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Planting autumn perennials: These hardy and perennial plants provide blooms in the garden!

From the end of August autumn perennials are in high season. We explain how you can properly stage them and create an autumnal bed. Which hardy, flowering and bee-friendly plant species are suitable for the home garden? Find out in the article. Planting autumn perennials, made easy!

Planting autumn perennials: The most important things summarized

Planting flower bed in autumn in august tips

In autumn, numerous flowers, ornamental grasses and foliage ornamental plants are in high season, pleasing the eye with their bright colors and filigree flowers. Fortunately, in many cases, precise pre-planning is not necessary, because most perennials are also available as pre-grown plants. However, when designing the balcony box or flower bed, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1.The tall fall perennials are planted behind the summer blooming flowers and foliage ornamentals. The low fall perennials are planted in small groups between the perennials and the summer blooming plants.

2. plan the flower bed so that all plants have enough free space and the different species do not crowd each other.

3.The appropriate time to replant the bed is on a cloudy day. If the soil is dry, you can water and loosen it extensively a day before.

Planting flower bed in August in late summer

4. Weed out weeds from the flower bed, dig up all summer annual flowers and plants. Work organic compost into the soil.

5. Remove the new fall perennials from their shipping pots. Carefully loosen the potting soil from the roots. Fill a bucket with water and place the plants in the water for 5 minutes to allow their roots to soak.

4. When planting: Leave enough space to the next perennial in the bed. Mulch the bed to prevent weeds from growing.

5. Create an accurate planting plan.

Fall flowering perennials for the flower bed and container.

Autumn perennials for the garden hardy flowers

1. stonecrop variety “Joy”: flowering starts already in late summer, you can plant stonecrop in full bloom. Prefers full sun, dry soil and lean soil. Suitable planting partners in the cottage garden: lampbush grass and coneflower.

2. cushion aster blooms in the fall. Hardy perennial flowers attract butterflies. Thrive best in well-drained, fertilized, normal garden soil.

3. cactus dahlia blooms from July to October. It prefers a loose, well-drained soil and a sunny to semi-shady spot in the garden. It is not hardy, in late fall after flowering the tubers are dug up and overwintered.

Winter hardy foliage ornamental plants for the autumn garden.

Autumn perennials planting foliage decorative plants in the flower bed

4. chokeberry is a beautiful, extremely frost hardy foliage ornamental shrub. In spring, chokeberry attracts attention with its filigree flowers and in autumn – with its fiery red flowers. It prefers a normal, loose garden soil and thrives best in full sun.

5. oakleaf hydrangea is a slow-growing, hardy woody plant that continues to attract attention with its foliage even after the flowering season. The shallow rooter requires a humus-rich soil with low lime content.  A partial shade to sunny location encourages growth and flowering.

6. purple bellflower is a low, hardy foliage ornamental perennial that prefers a humus-rich soil with high sand content. It is particularly comfortable in partial shade.

Autumn perennials and ornamental grasses for the container garden

7. silky dogwood is a decorative plant. After the woody plant sheds its leaves, its shoots turn red.

8. featherbush is a beautiful exotic, especially popular for its bright red or yellow featherbush-like flowers. The plant is not hardy, cannot tolerate temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, and must be moved to winter quarters in late fall.

9. 10. 11. Various ornamental grasses such as switchgrass, lampbush grass “Red Head”, Chinese reed “Red Chief”, the white-striped riding grass, as well as flowering grasses such as red love grass or Miscanthus “Red Colour” are the perfect gap fillers for the autumn flower bed.

Herbs and evergreen ferns accent the fall flower bed.

13. parsley is a biennial plant that is perfect for container growing.

14.Most fern species are cut back heavily in the fall. However, there are evergreen species that may remain in the container garden on the balcony until late fall.

15. rosemary can remain outdoors into the fall. In winter, however, it must be overwintered.

Yellow flowering autumn flowers for the garden.

yellow flowers for autumn garden planting ideas

16. student flower is actually a perennial plant. However, since it can not tolerate the sub-zero temperatures in winter, it is cultivated in the garden as an annual flower. However, it can be overwintered in a pot.

17. garden chrysanthemums are the queen among autumn perennials. In fact, winter asters are frost hardy and can be left outside between November and February.

18. sunflower blooms until September. A sunny location and loamy, nutrient-rich soil encourage growth and flowering. This extremely hardy plant can thus provide a food source for bees during September and October.

Planting purple flowering autumn perennials

Autumn perennials purple planting in the garden instructions

19.Autumn alpine violet scores not only with a beautiful autumn bloom, but also with winter green foliage decoration. With good care, the blooming season extends into October.

20. the splendor autumn crocus: now is the right time for planting if you want to marvel at the impressive yellow-pink flowers in September and October. This bulbous flower is hardy and perennial. It thrives best in the sun, but can also bloom in partial shade.

21. love pearl bush fascinates with its pink flowers and pink berries. The flower is bee-friendly , but for humans the fruits are inedible.