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Fast-growing shrubs that provide privacy: Flowering shrubs and wild hedge plants for sun and shade

A beautiful flower bed , water features and still numerous potted plants are not enough to make the outdoor area cozy. Tall shrubs give structure to the garden and provide privacy. Those who do not want to wait long for trees, rely on fast-growing shrubs.

Fast growing shrubs for sun

Climbing hydrangea fast growing shrub privacy screen

Fast-growing shrubs not only serve as privacy screens, but provide food for insects and birds. We list several shrubs that are great for wildlife hedges. You can plant them right next to each other.

Planting a wild hedge: These flowering shrubs come into question

Crepe myrtle is flowering shrub for Sichschtuz on terrace

Summer lilac: The summer lilac, still known as butterfly bush, is a very robust, drought-resistant shrub. It prefers a sunny location where, with proper care, it will bloom all summer long. Annually it grows up to 150 cm until it reaches its maximum growth height of 400 cm. The plant is bee friendly. Winter hardiness zones 5 to 9. Recommended varieties: “Miss Violet” and “Miss Ruby”.

The panicle hydrangea is also an insectivorous shrub that can grow up to 50 cm a year, depending on the variety. It does best in sunny locations. Winter hardiness zones 3 to 10. Recommended varieties ‘Firelight’ and ‘Monmar’.

fast growing shrubs in the garden summer lilac

Fragrant elderberry, still known as lilac berry, is a fast-growing shrub with an upright habit. With good care, it can grow up to 30 inches annually. Winter hardiness zones 3 to 7. Recommended varieties: ‘Lemony Lace’.

Mediterranean firethorn has a densely branched habit. Its orange-red berries are not only decorative, but provide food for birds. With a growth rate of up to 20 cm per year, the shrub belongs to the fast growing shrubs. Winter hardiness zones 5 to 9. Recommended varieties: “Graberi”, “Kazan”.

Curly myrtle, still known as crepe myrtle, is a true sun worshipper. As a garden plant it is suitable only in areas with a mild climate. However, the shrub also feels at home in containers.

Fast growing shrubs for sun and partial shade

hardy shrubs as privacy screen in the garden lilacs

You want to plant a natural hedge in your own garden, but you only have space in partial shade. No problem. Below we list several flowering shrubs that come into question.

The lilac has a wide dense growth. As a rule, it thrives best in full sun, but there are also varieties that prefer a location in partial shade. Winter hardiness zones 2 to 8. Recommended varieties: ‘Lavender Lady’, ‘Angel White’.

Goldilocks / Forsythia has a spreading habit and gains up to 60 cm per year. The forsythia is hardy (zones 3 to 9) and fresh green. It thrives best in sunny locations, but can tolerate partial shade well.

The harlequin willow scores not only with a fast growth (about 40 cm per year), but also with an intense leaf coloration. Winter hardiness zones 4 to 10, recommended varieties: “Hakuro Nishiki”, “Flamingo”.

Strap flower as a screen in the garden beautiful ornamental shrubs with flowers

Rock pear is a multi-stemmed shrub that produces snow-white flowers as early as April. With proper care, the shrub grows about 40-50 cm per year until it reaches its maximum growth height of 5 meters. The rock pear is suitable for mixed hedges. Winter hardiness zones 4 to 9, recommended varieties: “Glenform”, “Autumn Brilliance”.

Strap flower is a fast-growing shrub that reaches a maximum height of growth of 300 cm. Thanks to its bushy growth, it is well suited for privacy screens on the terrace. In this country, the strap flower is conditional or not hardy, so it is suitable for the pot garden.

Curly willow reaches its maximum growth height of 500 cm in 5 years. Unlike other shrubs in our list, the shrub has a compact growth habit.

Fast growing shrubs for shade

rock pear flowering shrub planting for semi-shady locations

Do you have bare spots in the north garden? Then the next flowering shrubs offer themselves. Fast-growing, easy to care for and hardy, these woody shrubs are perfect for shady locations .

Black elderberry prefers sites in shade and partial shade. Flowering begins in February, and later the shrub bears edible berries if well cared for. Annually, the shrub grows between 70 and 120 cm.

The fragrant jasmine is perfect for a wild hedge. The shrub fascinates amateur gardeners not only with its white flowers, but also emits a fragrance. The shrub has a bushy growth, but tolerates pruning. Annually, it grows up to 50 cm.

The pheasant’s kidney / the bladder kidney is a tall shrub with wide spreading growth and slightly overhanging branches has. The pheasant sparrow is hardy.

The double ranunculus shrub reaches a maximum growth height of 250 cm. Its slightly overhanging shoots and yellow flowers that delight the eye from April to September make it a real eye-catcher.

Large-flowered St. John’s bush grows up to 50 cm per year. Its golden yellow flowers appear as early as June and the flowering period ends in October. The shrub is evergreen and a real eye-catcher even after the flowering period ends. Recommended varieties: “Hidcote”.