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Make compost accelerator yourself (without chemicals): With these home remedies you can accelerate the rotting process

Autumn is the right time to enrich the compost pile with prunings and green waste. But then, so that the pile is not overflowing and the compost can be distributed in the spring, you should speed up the process. There are several home remedies that will make the compost rot faster. We explain how you can make the compost accelerator yourself.

What is a compost accelerator

Compost faster rotting process accelerate

A compost accelerator is an agent that is added to green and kitchen waste to speed up the decomposition processes . In some cases, it can prove to be a welcome help.

How to make compost rot faster in the summer: In the summer, composting can become a challenge. Worms and garden soil can help the process, but the compost pile also needs “shoot material” to ultimately produce nitrogen-rich compost.

Compost green waste in the fall: Especially in the fall, there is a lot of green waste that needs to be processed somehow. One sustainable option is to chop it up and compost it. But the large amount of green waste decomposes very slowly – in the case of wood, it can take up to two years to decompose completely. You can help it along, though.

Make your own compost accelerator: What are the benefits?

Green waste composting tips for beginners

This is why a compost accelerator is useful:

  • It contains microorganisms that actively participate in the decomposition of green waste.
  • It provides easy-to-process nutrients such as sugars that promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and fungi.
  • A compost accelerator contains nitrogen and promotes the production of nitrogen-rich compost.

In these cases, you should avoid using compost accelerators:

  • If the garden soil contains a lot of nitrogen anyway. You can test the soil condition in a laboratory.
  • If the soil is loose and airy.
  • When you add green waste to already rotted compost.

How to make the compost rot faster

Make your own compost accelerator

To help compost rot faster, these tricks come to the rescue:

  • Stir regularly
  • Better to have several small piles than one large one
  • Balance the different components in the pile: Don’t just mix green waste and kitchen scraps, but regularly add fall leaves, sawdust and even paper.
  • Periodically douse the pile with hot water.
  • Use quick composters – there the pile reaches the necessary temperature much faster, which starts the process.
  • Order worms.

Make compost accelerator yourself: Recipe with beer instead of yeast

Yeast can accelerate the rotting process. But if you do not have dry yeast at home, then you can become beer instead. The next home remedy provides food for bacteria to decompose garden waste. You will need:

  • 4 liters of hot water
  • 1 can of beer (dark)
  • 1 can of cola (with sugar)
  • 100 ml of ammonia water


Solve composting problems

1. first pour the warm water into a bucket (at least 5 liters capacity). The microorganisms that decompose green waste are mostly bacteria and fungi – and they multiply and are active at high humidity and heat.

2. Open the beer can and let it stand at room temperature for 24 hours to allow the carbon dioxide to escape. It is best to buy dark beer. It contains yeast and can accelerate the rotting processes. Fill the beer into the bucket

3. proceed similarly with the can of cola – leave it open at room temperature for 24 hours to allow the carbon dioxide to escape. Shake the cola into the bucket as well.

4. then pour the ammonia water into the container and stir well.

5. shake the compost accelerator into the composter. Add about 2 – 3 full scoops of garden soil. There are millions of beneficial microorganisms in the garden soil that can also accelerate decomposition.

6. Now you need to stir the pile daily.

Home remedies with dry yeast and molasses (sugar syrup) for the quick composter.

Promote quick composter for balcony composting

Kitchen waste decomposes much faster in the quick composter. You can encourage the process with the next home remedy.


  • Add one kitchen waste
  • 50 ml molasses
  • 18 liter bucket
  • warm water
  • 2 shovels of garden soil


1.First, add the garden soil to the bucket. Place the bucket in a sunny spot in the garden.

Add the dry yeast and molasses. 3.

3. fill the bucket almost to the brim with warm water.

4. let the compost accelerator sit for two days.

5. Pour it into the speed composter, mix the waste and close the lid.

Accelerate composting: Common problems and possible solutions

After the compost accelerator is added, the decomposition process should speed up. But if it still surprisingly fails to compost, it could be because:

  • You didn’t chop the green waste. The smaller the pieces, the faster they will rot.
  • You are stirring the pile too often / too infrequently. Wait until the temperature in the pile reaches 70 degrees Celsius. Then you can stir the compost pile.
  • If the pile smells bad, then add the paper and autumn leaves to balance the materials in the composter.
  • If the temperature in the pile does not increase, then you can still add green waste.