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Planting flower bulbs: When is the best time to buy and plant tulip bulbs and co?

Autumn, from about the beginning of September to the end of October is the right time to buy and plant bulbs. The investment and effort will definitely pay off, because the beautiful daffodils, tulips and Co. will then delight the eye in the spring. We explain how you can plant flower bulbs now and what to keep in mind.

Planting flower bulbs: What to look for when buying?

Set bulb flowers in autumn why buy now

Autumn is the right time to buy and plant flower bulbs for the garden or the pot. Only in this way can the spring-flowering bulbs sprout as early as mid-February and delight the eye with their filigree flowers. In September, the bulbs are also fresh, were stored only for a short time. Therefore, mold and pests have no chance. In addition, the bulbs of tulips , daffodils, hyacinths and Co. are also significantly cheaper than already pre-pulled spring flowers. Planting in the spring is rarely possible anyway. Therefore, you should already plan the spring garden and plant the flower bed.

When buying bulb flowers, there are several things to consider.

1. it is best to buy loose and dry bulbs.

2. the surface should look smooth. The healthy bulbs are hard, it is best to sort out soft specimens. These are either affected by bacteria and fungi or have been stored incorrectly and are totally dried out.

3. choose bulbs without sprouts – the above-ground parts of the plant will freeze in winter. In the worst case, then the bulb could also dry up and die. It is much better if it sprouts only in the spring.

Planting bulb flowers in autumn hyacinths

4. Now is the right time to plan the flower bed. Plant early bloomers along with varieties for spring and summer. That way, you’ll be able to marvel at blooms throughout the garden season.

5. Spring bee-friendly flowers are important food sources for bee colonies and other pollinating insects.

Store the flower bulbs properly

Flower bulbs can basically be stored for only a short period of time. This is because they have fine and delicate roots. If they dry out, then the bulbs will not sprout again. It is best to store them in a paper bag in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Planting bulbs: The most important things at a glance

Set bulb flowers in autumn and admire them in spring

Choose a frost-free and sunny day to plant the bulbs. First make a sketch and mark all the already occupied areas in the bed. However, the weather should not be too mild either. If the temperatures are above average for the fall season, then the bulbs could sprout and then freeze in the winter.

Prepare the soil. Loosen it and work in coarse-grained sand if needed to prevent waterlogging in the fall and winter and to improve permeability. Water the soil well the day before planting. It should be moderately fresh to moderately moist.

Set the bulbs: Step-by-step instructions

Wall spring flowers like crocuses plant as bulbs

Then use a bulb planter to bury the bulbs twice as deep as their height. Example: If the bulb is 6 cm high, then the hole should be 12 – 14 cm deep. Plant the bulbs 5 cm apart, per square meter you should plant between 30 and 35 bulbs. Use chicken wire or vole basket to protect the bulbs from the pests . Mix some horn shavings with the dug soil and cover the bulbs with it. September and October is the right time to plant the following spring flowers:

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Crocuses
  • Hyacinths
  • Garden anemones
  • Blue star
  • Winterling
  • Dwarf iris
  • Marzenbecher
  • Early bloomers like snowdrops

Planting tulip bulbs: Here’s what you should keep in mind when planting in the fall

Tulips sprout in spring set spring flowers in fall

Whether for the garden or the balcony, fall is the right time to plant tulips. The spring flowers look best when planted in groups. Place the bulbs in the ground about 10 inches apart. If planting in containers, you can also wrap the containers with fleece to protect them from frost.

Plant hyacinths: Only in late autumn

Hyacinths are planted a little later, in cool weather. However, by the end of October to mid-November at the latest, you should have already placed the bulbs in the flower bed.

Planting daffodils: When to put the spring messengers in the pot or flower bed?

To ensure that daffodils bloom vigorously in April, they should be planted in September or October. There are no significant differences between planting them in a flower bed or in a pot. You should place the bulbs in the bed at a distance of about 12 cm (depending on the variety, the distance may vary). The top of the bulb should be facing up. Dig a hole about deeper – preferably around 16 cm deep, so that the bulbs are really well protected from frost.

Dig up the bulbs every 2 – 3 years.

Early flowering bulbs need to be dug up every few years after the flowering period is over. Store them in dry storage until the next fall, when they can be put back in the ground in September. Dig up the bulbs, clean them and let them dry on newspaper. You can store the bulbs in paper bags and store them in boxes in a dry and cool place.