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Good neighbors for strawberries: These flowers, herbs and vegetable plants in the strawberry patch will ensure a bountiful harvest

Want to learn more about the best companion plants for strawberries so you can get the most out of your strawberry crop this summer? We’ll be happy to help you out. After all, there’s nothing like the taste of a strawberry you picked yourself, eating it just minutes after picking while it’s still warm from the sun. Not to mention the numerous recipes that can be prepared with the juicy berries. In theory, growing strawberries is quite simple: plant the young plants in the ground, water them well and you will have a bountiful harvest in the summer. But there are some tips and tricks that will ensure that nothing goes wrong. And one of them is the selection of suitable neighbors for strawberries. Read more about the companion plants that deserve their place in the strawberry patch in today’s article.

what suits strawberries in bed

When you see photos of strawberries in pots or in a strawberry patch, the fruit always looks perfect and the plants themselves lush and vigorous. However, the reality doesn’t always look that way, as there are a number of diseases and pests that can attack strawberries just when you think they’re about to peak. If your harvest has not been so successful in the past, there is no need to despair. The solution may be quite simple: you just need to rethink what you plant next to it, because with strawberries, a good companion planting is especially beneficial.

Why companion planting is important when growing strawberries.

Ripe and unripe strawberries in the bed

In the past, strawberries were usually grown as single plants in long, straight rows. However, modern research shows that this often invites attacks from pests and diseases. If you instead grow strawberries with the appropriate companion plants , a complex, natural ecosystem can develop in your garden in which each plant receives signals and benefits from the plants around it.

What suits strawberry plants in the garden good and bad neighbors

While it is true that conventional strawberry rows make harvesting the fruit somewhat easier, this is outweighed by all the problems associated with such a monoculture – for example, the depletion of nutrients in the soil by the intensive cultivation of a single plant and the ease with which pests find their target when it is planted en masse. Diseases also spread much faster when they can easily jump from one plant to the next.

So instead of a pure strawberry monoculture, it is better to aim for a mixed culture. In the case of strawberries, this is quite simple, because there is a whole range of plants that get along well with them.

What can you plant next to strawberries?

What to plant next to strawberries - ideas for good neighbors

If you’ve ever been disappointed when growing strawberries, don’t worry – the best companion plants for strawberries will save the day and make sure you get a really good crop of delicious fruit next time.

Grow vegetables and strawberries as a mixed crop

What vegetable plants get along with strawberries

If you prefer to keep strawberries in a vegetable patch, carefully choose the vegetables you grow along with the strawberry plants so that both plants benefit from the same space.

Green leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach are good neighbors for strawberries. Bush beans and sweet peas are also a good fit, as they grow vertically and do not get in the way of the growing berries. Some of the best options for mixed cropping include onions and garlic, as they discourage pests. You can also plant chives or shallots, which similarly help deter pests from eating your carefully grown strawberries. You can also plant strawberries and cucumbers together, as long as you use trellises for the cucumber plants.

Planting strawberries and onions together good neighbors

The following vegetables are good for mixed cropping with strawberries:

  • Garlic – its pungent odor repels pests.
  • Asparagus – maximizes nutrient yields.
  • Lettuce – provides good ground cover
  • Rhubarb – serves well as ground cover
  • Bush beans – fix nitrogen in the soil
  • Onions – keep pests away
  • Peas – improve soil nutrient content
  • Radishes – loosen the soil
  • Beets – loosen the soil
  • Spinach – good ground cover
  • Chives – attract beneficial insects and deter pests.

These herbs are good neighbors for strawberries

Grow strawberries as a mixed culture in the vegetable patch tips

Strawberries and herbs make ideal planting partners. For example, you can plant strawberries and basil together, but dill, chamomile and lemon balm also have an invigorating effect on strawberry plants. So why not create an herb garden and then plant some strawberry plants in it?

planting herbs and strawberries together borage

Borage, in particular, is a long-established and highly valued companion plant for strawberries. The herb’s deep blue flowers attract pollinating insects, which in turn attract insects that pounce on them, such as predatory wasps. The predatory wasps eat insects that can damage strawberry plants.

Borage also adds trace elements to the soil that promote strawberry growth. Some people even claim that borage improves the taste of the fruit.

Basil and strawberries can be planted together

Here are the best herbs listed as companion plants to strawberries, with their effects in the strawberry bed or container:

  • Sage – deters pests and attracts pollinators.
  • Basil – attracts pollinators
  • Borage – attracts beneficial insects
  • Rosemary – repels harmful insects
  • Lupines – have a repellent effect on pests
  • Yarrow – promotes yield
  • Catmint – repels aphids and caterpillars
  • Thyme – keeps pests away
  • Coriander – keeps pests away
  • Dill – protects against pest infestation
  • Mint – improves the taste of fruits
  • Caraway – attracts parasitic wasps that feed on strawberry pests.

Flowers as good neighbors for strawberries

What flowers are good neighbors for strawberries marigold

Many flowering plants make excellent companion plants for strawberries. And because strawberry plants are so attractive, they can even be freed from the raised bed and planted in a mixed flower bed in the main part of the garden.

Violets are good neighbors for strawberries on the balcony

Some flowers, such as colorful violets, not only look visually beautiful in the strawberry bed, but can make the aroma and flavor of the fruit even more intense. If you grow strawberries on the balcony , you can plant pretty pansies next to them. So not only the flower box will look more beautiful, but the picked strawberries will taste better.

If you are looking for companion planting, these flowers go well with strawberries:

  • Marigolds – attract pollinators and keep pests away.
  • Nasturtiums – attract pollinators.
  • Lavender – improves the taste of strawberries
  • Violets – have an aroma enhancing effect
  • White clover – helps control weeds in strawberry beds.

Recognize and avoid bad neighbors

Strawberry flowers and fruits form

If you are not well informed, you may put unfavorable planting partners next to strawberries. Plants that are not suitable for mixed cultivation with strawberries can spoil the whole strawberry crop. The wrong combination in the bed can attract pests and favor various soil fungi. So what plants should not be next to strawberries in the bed?

bad neighbors for strawberries in the garden plants to avoid

Vegetable plants: If you want to grow a mixed crop of berries and vegetables, keep in mind that strawberries and potatoes are not good neighbors. The same applies to field beans and all types of cabbage. You should avoid combining these crops in the garden, as it can have a negative impact on plant growth and yields.

Flowers: Bulbous flowers such as tulips and gladioli also have no place in the strawberry bed and should not be planted next to the strawberry plants.

As a general rule, you should also avoid any plant as a neighbor that will cast shade on the strawberries. This excludes various tall growing flowers, vegetable plants, shrubs and grasses. Visually, roses, for example, seem like good planting partners, but the impact of these flowers on strawberries is predominantly negative.