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Gardening in January: what are the important tasks according to the lunar calendar 2023?

January is traditionally one of the coldest winter months. But even in the middle of winter there are tasks that need to be done outdoors. What gardening work is due in January and what, according to the lunar calendar, are particularly favorable dates for it, we explain in the article.

Gardening in January: flowers and flowering shrubs in the ornamental garden

Gardening in January according to lunar calendar 2023

There is a lot to do in the ornamental garden even when temperatures are low.  For flowers, flowering woody plants and other flowering plants, as well as herbaceous plants: the right time for winter care is on January 16 and 17, and then again on January 23 – 25. The following gardening tasks are coming up:

  • Remove fallen leaves and weeds in the flower bed.
  • Sow cold seedlings such as Christmas rose, peony, cowslip, cyclamen or monkshood.
  • Also the right time to clean flower pots and prepare the greenhouse for spring.
  • Check the tubers of dahlias and begonias that you store in the greenhouse for mold.
  • Some flowering woody plants tend to proliferate heavily during the winter months through runners. To prevent this, remove runners in January.
  • Plant roses, ornamental shrubs and hedges, and ornamental trees (as long as the ground is not frozen).
  • Purchase and plant flowering snowdrops.
  • Rejuvenate forsythia with a maintenance pruning.
  • Remove blooms from pansies.
  • Aerify the lawn and incorporate humus as needed. The appropriate time to do this is January 6 and 7.
  • Remove weeds on January 12 and 20.

The kitchen garden in January according to the 2023 lunar calendar.

Vegetable garden in January care tips

Numerous gardening tasks must also be done in the kitchen garden in January. Woody plants may be cut only between January and March. The garden soil must be improved or loosened. Numerous vegetables are preplanted on the windowsill or sown outdoors in January.

  • Dig up, loosen and aerate the vegetable bed. Improve if necessary dürch green manure . The right time according to the lunar calendar is between 21 and 23 January.
  • Chop up the Christmas tree and use it as mulch. The most favorable time is on January 1 and 2.

Proper care of fruit-bearing trees in winter

Gardening in January what to do according to lunar calendar

Fruit-bearing woody plants and other fruiting plants also need regular care. The most favorable periods are between January 9 and 12 and then on January 28-29. The following gardening tasks are due:

  • Give stone fruit such as apple, pear or quince a nurturing pruning. It is best to do this between January 19 and 21, or then at the end of the month (weather permitting, of course). The fruit trees are pruned in a pyramid shape. Remove mainly old branches that already bear little or no fruit, as well as dead wood.
  • Currants and gooseberries are propagated in January. For this purpose, cut off rods and put them in pots with growing soil with a high content of sand.
  • Protect the peach trees from frost with fleece.
  • Take care of strawberries – cut off old and diseased parts of the plant. If the root balls are pushed up and visible, push them back down and cover with soil.

Vegetables in January: necessary gardening according to the lunar calendar.

Vegetable gardening in January leafy plants and salads

The same periods apply to most vegetables as to fruiting plants. However, you can also preplant and care for vegetables on January 9-12. These gardening tasks are coming up:

  • Advance rhubarb.
  • Create planting plan for the vegetable patch. In the process, follow the crop rotation in the garden. Only in this way a rich harvest is then pre-programmed. As a rule, you should alternate strong, medium and weak crops. In the first year, plant the strong eaters, in the second – the medium eaters, and in the third follow the weak eaters. After that, green manure is grown.
  • Sowing spinach: when the soil dries in the middle / end of January is the right time to sow spinach.
  • Sow cress in late January and harvest in early February: Cress grows so fast and is so frost tolerant that you can grow it as early as late January. Harvesting begins after just one week. To extend the harvest time and always have fresh cress on the table, you can sow seeds once a week from the end of January.
  • Protect leafy plants such as lettuces and cabbage from pigeons by using bird netting.
  • Fertilize cabbage varieties that are ready to harvest in the spring with nitrogen fertilizer.

Gardening in January: what’s to do in the greenhouse?

  • Grow root vegetables such as potatoes or carrots on January 11-12 and gather and preserve them on January 28-29.
  • Move camellias in pots from the greenhouse to, preferably, an unheated room. This will encourage flower formation. It is best to do this between January 16 and 17.
  • Propagate amaryllis and place in a sunny spot in the greenhouse. Best done again on January 16 or 17 or 23.
  • Propagate phlox and anemones by cuttings. January 24 and 25 are good times to do this.
  • Repot moth orchids after the flowering period is over , when the roots have grown through the container. This can be done from 12 to 15 January.
  • On sunny days, ventilate the greenhouse to prevent mold growth.

Gardening in January, at least compared to the peak season, is much less. But if you put a little more effort now and do the most important tasks, you will later enjoy a splendor of flowers and abundant harvest.