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Low-maintenance grave planting for the winter – ideas for seasonal or permanent design.

Summer is finally over and the last late summer flowers hang their heads now at the latest. Time therefore for a new planting of the grave to make it beautiful for the coming cold months. A grave planting that is winter-hardy and easy to care for is of course in demand. But which flowers and plants possess these qualities and are suitable? We would like to make a few suggestions for a low-maintenance grave planting for the winter, which beautifies the grave already from autumn.

Winter hardy grave planting – Permanent or seasonal?

Low-maintenance grave planting for the winter - flowers and evergreen woody plants

Two planting methods are suitable for grave design : you can either choose plants that you plant once and then stay in place permanently. Or, you can opt for seasonal flowers and plants that you change over and over again (called alternate planting). Of course, this depends mostly on how much time you can invest in maintenance. Some people also like a combination of both. For example, you can choose woody plants and perennials that will stay for the edges, while planting some areas with temporary specimens.

Low-maintenance grave planting for the winter with heathers in green or color

Either way, the advantage this season is that you only need to water when necessary, that is, once prolonged dry spells occur. But otherwise, nature provides just the right conditions in the fall and winter through rainfall or thawing snow to bring flowers and green plants through on their own.

What specimens can you choose now in the fall for winter planting?

Winter hardy perennial flowers for the grave that are easy to care for

There are numerous plants to choose from for low-maintenance grave planting for winter, and you should pay particular attention to light conditions. If you have a shady location, not only shade-loving plants are recommended. If you choose them bright in addition, then you will also make the grave visually more friendly and less dreary.

Very popular are plants are:

  • Broom heather – winter-hardy, depending on the variety.
  • Christmas rose – blooms in winter
  • Eucalyptus – conditionally hardy depending on variety and climate
  • Daisy – biennial; very hardy
  • Bell heather – blooms into winter, but is not hardy
  • Heuchera (purple bellflower) – winter-hardy; foliage decorations until the end of winter; flowers in late spring to summer
  • Horn violets – blooms from fall ; very winter hardy
  • Budding heathers – are hardy, but can dry out during long dry spells; so brown plants in spring are not frostbitten, but dried out
  • Mock berries
  • Snow heather – hardy; very popular on the grave, especially for Christmas
  • Silverleaf – conditionally hardy (covered with foliage)
  • Silver basket – conditionally winter-hardy (covered with foliage)
  • Pansies – especially garden pansies; hardy, but flowers are not very rain tolerant
  • Forget-me-not – very hardy, as native and biennial
  • Winter heather – very frost hardy

Pansies, horned violets, daisies or forget-me-nots planted in autumn, for example, decorate the grave in winter after the flowering period “only” with their green leaves, but already early in spring with colorful flowers and without much care.

Cyclamen is not hardy. It will delight you with flowers until November, but will not make it through the winter.

Roses are popular for grave design and easy to care for

For permanent winter planting for the grave are suitable, for example:

  • Blue fescue
  • Ivy
  • Thicket
  • Evergreen
  • Roses
  • Sedges (and other ornamental grasses)
  • Spindle bush
  • Waldsteinia (golden strawberry)
  • Dwarf medlar
  • Dwarf conifer

Low-maintenance grave planting for the winter – Here’s how you can design

Easy care grave planting for the winter - beautiful patterns and color combinations already in autumn

Ivy, muehlenbeckia, star moss, dwarf loquat or other ground-covering species, among others, are very popular for grave borders. They add texture and structure to the grave space and provide a nice setting for colorful flowers or plants with beautiful foliage. You can decide how much area to leave free in the center for alternate plantings.

In autumn, before the first frost, prepare the winter planting

You then plant this area according to any system you choose. For example, you can create several groups of different plants or the same plants. Or design color stripes. The circle shape is also very popular. Decide on a particular color (gladly in different shades) or combine colors motley.

Before you decide on a composition, it is advisable to place the purchased plants together with the pot on the grave. This will give you an overview and you can change the colors or try other patterns. Only then plant everything.

Low-maintenance grave planting for the winter with flowering Christmas roses

Note: You can plant colored flowers in the fall, but they will only provide splashes of color for a while and will soon fade. Therefore, in the winter, planting evergreens for a decorative greenery is a better choice to keep the grave looking neat during the cold months. The only way to get splashes of color in winter through flowers are Christmas roses , which come in white to purple. They easily withstand frost and produce blooms in winter. Alternatively, floral arrangements and/or dried flowers can be used for color on the grave site.

Choose wintergreen plants that bloom again early in the spring