatiens get along wonderfully with the ornamental asparagus Asparagus densiflorus and the ivy Neon. Everything is housed in a glazed ceramic pot with a light green finish that highlights the plants’ natural colors.

mixed culture lettuce vegetables pansies yellow large planter

Mixed crops are gaining popularity. Even in a flower pot, vegetables and flowers can show their team spirit. Dark purple pansies combine beautifully with dark lettuce varieties like lollo rossa.

large planters planting summer taro plant elephant ear

The highlight in this wonderful summer plant combination is the oversized leaves of the taro plant (Colocasia esculenta), still called elephant ear. Tiny, colorful flowers serve as gap fillers. Taro is a bulbous plant and is perfect for deep planters. With good care, it can grow up to a foot and a half tall. Elephant ear forms yellow flowers that can be seen in July-August.

planting large tubs snapdragon dianthus sedum petunia

When certain colors and textures are repeated, it creates a beautiful, unified ensemble. The largest pot will accommodate snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus ‘Liberty Classic Yellow), Dianthus ‘Bouquet Rose Magic’ and Veronica spicata ‘Red Fox’ well. White-felted Greiskraut and Sedum ‘Lemon Ball’ complete the look. Two of the most striking plants are then repeated in the two smaller pots: petunia ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’ in the medium container and sedum planting in the smallest pot.

large planters spring flowers colorb pansies heuchera ivy

An unexpected addition to tulips is sword fern (Nephrolepis exaltata). Add to that pansies ‘Lavender Blue’ and ‘Purple Wing’, calamus (Acorus), heuchera and ivy. These simply shaped concrete pots do an excellent job of bringing the colors of the flowers to the fore.

big planters group geraniums magic bells mecardonias

Heat-tolerant geraniums, magic bells and mecardonias in yellow and purple cheerfully welcome summer. It creates a nice contrast between these whitewashed pots and flowers. Whichever plants you choose, make sure they have similar needs. All three plants do well in full sun, so they are great for grouping.

tin vans bucket flowers gerbera daisy sage daisies

One of the best ways to add flowers to your garden is to take advantage of seasonal sales at your local nursery and purchase plants in advance. The young plants store nicely in galvanized buckets on the patio until they are ready to be planted in the garden bed. Here you see Tanner daisies, sage, daisies (Leucanthemum Shasta), daylilies and sweet potato vines recreating.

Spring daffodils clay pots different varieties of daffodils

With their dainty yellow blooms, daffodils add cheer wherever they go. They herald the arrival of spring and are super easy to care for. Here they are planted in classic terra cotta pots, but daffodils look fantastic in any container. Several types of daffodils can be combined in large planters e.g. Narcissus Ice Follies, Narcissus Tete-a-Tete, Narcissus actaea and others.

large tub elephant ear Sunpatiens, Citronella Sobilanthes Bubbikopf

Are you dreaming of a summer vacation? Then bring the tropics to your own garden. It’s a breeze with this combination: elephant ear ‘Maui Gold’, SunPatiens in orange, fragrant citronella plant, adder heads (Strobilanthes) and bubbi heads.

flower box shade caladium heuchera holly color dew pinks

Have an empty flower box in front of a window in the shade? Here’s a great suggestion for shade-loving plants: caladium ‘Aaron’, holly fern, heuchera ‘Key Lime Pie’, white deadnettles (Lamium maculatum ‘White Nancy’), ivy and light pink evergreens.

raised bed wood flower box colorful nettle petunia spurge geranium summer

This freestanding window box looks great anywhere: in front of a blank wall of a house or as a divider on a patio. ‘Diamond Frost’ spurge, variegated nettle, ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’ petunia and geranium were planted here.

spring flower pots snapdragons pansies tulips parsley ivy

Container gardening delivers visual variety and is rich in color and texture. Flower containers are the perfect canvas for unique compositions of color and texture. In the sea of bold colors, these eye-catching snapdragons provide height. They pair well with a mix of flowers that act as fillers and spillers, including pansies, tulips, parsley and ivy. Each flower enchants with its own charm.

large tubs planting terrace summer lampbush grass geraniums petunias Angelonias

The natural hues of sweet potato vine and lampbush grass (Pennisetum) really set off the trio of pink geraniums, petunias and Angelonias. Petunias look incredible as container plants because they come in an amazing variety of colors and bloom from spring through fall.

large tubs planting all year conifers pansies winter hardy ivy

One of the challenges of container gardening is combining plants so that you have a pretty year-round look, if possible. The solution is to combine evergreen woody plants with annuals. This example shows how beautiful the interaction between conifers, ivy, garden pansies “Pandora’s Box” looks.

shade tubs planting coleus climbing fig cobbler palm

Year-round beautiful also look these plants in a large container: Climbing fig, cobbler palm and caladia. The leaves of pink and red caladiums are a real eye-catcher anywhere.

spring large planters daffodils magic bells silverweed elf mirror nemesia

Let the spring come! A delight for all the senses, this planter combines daffodils with bold hues and fragrant seasonal flowers. This trio includes magic bells ‘Superbells Dreamsicle’, the delicately scented silverweed ‘Snow Princess’ and the elf mirror nemesia ‘Sunsatia Lemon’.

tower ceramic tub orange pansies grass

To create height, you can also experiment with the arrangement of the pots. For this fantastic arrangement, a tower was built from two ceramic pots. Try combining colorful flowers with a plant like grass. Grass greenery and ivy go great with pansies and horned violets in orange.

large buckets planting red pansies chard

Here you can see a similar clay pot tower, but with plants that are mainly red and green. So red horned violets were combined with red chard.

green lilies dwarf magnolia caladia shade terrace

Green lilies are very hardy and are ideal not only as houseplants. For this beautiful arrangement, red caladiums ‘Freida Hemple’, green lilies and a compact magnolia ‘Little Gem’ were planted in a large container. This helps hide a downspout and adds some color to a dark corner.

planting tubs summer ornamental grasses semperflorens begonias caladiums

Sometimes design is more about form than function, when plants with distinct visual characteristics create fantastic accents in the garden. Just pay attention to how the different shapes hang together. Here, plants like ornamental grasses and caladiums provide visual height and combine beautifully with Semperflorens begonias.

large tubs ornamental grasses dwarf calamus pennywort gravel

This example creates an interesting sense of cultivated chaos. Just let your plants sprawl out of the container. In this large container, for example, dwarf calamus (Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’) dominates, but around the edges you can see pennywort (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’) making its way out, creating a soft, delicate carpet of green.

Vegetables Lettuce Snapdragons Marigolds Mixed culture

Old wooden crates, barrels or buckets make excellent planters. Since these are not designed for planting, allow for drainage and drill drainage holes. Another great idea for mixed culture is presented here: Lettuce varieties with yellow marigolds and white snapdragons.

rosemary tree topiary tub garden bed herb plants

The name for a classically designed French garden is “parterre.” With its geometric shape, this bed design was inspired by it. Regardless of your garden plan, you can conjure up an eye-catching feature in the middle of a flower bed by placing a large planter there. In the middle of this bed with herb plants rises a rosemary tree and reinterprets the classic style.

flower box window replanting fountain grass begonias variegated nettle

Variegated nettle, begonias and purple fountain grass sprawl from this spectacular window flower box. The fountain grass blooms from summer to fall. Variegated nettle comes in every color of the rainbow. This ornamental plant looks very bold and colorful, especially in the summer.

fountain grass red spring autumn coleus red

The fountain grass is also excellent to present alone in the tub. The red shade of the ornamental grass is perfectly matched by the red coleus. You can enjoy the beauty of these plants from spring until late autumn.

Boxwood Buxus sempervirens Elegantissima white yellow white horned violets

Not all boxwood shrubs are monochromatic and dark green. Buxus sempervirens ‘Elegantissima’, for example, has dainty green leaves with white or yellow edges. White horned violets are a perfect match, bringing out the color of the boxwood shrubs.

large planter baroque style stone pink verbena white fat leaves bacopas

If you want to emphasize the mysterious charm of some really special planters in baroque style, choose simple, yet elegant flowers. In this case, the two large stone planters are planted with pink verbena and white fat leaves (bacopas).

large planters summer sunny nettle convertible anemone

Finding hardy yet visually appealing plants that also do well in full sun locations can be a challenge. Variegated nettles and wood anemones are perfect for this, as they can withstand heat and humidity and enchant us with their cheerful colors.

large tubs planting ideas algerian ivy needle palm

For a great effect, use large flower pots. You can accommodate more and larger plants there. Thanks to the depth of the tub, they also do not need to be watered so often. In this example, you can see a great plant combination for summer: the evergreen Algerian ivy (Hedera algeriensis) and one of the most frost-tolerant palms – the coniferous palm (Rhapidophyllum hystrix). Add some colorful seasonal plants!

Spring Daffodils Yellow Pansies Violets

If you group flowers by shape or color, you can create beautiful combinations even in medium-sized containers! Large yellow daffodils, medium pansies, and small violets are a cheerful mix in this terra cotta planter.

Pot Pinea glauca Conica Impatiens

Here, a ring of coral-colored Impatiens surrounds a dwarf Alberta spruce. Picea glauca Conica is extremely frost hardy and makes an excellent container plant. It can grow up to 2.5 feet tall.

hanging basket dragon wing begonia silver rain dichondra

This pink dragonwing begonia is the perfect plant for a hanging basket because it grows to about 30 inches tall and 25 to 30 inches wide and blooms all summer long, into fall. For an even more exciting arrangement, combine it with silver rain (Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’).

Impatiens, green lily, begonia, ferns and ivy hanging basket shade

Your garden is a canvas and garden design is your paintbrush. One of the best ways to express your creativity is to hang your hanging baskets in unexpected places. The shade-loving plants in this hanging basket create a unique variety of shapes and heights. They include green lily, begonia, ferns and ivy.

windowsill window box white flowers purple foliage contrast

Opposites attract! Here we see a unique play with contrasts. White flowers and black-green foliage combined with decorative wrought iron ornaments that give it a touch of Gothic.

steel post planters summer lush

Flowers do not have to grow only on the ground. Here, each planter finds a place on a steel post. The flowers proliferate lushly and almost completely cover them. It seems as if the flowers are floating in the air.

white iris jewish beard creeper saxifrage shade

This rooftop iris (Iris tectorum) and Jew’s beard (creeping saxifrage Saxifraga) are perfect as container plants for a shady location. Creeping saxifrage grows as a perennial herbaceous plant and blooms from May to August.

Chrysanthemums, marigolds, sweet peas, tegetes and crotons Autumn tub plants

The following plants also form a beautiful group: chrysanthemums, marigolds, sweet peas, tegetes and crotons. Their colors go beautifully together and evoke autumn feelings!

large planters autumn house entrance terrace stairs

For a cheerful hebrst mood on your doorstep, this flower arrangement will also do the trick! Bright shades of yellow and orange are combined with purple and blue. A wreath of harms serves as the base for the ensemble. Stonecrop Lemon Ball, ornamental cabbage, ornamental chillis, Salvia Leucantha and sulfur cosmee then find a place in the large tub.

daffodils grape hyacinths spring white pansies

Daffodils make excellent tub plants in the spring. They generally self-propagate and can fill a large tub by themselves from year to year. They also require minimal care and are available in numerous colors. Daffodils get along great with other spring bloomers like grape hyacinth. Grape hyacinth grows between 15 inches and 30 inches tall.

geraniums petunias lobelia summer planting tubs

Geraniums “Caliente Pink”, petunias “Surfinia Rose Veined” and lobelia “Techno Heat Light Blue” were chosen for this beautiful arrangement. Geraniums, petunias and lobelia thrive in similar conditions and are perfect for planting together in large planters.

Summer tub planting Crabapple Fanflower Parrotleaf Verbena Petunias

Unlike cut flowers, a vibrant flower arrangement in a tub will provide months of color on the patio. Combine plants that thrive in the same growing conditions and complement each other. These six plants do just that: variegated nettle (coleus) adds color in shady locations. Fanwort and parrot leaves add shape. Verbena, magic bells and petunias add color.

ornamental grass sedge Carex comans 'Amazon Mist' sedum echeveria

The interplay of grasses and succulents provides a pleasing contrast. Here, the ornamental grass sedge Carex comans ‘Amazon Mist’ harmonizes beautifully with creeping sedum and purple echeveria. The echeveria features hues of red, orange and purple that are repeated by the sedge.

Dipladenia Mandevilla climbing plant summer sunny location

Another nice idea for large planters is to combine climbers and flowers with hanging growth. Dipladenia (Mandevilla), for example, works well as a container plant and blooms from spring until the first frost. To do this, also choose a sun-loving variety of flowers.