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Natural weed killers: which home remedies are suitable and why you should do without vinegar, salt and Co.

Natural weed killers are the best solution against the annoying weeds. They do not harm your plants and the environment, and are also very effective. But not all seemingly natural remedies are equally suitable for controlling weeds. Read on to learn which home remedies you can use without hesitation and why you should rather avoid others like salt and vinegar.

Weeds in the bed what to do natural weed killers

Every gardener dreams of an easy solution to all their weed problems. Weeds always find ideal places to reproduce and multiply, but these places are usually in the middle of our flower beds, vegetable gardens or lawns. It also becomes particularly annoying when they sprout between flagstones, patio joints and garden paths. Not only do weeds upset our well-planned designs, but they also compete with desirable plants for nutrients and water, affecting the plants’ ability to thrive.

Killing weeds with home remedies

Although it can sometimes be tempting to reach for various weed killers from the garden center, using poison is not a good solution against weeds. For the sake of the environment and your health, you should look for alternative methods to remove weeds from your garden and patio.

Weeding is the most effective method of combating weeds, but it is not the only one at all. If you do not want to remove the wild plants mechanically or by hand, you can also try some proven home remedies to win the war with weeds.

Home remedies for weeds what really works

Do without vinegar, salt and Co!

A well-known weed killer, which is often falsely advertised as organic, you can make yourself from vinegar, salt and washing-up liquid in the following mixing ratio: 3.5 liters of white vinegar, 250 grams of salt and one tablespoon of washing-up liquid. The resulting solution is sprayed on the weeds from a short distance, which kills the plant along with its roots. The whole thing becomes even more effective if you do the weed during the midday heat, because hot weather and sun promote the action vinegar solution.

Legally, this solution is not a problem, but it is extremely controversial. The home remedy cannot distinguish between weeds and other plants and will attack anything growing in close proximity. This weed killer is also not good for weeds between joints, as it can get into the groundwater during cleaning or rain and degrade its quality. The same is true for other home remedies such as baking soda/baking powder and citric acid.

Destroy weeds naturally tips home remedies

Natural weed killers are the better solution.

If you want to use natural weed killers, you should choose those that destroy the unwanted plant and its roots without harming the other plants and the environment.

When fertilizer helps against weeds

Can fertilizing really get rid of pesky weeds? Yes, if it grows in the lawn. This method works wonderfully if you are struggling with clover in your lawn. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the lawn will suppress clover and other weeds in the lawn so they won’t sprout.

Mulching as an effective natural method against weeds

Mulch and groundcovers are natural weed killers.

If you want to kill weeds in beds in a natural way, you can lay a layer of mulch to smother the unwanted wild plants. To prevent weeds from growing through the mulch, this layer should be at least 10 cm thick. Before mulching should not forget to fertilize the beds.

Ground covers are another good method of natural weed control . A dense plant cover prevents the establishment of weeds, whereby existing wild plants no longer get light to grow and also die over time.

The best natural remedy against weeds is heat!

weed destroy with heat burn

Whether using thermal equipment or hot water, heat is probably the most effective way to remove weeds from joints and more. Weed burners work are available in both electric and gas, and they heat weeds to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat shock causes the plant to die. However, with deep-rooted weeds, the heat may not always reach the roots and they may resprout in a few weeks.

natural weed killer home remedies bubbling water effectively

With boiling water, you’re slightly more likely to kill the plant’s roots because the water penetrates deeper into the soil than the heat from the weed burner.

For this method, you need bubbling boiling water (pasta water or potato water also works well), which you simply pour over the weeds you want to remove. This will destroy the cell structure of the plant and after regular use it will die.

If your pressure washer uses hot water, you can also use it to target the weeds.