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Fast-growing vegetables for the impatient – These beginner-friendly vegetables have a short ripening time

If you do not want to wait long for the first harvest, it is best to choose fast-growing vegetables. In fact, there are a number that are ready to harvest in less than 60 days (not including germination time), thus satisfying even the most impatient amateur gardener. Although the greatest pleasure is to see a plant grow from a seed, of course, you can also save this time or combine the slower-growing varieties with a few faster ones. This guarantees fresh fruits even in that period when some others still need time to grow. We have compiled a list for fast growing vegetables from which you can choose the best for you.

What vegetables grow quickly – leafy vegetables

Dandelion is a fast growing vegetable and healthy

Leaf lettuces are undoubtedly one of the sprinters among the fast vegetables and, what’s more, they are easy to care for . In addition, the choice here is also quite large and you can combine the most diverse varieties. These include, for example:

Planting spinach in the garden

Plant spinach in the bed in cool seasons

Spinach (like most leafy vegetables) is not only fast-growing, but also frost-resistant. So it can be sown already or even when the nights are frosty. Cool soil temperatures promote germination and so you can choose to sow spinach in spring or fall. Once the seeds have germinated, the plantlets will take about 28 days before you can harvest the first leaves.

Fast growing vegetable – The aromatic arugula.

Quick and easy vegetables to grow with arugula

The leaves are known for their particularly spicy aroma and are not for everyone. However, if you are one of the admirers of this leafy vegetable , you should not forget it at all when you compile your list for fast growing vegetables. Baby arugula, the leaves that are still small, are ready to harvest after only 28 days. Leaves that you don’t harvest right away, just let them grow to their normal size and then enjoy them. The difference is only in the spiciness, which is not yet quite as pronounced in the young arugula leaves. Sowing leafy vegetables, like spinach, can be done as early as cool temperatures.

Other leafy vegetables for quick harvest

Grow fast growing vegetables - chard with edible leaves and stems

  • leaf lettuce (4 weeks); up to 3-4 harvests possible
  • Dandelion (baby leaves – 40 days; adult – 52 days); always harvest outer leaves; red-stemmed varieties are recommended
  • Chard (baby – 30 days; adult leaves – 55 days), stems are also edible
  • Sorrel can be harvested as soon as 5 leaves have grown; pick individual leaves at a time, never all at once, so the plant can continue to grow

Turnip is a fast growing vegetable

Beets for the garden - root vegetables ripen in a short time

Beets are very nutritious and always a wonderful idea if you want to grow your own vegetables in the garden. If you are in a hurry on top of that, you will also make a good decision with the root vegetable. But not only the underground part is edible, but also the leaves on the surface. Depending on whether you choose baby turnip varieties or the normal ones, you can harvest them after just 40 to 55 days.

Grow radishes and harvest them at top speed

Fast growing vegetables - grow radishes for short ripening time

Perhaps it will not surprise you that the delicious radishes also do not need much time to ripen. They reach their full size after 28 days at the latest. We would recommend that instead of the classic variety, which you would also find in any store, you try more unusual varieties. For example, the French breakfast radishes would be a possibility. They have an elongated shape and are pink with a white tip. You can continue harvesting them throughout the summer by sowing new ones over and over again. This way you can also harvest the smaller and younger radishes that are not yet as sharp as the older ones.

Green beans are healthy and easy to care for.

Green beans are delicious vegetables suitable for beginners

You can also get fast-growing vegetables with bush beans, especially if you go for early-growing varieties, as they ripen faster than regular beans, which need a climbing aid to boot. And their installation also takes time (which, in fact, you want to save). If you plant the beans at the end of the season, be sure to leave enough frost-free days until maturity, as this is a fast-growing vegetable that does not tolerate frost.

Sowing mini broccoli for beginners

Broccolini has stems and tastes like asparagus

If you love broccoli, you will just adore mini broccoli as a fast growing vegetable! The cabbage is also called broccolini and has a sweet, delicate flavor reminiscent of asparagus. Each floret grows on a stalk, which you can harvest whole. You will get the first florets after only 30 days, and regular harvesting will also encourage the growth of new shoots. Keep in mind, however, that hot weather slows down shoot formation and reduces sweetness.

What vegetables to plant – kale for growing in the garden.

Fast growing vegetables for the balcony - kale as a superfood

For vegetable gardening for beginners, we also recommend kale, which is known as a superfood. It is a low-maintenance vegetable for the garden and therefore perfect for beginners, because it tolerates cold and can even be grown in a pot on a balcony. Cabbage is also very versatile in terms of preparation. With us you will find several recipe ideas from kale lasagna to healthy chips. You can pick the baby leaves after just 28 days, while the plants reach the adult stage after about 50 days.

Other fast growing vegetables

Radicchio cabbage sow and harvest in a short time

  • Kohlrabi (40 days)
  • Radicchio (50 days)
  • Zucchini (after 50 days)
  • Sugar snap peas (after 51 days)