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Plant and care for primroses: Get spring flowers blooming in March with these gardening tips

Together with crocuses primroses are the first messengers of spring. With proper care, the flower will thank you with a splendor of flowers that will decorate the flower box and flower bed from March to August. We explain when to plant primroses and how to care for them properly.

Planting primroses: This is what you should consider when buying young plants

Planting primroses what to consider when buying

The primrose family includes more than 500 species. The flowering time of early bloomers varies greatly and can range from two to six months. Most varieties of primrose are not winter-hardy, and the young plants are grown indoors in winter. Starting in mid-March, primroses can also be found in garden centers. Plants with many flower buds and five-six open flowers are best. The flowers should be well rooted in the pot. White roots are a sure sign that the plants are strong and healthy. In addition, the young primroses should have grass-green leaves.

When to plant the primroses outdoors?

After a short acclimation period in an unheated room, the acclimated primroses may be planted in the balcony box or flower bed.

Are the primroses perennial?

Primroses are perennial plants that can thrive outdoors for up to 5 years if cared for properly.

Propagate primroses before planting

Primroses in the garden care useful tips

When the flowers fade in late summer, it’s the right time to propagate primroses. Divide the annual flowers with a spade and plant them in the flower bed at least 30 inches apart immediately afterward.

Planting primroses: Choose the right location and prepare the soil in the flower bed.

Watering primroses properly in March

An important prerequisite for a long flowering period is the right location. Choose a sunny to semi-shady spot in the garden. The sensitive primroses cannot tolerate direct sun. But a location in the shade is also unfavorable.

Loosen the soil and fertilize it before planting the flowers . Mix compost into the garden soil to provide it with important nutrients. If you want to plant primroses in window boxes, choose potting soil with clay, as it can retain water well.

Primroses prefer a slightly acidic soil.

Planting primroses: Instructions

Repot primroses properly plant useful tips

Choose a frost-free day to plant the primroses. First, check the soil: in any case, it should not be frozen through. If necessary, you can still loosen it a little. Now is the right time to remove weeds. Then work compost into the soil. Carefully detach the young plants from the transport pot. You can carefully remove the excess soil. Check the roots for diseases and pests. If you see signs of infestation, you should discard the plant immediately. Now it remains only to dig holes for the flowers and place them in the ground at a distance of 20 cm. Carefully cover the roots with garden soil. Water the flowers with lime-free tap water.

Water primroses properly

Primroses fertilize properly tips and instructions

Primroses need plenty of water and can easily thrive waterlogging. A good idea is to mulch the flower bed. This extra layer of mulch will prevent water from evaporating in warm weather.

Hybrids do best when humidity is high. Native varieties have adapted to the climate conditions of winter hardiness zone 7 and can handle extended periods of drought.

Fertilize primroses regularly

Primroses care choose location and improve soil

Two weeks after planting, you can start feeding the primroses with liquid fertilizer for the first time. Depending on the variety, you can fertilize the flowers every two to 4 weeks.

If you plant the primroses in containers or balcony boxes, then it is sufficient to provide the flowers with slow-release fertilizer at the start of the season.

Repot primroses

Primroses for balcony box buy tips

Primroses provide blooms not only in the garden, but also on the balcony. As potted plants, you can already root through in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to repot the flowers every year before the start of the season. Do not use potting soil from the spring, but invest in a new substrate. Before repotting, make sure that the tubs have good drainage. You can also add a layer of sand or gravel to the bottom of the tub.

How long and when do primroses bloom?

Planting primroses in the garden popular planting partners

The flowering time depends on the variety. Most varieties have a flowering period of six weeks. It may be that primroses bloom a little longer in the first year. This is mainly because transplanting and repotting extend the flower’s growing season slightly.

Popular planting partners in the garden are ferns , funkias and astilbes. They have similar requirements for location and soil.