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Make lawn fertilizer yourself: how to improve the soil for lawn, kill weeds and make the grass denser

March, about two weeks before scarifying, is the right time to fertilize the lawn . A suitable fertilizer improves the soil and provides the grass with valuable nutrients. There is a wide range of products available in garden centers. However, if you want to do something good for the environment, you can make your own lawn fertilizer. Even mixed biofertilizers can partially or even completely replace fertilizers from the store.

Make your own lawn fertilizer: You can improve the soil with these natural fertilizers

Lawn fertilizer do it yourself instructions and home remedies tea

A homemade natural fertilizer is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral fertilizers. It usually also has excellent soil-improving properties. If you make the lawn fertilizer yourself, then you can adjust its composition to the soil condition and dilute it accordingly to avoid overfertilization or burning.

Fertilize lawn with iron fertilizer: improve the soil and destroy weeds.

Do it yourself lawn fertilizer with weed killer

For now: grass thrives best in soil with a neutral pH. However, this can rise in some circumstances, such as when you water the lawn with tap water that has a high lime content. The lime prevents the plants from absorbing the iron. In this case, it makes sense to provide the grass with iron fertilizer. One such fertilizer is coffee grounds. It contains important nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and is also rich in iron.

Fertilize lawn: Fight moss with coffee grounds

Lawn fertilizer make yourself from coffee

By the way, the iron fertilizer has an additional advantage: it can help in the fight against moss. If you notice moss in the lawn in the spring, then you can make a lawn fertilizer yourself with coffee grounds and spread it evenly over the lawn. Moss can tolerate iron poorly or not at all in large quantities and will die after only a week.

If you aerify the soil, you can work coffee grounds into the soil. If you have a large iron deficiency, you can also sprinkle the coffee grounds directly over the lawn. Otherwise, you can make your own fluxig fertilizer by mixing the coffee grounds with non-calcareous irrigation water in a 1-to-1 ratio and then watering the lawn with the water.

Fertilize lawn: Use ash to improve clay soil

Lawn fertilize with ash tips and instructions

If you are one of the lucky owners of a fireplace, then you should definitely not dispose of the wood ash. Instead, you can use it to fertilize the lawn.

However, wood ash is only suitable as a lawn fertilizer if the soil has a high clay or loam content. Also pay attention to the origin of the wood: this should be absolutely untreated. Wood briquettes, veneers, varnished or oiled wood contain dangerous toxins.

Dilute the wood ash with water and apply a maximum of 50 ml per 1 m² to the soil.

Make lawn fertilizer yourself: Compost as a soil activator

Lawn composting instructions and tips for March

If you plan to sow lawn seeds in spring, compost is a proven fertilizer and natural soil activator. Compost improves the soil and provides it with important nutrients. In this way, grass growth is accelerated. This is especially important for freshly established lawns. A dense carpet of grass gives weeds no chance to spread.

Fertilizing lawns with banana peels

Fertilize lawn with banana peel instructions and tips

Banana peels are rich in potassium and magnesium, but contain very little nitrogen. On their own, therefore, they cannot supply the garden soil with all the nutrients it needs. Therefore, they are mainly used as a supplementary fertilizer. Simply cut the banana peels into small pieces and place them in a clean container. Fill water into the container so that it just covers the peels. Leave the peels in the water overnight. The next morning, you can spread the fertilizer around the garden.

Make your own liquid lawn fertilizer: Kill weeds with tea and nettle liquid manure.

Lawn fertilizing instructions and ideas to do it yourself

You have already sown the new lawn seeds and improved the garden soil with compost? Then you can provide the lawn with liquid fertilizer from April. We explain how you can make a biofertilizer with tea and weed killer from nettle liquid manure itself.

First, boil 1 liter of water, then infuse 5 tea bags for 60 minutes. After an hour, remove the tea bags and pour the still warm water into a clean container. Then chop 100 g of nettle liquid manure and add it to the water. Cover the container and let it steep for a day. Then apply the liquid fertilizer to the lawn.

Fertilize the lawn with lime: When is it necessary to lime?

Weeds are a sure sign of acidic soil. If the pH is in the upper range, then lime can help . Before you lime the lawn, however, you should have the soil tested in a laboratory. Along with the results, you will then get recommendations on what fertilizers to use.  In some cases, liming is recommended in the spring to lower the pH of the soil.