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Plant raised beds as privacy screens: These plants are suitable for the terrace and balcony.

The topic ” Privacy screen for garden and balcony” is particularly topical in the summer. Plants offer an environmentally friendly and natural alternative to the garden fence, wall and balcony cladding. Depending on the garden and balcony situation, different plants come into question. From exotics like bamboo to classic hedge plants, tall growing flowers and even useful plants: We explain how to plant your raised bed as a privacy screen.

Raised beds as privacy screens: Which plants are suitable?

Ornamental grasses in raised bed as privacy screen for terrace and garden

High-growing plants keep out foreign eyes and at the same time beautify the terrace and balcony. Various types of plants are suitable for outdoor use. Which one you ultimately choose depends primarily on the orientation of the balcony or terrace. Factors such as wind, available space and rain protection (e.g. through a canopy) also play a decisive role in the choice.

Bamboo in a raised bed as a privacy screen

Bamboo in raised bed as privacy screen planting ideas

The bamboo is a fast and lush growing exotic, which also feels at home in the home garden. The special thing about the plant is that it also grows in width. The bamboo reproduces by rhizomes, which spread strongly. Therefore, for the container and raised beds offer special varieties that form only short roots. Such are, for example, the following Fargesia bamboo varieties:

Plant raised bed as privacy screen

  • The umbrella bamboo “Campbell”: hardy, does not form runners, suitable for group planting. Gains 50 cm in height annually and grows to 3 meters tall and 2.5 meters wide.
  • The umbrella bamboo “Zebra”: an evergreen, hardy, cut tolerant hedge plant. Horst-growing, does not require rhizome protection.

Planting tips: Proper planting time is from spring to fall (March – October). Provide about 80 cm plant spacing for privacy screening. Screen bamboo thrives best in a sunny to off-sun location.

Hedge plants as privacy screens in raised beds

Plants as privacy screen in raised bed cherry laurel hedge ideas

Many hedge plants thrive in raised beds without any problems. However, they have one thing in common: most varieties are hardy to a limited extent and require frost protection during the cold season. The root balls can be protected by a layer of mulch or straw. They also need wind and rain protection. Therefore, hedge plants are especially suitable for covered terraces or terraces with glazing.

  • The oil willow: drought-resistant, wintergreen, has an upright growth, reaches a maximum height of 3 meters and width of 3 meters. Windbreak required.
  • White variegated garden legume: compact, dense, upright growth. Cut tolerant, evergreen, heat resistant. Maximum height – 5 m, maximum width- 5 m.
  • Portuguese cherry laurel: dense, compact growth, hardy, prefers sun but tolerates shade. Magnet for insects. Also available as a pre-cut ready-made hedge for the raised bed.
  • Japanese columnar holly: dense growth, narrow, grows to 2 feet tall and up to 0.5 feet wide. Winter hardy, may need wind and frost protection depending on region.
  • Yew: prefers shade and partial shade. Has dense growth and tolerates topiary (e.g., ball topiary). Low maintenance, undemanding, grows up to 10 m tall. Winter hardy.

Useful plants as privacy screens for terraces and balconies

Raised bed as privacy screen tomato growing ideas

Useful plants can also provide privacy screens. Certain columnar fruit varieties are well suited, as are tall-growing vegetables.

Columnar fruit (These fruit varieties require trellises as they grow quite tall):

  • Columnar apple. Biennial varieties: ‘Berbat’, ‘Black McIntosh’, ‘Blue Moon’. They grow between 1.7 and 2 meters high. They have a slender growth, bear their fruit directly on the trunk. Harvest time: late summer and autumn
  • Columnar pear. Biennial varieties: “Condo”, “Decora”, “Silver Pearl”. Maximum height of growth: 3 meters. Compact growth, form many fruits. Harvest time: late summer, early autumn.
  • Columnar cherries. Varieties “Claudia”, “Sylvia”, “Victoria”. Need climbing support and pruning. Grow to 4 feet tall.

Raised bed as privacy screen in the garden useful plants and perennials

Tall growing vegetables:

  • Vine tomatoes: Reach a maximum growing height of 180 cm. Have a vigorous, spreading habit. Bear many fruits. Planting partners: parsley, basil, garden cress, leeks.
  • Runner Beans: Grow to 3 feet tall, form many long pods, can be combined with endives, cucumbers and cabbage.
  • Sweet corn: Visually resembles an ornamental grass, reaches a growth height of 2 meters. Suitable for mixed cultivation with chard, beans, radishes and endives.
  • Peppers: Upright growth, sun worshipper. Planting partners: tomatoes, lettuces, various cabbage varieties.
  • Cucumbers: grafted lettuce and snack varieties reach a height of 1 meter. Available only as an annual plant. Suitable planting partners: dill, runner beans.

Planting raised bed High plants for privacy screen

If you want to create a small-scale kitchen garden, you can plant the raised bed with tall vegetables and then fill in the gaps with suitable planting partners.

Flowers as a privacy screen in the raised bed

Raised bed provides privacy screen for terrace ideas

Do you want a display of flowers? Fortunately, there are enough types of flowers that grow tall. These include, for example:

  • Delphinium: Grows up to 180 cm tall, depending on the variety. Has an upright habit and large leaves and flower buds. Long blooming period from June to September.
  • Tall flame flower: Forms large, showy flower umbels, has a spreading habit and reaches a height of 1 meter.
  • Purple mock coneflower: has a spreading, broad habit, grows around 1 meter tall, attracts pollinating insects.
  • Magnificent candle: has a bushy habit, forms flowers from June to late September. Requires winter protection.

What flowers to plant in raised bed as privacy screen ideas

Fast growing perennials as a screen

What flowers as privacy screens for terrace and garden

Fast-growing and tall perennials can provide accents in raised beds and screen the patio from prying eyes. Most perennials can be easily combined with ground covers and annual flowers with similar soil and site requirements.

  • Montbretia: Reach a maximum height of growth of 110 cm, depending on the variety. Perennial, require winter protection.
  • Perennial Clematis: Grows to 3 feet tall depending on variety. Most varieties are hardy, bloom profusely in summer.
  • Tall Asters: Grow up to 3 feet tall, depending on the variety. Have a spreading habit and large leaves. Flower splendidly.

Ornamental grasses as privacy screens in raised beds

What plants to plant as privacy screen in raised bed ornamental grasses ideas

Ornamental grasses are a low-maintenance and modern alternative to flowers and perennials. The following ornamental grasses thrive easily in raised beds:

  • Lampreys grass: decorative appearance, compact growth – up to 70 cm wide. Suitable for raised beds on the balcony.
  • Pampas grass “White Feather”: Grows to 2.5 meters high, has an upright habit, forms large white flowers.
  • Blue beach grass: grows up to 1 meter high, has slightly overhanging grass blades, heat resistant.

Which balcony plants to use as privacy screens in raised beds?

Planting raised bed as privacy screen for balcony ideas

For a large balcony can be considered not only tubs and window boxes. You can also plant a raised bed. Its advantage is the larger volume of soil, which allows different combinations of plants. Various plants are suitable for the raised bed on the balcony. However, they should not grow higher than 1 meter or at least tolerate pruning.