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Lawn Care: With these tips to the perfect lawn

The dream of every amateur gardener: the lawn is lush green, beautifully maintained and virtually free of moss and weeds – literally a real feast for the eyes. Regular mowing is essential for a healthy lawn. Especially with regard to an attractive appearance, because too long blades of grass quickly make the area look unkempt. Moss and weeds also spread quite quickly as a consequence. The recurring use of the lawn mower contributes to the fact that the grasses branch out over time. As a result, the entire lawn soon appears beautifully dense and at the same time becomes increasingly robust. A real advantage when it comes to preventing the emergence or spread of weeds, moss and co. We explain how to care for your lawn, support its growth and give tips on mowing the lawn.

Lawn care: You can’t do without a lawn mower

Front garden with lawn and driveway and garden path and box trees

The lawn should be mowed between March and October. It is sufficient to use the lawn mower about once a week. Experience has shown that in the peak growth phase in early summer – around May and June – the lawn needs to be mowed comparatively frequently. Basically, however, this depends on the type of lawn and the seed used. When selecting a lawn mower, you should first consider whether you have many long, weed-free areas – in this case, a lawn mower with a wide cutting surface is ideal. In the case of uneven areas with many plants, you should opt for a small cutting surface. A robotic mower or a battery-powered lawn mower, for example from Fuxtec, can also make the job particularly easy here.

Maintaining the lawn: Support the growth

lawn short mowing and planting trees garden maintenance in the spring

Many amateur gardeners spread fertilizer on the lawn after the last mowing before the winter break. This ensures an optimal supply of nutrients even in the cold season. Moreover, such a measure protects the lawn from excessive weed growth. After all, the more vigorous and stronger the greenery is, the better it is equipped against weeds of various kinds.

Watering lawn useful tips for maintenance and pruning

Fertilizing is also a good idea at the beginning of each year to prepare the lawn optimally for the upcoming garden year. Liquid fertilizer, which is evenly distributed, can penetrate deeper into the soil than dry fertilizer and is therefore characterized by an even more targeted mode of action.

Mowing the lawn in the garden year

Maintain lawn garden in summer with lawn and climbing plants and pergola

At normal temperatures, you can mow in the morning or at noon, as well as in the evening, if necessary. In midsummer, however, the lawn mower should be brought out either early in the morning or late in the evening. This is because if it is too hot or too dry, mowing the lawn will cause considerable “stress” to the green area. In addition, it is conceivable that the soil dries out more quickly after mowing, and especially the small, still delicate blades of grass could dry out.

The blades of grass should not be longer

Mowing lawn and landscaping front garden with lawn and hedge plants and trees

Set your lawn mower to cut about four to five inches. Especially in low-shade areas, too short a length setting is harmful to the greenery. Lawns that tend to be in the shade, on the other hand, are welcome to have a grass blade length of up to six centimeters. The shorter the grass blades, the higher the risk of delaying the sprouting of new grass blades. Bare patches could result, where moss and weeds can quickly establish themselves. If you’re not quite sure what the ideal blade length is, you can use the following rule of thumb: Cut the grass by only one-third of its current growing height.

Maintain lawn tips for amateur gardeners

After moving into a new home or after returning from vacation, the blades of grass are sometimes disproportionately long. In this case, it is advisable not to radically cut back the blades in one cut. It is much gentler to shorten tall grass in pieces. Even if it takes several days – give the green time to regenerate by gently shortening it to the desired length.