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Eggshells as fertilizer in the garden: with this home remedy you can lime the soil and raise its pH level

In spring, garden plants slowly begin to come out of winter dormancy and sprout again. Especially then it is important to provide them with the necessary nutrients. A homemade fertilizer can help with this. We explain how you can use eggshells as fertilizer in the garden and thus lime the soil.

Use eggshells as fertilizer in the garden: Important nutrients and high lime content

make your own lime fertilizer from eggshells

Not just waste, by any means : eggshells are rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and can provide the lawn and garden plants with the nutrients.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of eggshells is because they contain calcium carbonate. This calcareous substance is used to stabilize the pH of the garden soil. In the process, the lime in eggshells is released gradually, very slowly over a long period of time. Therefore, eggshells are perfect as a slow-release fertilizer for soils with a pH between 5 and 7. Over time, calcium ions are released, improving soil fertility.

The effect of eggshells depends not only on the pH of the garden soil , but also on its composition. If the soil is loose, then you can simply grind the eggshells and sprinkle them directly on the soil.

To make a compacted soil with a high percentage of clay or loam permeable, you should add additional wood ash or coffee grounds to the fertilizer. They work much faster and help raise the pH level.

4 important advantages of a lime fertilizer from eggshells

diseases in tomatoes black spots calcium deficiency

  1. Eggshells help keep the pH within optimal limits and make the soil neutral again.
  2. The fruits of certain crops can sometimes turn grayish brown if they do not get enough calcium through the soil. Such plants are, for example, the tomatoes.
  3. Some amateur gardeners also claim that eggshells can protect plants from pests. Supposedly, the edges of eggshells are too sharp and slugs cannot crawl over them.
  4. A fertilizer made from eggshells promotes root growth. In 2019, Indian researchers scientifically proved t he positive effect of a fertilizer made from eggshells and fruit peels.

Can eggshells be used as fertilizer for all garden plants?

Use eggshells as a long-term fertilizer in the garden

You can use eggshells as fertilizer for almost all plants. Especially good is the home remedy for use in the kitchen garden. Fruit trees such as apples, various berry bushes, as well as vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers will benefit. The fertilizer can also promote the growth of various flowers such as roses, peonies and chrysanthemums. You can even fertilize succulents with eggshell powder if you add some potassium nitrate.

But there are plants that can get sick from the large amounts of calcium. Such are azaleas, geraniums, violets and other flowers, perennials and grasses that prefer acidic soil. Eggshells are also not suitable as a fertilizer for spinach and cabbage.

Are eggshells suitable as fertilizer for potted plants?

fertilize potted plants with eggshells increase lime

Unlike flowerbeds, container plants must cope with a limited volume of soil. Overfertilization could have severe consequences for the plants. Therefore, you should be very careful fertilizing potted plants. It is best to first measure the pH of the soil with a test strip. If it is below 7 and the potted plants prefer a neutral or slightly alkaline soil, then you can add one tsp per 10 liters of soil volume.

Make your own fertilizer from eggshells and compost for the vegetable garden.

make your own fertilizer from eggshells and compost

Wash eggshells and rinse well under running water. Line a windowsill with newspaper, place the eggshells on it and let them dry. Then grind the shells (be sure to wear a mouth guard) and sprinkle the powder on the vegetable patch. In the kitchen garden, you can put some powder directly into the hole in the spring, when planting. It is best to mix it with some compost.

Fertilize the flowers in the garden with eggshells and coffee grounds.

Make your own fertilizer from eggshells and coffee grounds

2. finely grind the eggshells and put them in a plastic cup. Add coffee grounds, mix well and use it to fertilize the ornamental garden. Since the coffee grounds increase the acidity in the soil and the eggshells – conversely – lower it, the fertilizer is suitable for nutrient-poor soils with a neutral pH.

Fertilizer from eggshells and onion skins for the lawn.

Lime soil with eggshells when it makes sense

3. boil three liters of water and pour into a large container. Add the shells of twenty chicken eggs to the water and let steep overnight. The next day, remove the shells. Then heat water and pour into a clean vessel. Add onion shells, let steep for about 30 minutes and then strain. Add the onion water to the eggshell decoction. You can use it to fertilize ornamental grasses – pour the liquid fertilizer directly into the grasses’ root zone.

By the way, you can also fertilize the lawn with the decoction (as long as the lawn area is not too large).

How often can you fertilize the plants in the garden?

Use eggshells as fertilizer in the garden

If the pH of the soil is between 5 and 7, then you can fertilize the garden plants twice a year – in spring and summer.

If the soil is heavy and acidic, then you can fertilize the plants even three times a year.

You should fertilize potted plants with eggshells only if necessary. But be sure to measure the pH of the soil first.