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Hydrangea gets green flowers and loses color: what should you do if the flower is no longer white or blue?

It is one of the most popular perennial flowers for the balcony and the garden: hydrangea. But if suddenly the flower gets green blossoms and loses its actually beautiful blue, pink or white color, then the amateur gardener wonders: What could it be? How do I get my flowers blue / pink again? My hydrangea gets green flowers, but why do hydrangeas actually change color? We explain the most common causes of green flowers and what you can do about it.

Hydrangea gets green flowers and loses color: what is the reason and what can you do?

Why hydrangea flowers turn green

With their gorgeous white, blue, pink to purple blooms, hydrangeas are a real eye-catcher in the garden. But if the flowers suddenly turn green or if the hydrangeas bloom again in green, then the question arises: what to do? A sudden change in the color of the flowers can be due to incorrect soil conditions, unfavorable light conditions, air and soil moisture and natural processes such as fading. But there are also varieties that bloom green. We now list the most common reasons for a color change.

why hydrangea color changes acidic soil

Why does the hydrangea change color? The pH of the soil can cause discoloration

Hydrangeas prefer a slightly acidic soil. Its pH can directly affect the color of the flowers. For example, pink hydrangeas can suddenly form blue flowers and vice versa – blue hydrangeas bloom pink. White-flowered varieties, on the contrary, do not have the ability to change their flower colors.

Blue hydrangea gets green flowers: aluminum salt deficiency.

blue hydrangea turns green causes what to do

One possible reason your hydrangea, which is actually blue, has green blooms could be that the aluminum salt content in the soil is too low. Especially with potted plants, the mineral may be washed out with the water used for watering. You can find the alum at garden centers. Follow the directions on the package and add the mineral to the irrigation water, stirring constantly. After it dissolves completely, then you can water the flower with it. As for the watering water: use either decalcified tap water or rainwater.

Blue hydrangea “Endless Summer” has green flowers: change in lighting conditions as a possible cause.

blue hydrangea gets green flowers

Lighting conditions that change over the course of the gardening season can also have a negative effect on flower formation. If other nearby woody plants suddenly lose their leaves and the hydrangea is no longer in partial shade, but in full sun, or if you move the container plant to a new location, then it can form predominantly green flowers. The reason for this is quite simple: green flowers can better capture and store sunlight. Especially in midsummer and late summer, the sunlight is particularly strong. If the flowers are then exposed to direct sunlight for 6 hours a day, then the flowers can turn green.

Farmer hydrangea gets green flowers: drought and heat

By the way, prolonged periods of heat can also adversely affect the formation of flowers. Never let the soil dry up – hydrangeas need moisture, otherwise they will quickly wither. When the flowers wither, they gradually lose their color and then turn green. So it could be that the flowers wither too quickly because the hydrangea wants to save resources . Regular abundant watering can prevent early fading.

Pink or white hydrangea Annabelle has green flowers: wrong fertilizing

white hydrangea Annabelle turns green

Special case hydrangea Annabelle: this variety blooms in white, pink and green. There are plants that are grown just like that and form only green flowers. But if your flower suddenly gets only green flowers in the course of the garden season, then it may be due to the condition of the soil. Fertilize the hydrangea after the end of the garden season with cow manure or slow-release fertilizer for plants that prefer acidic soil. Such are, for example, the azaleas and alpine roses (rhododendron).

How do hydrangeas get their color back? Care measures

white hydrangea gets green flowers

For now: green flowers are not a cause for concern. The young flowers are green, then change color to the appropriate color (pink, white, etc.) and then turn green again as they wither. The good news is that with proper care measures, you can get your hydrangeas blue / pink / white again.

What to do when hydrangeas turn green: Can cutting off the blooms help?

Hydrangea Endless Summer gets green flowers and loses color

Fertilizing, watering and transplanting are measures that can have a positive or negative effect on the flowers in the long term. But is there anything one can do with which he can now get the hydrangeas back to blue, pink or white? Perhaps cutting off the green flowers to encourage blooming?

Cutting off the green flowers can encourage flower formation and is recommended when the old flowers are wilting. However, if the green flowers are not wilted, then you can leave them.

How do I get my hydrangeas blue/pink again?

1. send a soil sample for testing. You will also get fertilizer recommendations from the lab with the results.

pink hydrangeas lose color tips

2. never let the soil dry out. Water copiously each time.

3. if the hydrangea is too bright, you can shade it with an old curtain.