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Geraniums from when outdoors: From how many degrees are geraniums allowed on the balcony and terrace?

Geraniums are among the most beautiful semishrubs for the terrace and balcony. Pelargoniums have successfully crept into the hearts of amateur gardeners, but they are not native. The wild plants are widespread, especially in South Africa, and some varieties come from Australia. As a result, these perennial bloomers are not frost hardy and must spend the fall and winter months in winter quarters. When spring comes and the weather gets warmer again, many hobby gardeners ask themselves: When should geraniums be put outside? We explain from how many degrees and in what weather the flowers may be on the balcony or terrace and in the flower bed.

Geraniums, from when to plant outdoors: tips for the potted plants

Geraniums planting balcony important condition frost-free

There are many varieties of geraniums to choose from in garden centers. However, most of them are not winter-hardy and have to go into winter quarters from October. An unheated room proves to be optimal, the room temperatures should be between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius. During the winter months, fertilizing should be stopped and watering should be done only as needed. Especially in the spring, perennials are very sensitive to frost and a change in location. Therefore, you should follow some basic rules.

Geraniums on the balcony care tips

The container plants are cut back in the spring. The best time for this is February – March. If you missed it, then you can also thin out the geraniums a little in early April. In this case, only the shoots that the plant has formed during the winter months are cut off close to the ground. This will encourage new sprouting and flower formation. The plants then need several weeks to recover from pruning. During this period, in any case, do not change the location.

From how many degrees can you bring out the geraniums?

Planting geraniums in tubs useful tips

Especially potted plants are often very sensitive to frost. Therefore, you should bring out the geraniums only when the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius. The perfect time is in May, after the Ice Saints.

Even if the weather is warm in April, you should not put the geraniums outside. Night frosts the plants can not tolerate well.

Harden off the tub plants first and then bring them outdoors

Planting geraniums in containers and watering them properly

Before you put the potted plants back on the balcony or terrace, you should harden them off. Air the room for two to three hours. The next day, bring the plants outdoors in the morning and leave them there for 2-3 hours. On the third day, the flowers can go outdoors. The right location for this is crucial. Choose a place in partial shade to shade and, above all, protected from the wind.

Geraniums, from when to plant in the garden.

Planting geraniums for pot garden instructions and ideas.

Young plants are also very sensitive to frost. In garden centers sell pre-sprouted flowers – they were propagated in a greenhouse and need to get used to. Choose a location protected from the wind and then plant them. If you want to plant a variety of scented geraniums in the garden, then it is worth propagating the plant yourself. This is done through cuttings. Plant the young plants outdoors only at 16 – 17 degrees. Outdoor geraniums can spend the winter outside, if you protect them from frost with a layer of leaves. From March – April you can uncover them.

Care after planting outdoors

Planting geraniums in containers tips and instructions

Provide geraniums with slow-release fertilizer to encourage their growth. The plants also need sufficient nutrients for root development. Water the geraniums with decalcified tap water or rainwater. If necessary, you can cut off withered leaves and flowers.