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Garden Calendar 2023: The gardening for each month in the kitchen garden & ornamental garden (+ overview to print).

Every amateur gardener can certainly hardly wait to finally spend a lot of time in the garden again, enjoy the growing plants and harvest delicious fruits. But already from now on there is so much to do before it even happens. Do you too not quite know where to start and fear forgetting something important with all the variety? A calendar and planner, in which everything is clearly listed, proves to be very useful. We’ve created just that for you: a 2023 garden calendar that will make planning a snap!

The garden from winter to the beginning of spring

Gardening calendar 2023 - tips for gardening in each season by month with overview

Many neglect the garden during the winter season, because they think there is nothing to do, because finally everything is resting. And it is true that the work is now more sparse, but a few tasks are still due from January. Here’s what’s coming up in the first quarter of the year:

Garden Calendar 2023: Care and preparation in January

Proper garden maintenance in January - sowing cold seedlings and clearing snow

You can prune the dormant fruit trees as needed this month if there is a thaw. Also, if you have decided to remove a tree or two, you can cut them now. Also, check the plants for diseases and treat them. So, with regard to the ornamental gardens, maintenance measures are more on the agenda.

Cut down trees in January and treat diseases

For the outdoor kitchen garden, it is definitely still too early. The exception is cold seedlings, which need the cold to germinate. In addition, you can already bring forward the first vegetable varieties. A list of suitable varieties can be found in this article .

Which cold germinators are suitable for sowing in January, you can read here .

What to do in February?

Garden calendar 2023 - In February, the majority of vegetable plants are brought forward

In this month you can already become more active outside. The first preparations for the vegetable patch are coming up and this even includes the first vegetables that can be sown directly into the open ground. Think also about the potatoes! These must pre-sprout in time if you want to harvest early potatoes .

Regarding the ornamental part in your garden, pruning is the main thing to do: Shrubs that bloom in the summer, as well as ornamental grasses, you should trim now. To keep your plants well fed throughout the season, don’t neglect the compost either. Sift it for a finer texture. For more tasks, see the 2023 garden calendar.

The garden in March

Pre-plant last vegetables in March and take care of strawberries

For many, March marks the beginning of the gardening season, which is why the outdoors is so often neglected in the months leading up to it. And in fact, it is also considered the official start and the tasks often now. Sowing cold-tolerant lettuces, while tomatoes can now be brought forward. You also need to take care of the strawberries, berry bushes and herbs. In the ornamental garden, pruning and maintenance cuts continue to be on the agenda.

Garden calendar 2023 - how to take care of the garden in January, February and March

Garden calendar 2023 until summer

The kitchen garden in particular requires increased attention at the beginning of this phase. It is diligently sown and fertilized. What else?

Last cleaning work in April

Garden calendar 2023 - Prick out tomatoes and sow cold-tolerant vegetables in April

Some spring flowering plants have finished their season, so you can thin them out. Otherwise, now is the time to fertilize fruit trees and put the potatoes in the beds. Your tomato plantlets on the windowsill are now pricked out . For what else is coming up for April, check out the 2023 Garden Calendar.

In May, the seedlings can go outside

Plant out pre-pulled plants in the bed in May

You can now slowly acclimate your pre-picked plantlets to outdoor conditions by leaving them outside for a few hours during the day. Before these plants, as well as the seeds for other varieties, can soon go into the bed, you need to loosen it well once again. You can fill bare spots in the flower bed or other areas with new plants at the end of the month.

In June, when everything is growing and thriving…

In June, prepare yak from stinging nettles to protect against pests

…among other things, the tomato plants get a little more attention. Furthermore, you can start plant protection and this includes prevention and control of pests. Yukes prove to be perfect for this and can be easily prepared yourself, for example, with nettles. If you have sown a new lawn, you will probably have to mow it for the first time.

Garden calendar 2023 for April, May and June with all tasks

By the way, how to sprout tomatoes, you can learn here .

Garden calendar 2023: These gardening tasks are due in the middle of summer

After the pre-care and sowing of most plants, the main care and harvest now follows. What there is still to do this quarter, we summarize below and in the garden calendar 2023:

July brings heat and increased maintenance

In summer and July take care of berry bushes and herbs

The peak season for most plants also brings more work. Harvesting is already underway from July, while other plants are being seeded now. Still others continue to need your attention in terms of care and that especially means adequate watering in the summer heat. Herbs and berry bushes also require your attention. Furthermore, pruning, propagation, and fertilizing.

Garden Calendar 2023: What gardening is typical in August

Garden calendar 2023 - Fertilize hydrangeas in August

Some lettuce plants, as well as flowers, can be planted or sown last minute this month. Also, don’t forget the hydrangeas in your tasks that have so wonderfully delighted you with their blooming. They need one last boost of nutrients before summer comes to an end.

A late summer full of enjoyment – September

September and late summer is ideal for seeding lawn in bare spots

While the harvest continues, some plants are already coming to rest or dying. The first preparations also begin for the fall and winter, but also for next year’s new season. For example, you sow new lawn or put bulbs of spring flowers. Now is also a good time to replant evergreens, if you wish. For other important items, see the September garden calendar.

If you have nest boxes out, clean them now. Now is also a good time to build a hiding place for hedgehogs for the winter (still possible until November). Otherwise, we’ve clearly summarized everything in the 2023 Garden Calendar.

Garden calendar 2023 - overview for July, August, and September

Don’t forget to prevent the frost moth .

Garden Calendar 2023: The garden in autumn and early winter

That just leaves the last quarter of the year, which includes fall and early winter. While there is still so much to do in the fall, gardening becomes sparse by about the end of November, but this does not mean that nothing needs to be done at all.

The garden in the golden October

Garden calendar 2023 - Put bulbs in the beds in October

You will be especially active in the kitchen garden, because it will be diligently harvested, while most of the useful plants, whose season is over, will be disposed of. Even now there is still plenty of time to get spring flower bulbs into the beds. Another major task is lawn care, and a plant or two can also be planted now.

Learn more about gardening in October here .

The season comes to an end in November

Thinning out shrubs in November and preparing beds for the new season

Now the main thing is to provide proper winter protection, where it is necessary. Especially young plants are not yet prepared for the cold winter and need such protection in the first year. Some shrubs also get a shaping and maintenance pruning (thinning) now, and you’ll need to continue cleaning the beds once you’re done with the harvest.

December – What to do for the end of autumn and the beginning of winter?

Garden Calendar 2023 - Young plants need frost protection no later than December.

If you have not yet laid out winter protection, it is high time now at the latest! Otherwise, the only thing left to do is to prepare the beds for the coming season, in case you did not manage to do so in November. So that your shrubs do not break due to heavy snow, they also need protection in this regard, while evergreen plants should be protected from the winter sun.

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