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Planting a greenhouse: What can you plant in April and May and how to combine different crops?

Who says that only one plant can be grown in a greenhouse? It is quite possible to combine different types of plants in a greenhouse. The result is a highly efficient and very intensive use of a small area of protected land, to the delight of the owner. In this article, we clarify when and how to plant your greenhouse to achieve a good harvest of different vegetables.

Planting the greenhouse with mixed culture

You can plant the greenhouse with different crops

If you want to plant a greenhouse, you need to make a good planting plan in advance. It is not necessary to grow only one crop, but of course, you can not plant and sow everything in a row, because that would not do any good. There should be a clear system of division according to time, culture and the space needed for it. With the right approach, you can get high yields of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cucumbers under one roof.

Small greenhouse planting tips for April and May.

In this article we deal with the order of greenhouse planting – when and which plants should be sown or planted. The planting schedule is based on a tunnel greenhouse, which is 3 meters wide and 6 meters long and accommodates a total of 3 beds. The schedule corresponds to the climatic conditions of the Northwest, with dates extending southward.

Planting schedule of a greenhouse for April and May.

Late April: prepare beds and sow carrots, radishes and lettuce.

Make the first sowing in the greenhouse at the end of April.

Planting a greenhouse with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots and eggplants starts in late April/early May. First, prepare the trench for sowing cucumbers, which is 25 cm from the greenhouse wall. Cover it with a strip of fleece. At the edge of the bed, make a 2 cm deep groove and sow a row of early carrots along the strip of fleece. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon each of seed and fertilizer powder with half a teaspoon of coffee grounds . Cover the bed with white spunbond (Lutrasil).

Prepare beds in the greenhouse at the end of April

On the opposite side, prepare a trench for planting peppers, keeping a distance of 25 cm from the greenhouse wall. Along this trench, right at the edge of the bed, plant a row of radish seeds by simply pushing them in with your finger 2 cm deep, at a distance of 5 to 6 cm (about 40 pieces per 6 m). Leave a distance of 20 cm from the edge of the bed, make two grooves along the entire length of the bed and sow lettuce seeds in the same way as the carrot seeds. Now bury everything and cover with white garden fleece.

Early May: sow cucumbers and plant dill.

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse in early May

Between May 5 and 10, sow cucumber seeds along the carrot plants in the prepared trench – 2-3 seeds in each nest. The nests should be spaced 25 cm apart (24 nests in which you will later leave one plant each, i.e. 24 cucumber plants). To avoid covering the rows of carrots, cover them with the black fleece that you had laid over the row of cucumbers. Cover the seeded cucumbers with cling film (or place plastic bottles with the bottom cut off over the nests).

On the remaining area at the edge of the bed, plant pre-sown dill 40 cm apart (15 plants in total). Then remove the black fleece and cover the bed with two layers of white garden fleece.

Mid-May: plant and tie tomatoes, set parsley and flowers.

Greenhouse planting tomato seedlings in mid-May

Between May 10 and 15, plant the tomato seedlings in the center of the middle bed in 2 rows. Space the rows 30 inches apart and space the plants 30 inches apart in each row. Plant the seedlings in a staggered manner. There will be about 20 plants in each row, so you will have a total of 40 tomato bushes.

Tie each bush to a stick stuck next to the tomato stem, just above the shoots. To prevent the fleece you use to cover the bed from sticking to the ends of the sticks, place beer cans or small plastic bottles on the sticks.

Mulch the tomatoes with newspaper. Leave a 30 cm strip on each side. Leave about 10 cm at each end of the bed, and then plant pre-cut leaf parsley every 30 cm. A total of 6 bushes, 3 at each end, is more than enough.

Plant greenhouse tomato seedlings in rows

On the remaining area behind the parsley, sow seeds of annual flowers (zinnias, sage, marigolds, nasturtiums and others). On the other side of the tomato bed, plant the seeds of cabbage and beet one by one in separate “apartments” and cover the remaining space with dill. Now cover the entire bed with white double fleece.

The lettuce in the radish bed should be planted at intervals, or even better, eat by thinning, so that after planting the peppers, the lettuce bushes have a distance of 30 cm.

End of May: harvest early vegetables, plant greenhouse with herbs and flowers.

Grow radishes in greenhouse

Between May 25 and 30, after removing the radishes, sow basil, marjoram and cilantro in this place. To avoid getting dirty lettuce in the bed, cover it with newspaper beforehand.

Plant the peppers and eggplants at a distance of 30 cm (20 plants in total). Remove the cover from the lettuce and cover the entire bed with white double fleece. If you need to water the plants planted in May, do it directly on the fleece. Don’t forget to remove the plastic wrap or bottles from the cucumber seedlings, but leave the white fleece on the entire bed until the danger of frost has passed.

Transplant cabbage seedlings from the greenhouse to the open ground at the end of May

At the end of May, transplant the cabbage seedlings into the open ground and plant the beets on the sides of the bed with this culture. At the ends of the cabbage bed, you can plant seedlings of celery. Plant cabbage in 2 rows in a 40 x 40 cm grid and plant tall marigolds between the rows. As a precaution, cover all the plants with a double foil.

Greenhouse planting properly tips for being good neighbors

When the frost is over (in principle, after icemen), transplant the flowers and sow green onions in the open space – just as you sowed early carrots. At the other end of the tomato patch, sow root parsley, just as you did with the carrots. After you eat the lettuce, sow radishes in its place. At the end of July, after you have harvested the early carrots, plant radishes in their place again.

Planting greenhouse properly: more tips.

Growing mixed crops in a greenhouse tips

If you only have two beds in your greenhouse, consider how to plant them as densely as possible. To do this, simply sketch out your options on a piece of paper beforehand – and you’ll end up finding the right way to make the most of your protected soil.

Planting greenhouse what goes together in the bed

Do all worries end with adherence to a planting plan? Of course not, that’s not enough. There are simple cultivation techniques that allow you to make friends with different plants, so that each variety feels comfortable in this colorful community. They also necessarily need proper watering and protection from pests and diseases.