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Drought-tolerant garden plants need little water: discover beautiful shrubs, flowers, etc.

By choosing the best drought-resistant plants, you can create a low-maintenance garden that is still lush and full of life. Dry soil and full sun exposure are challenging for some plants. But fortunately, there is a wide range of varieties that are adapted to these conditions, which is becoming increasingly important as climate change leads to drier and hotter summers. When you choose drought-tolerant garden plants that require little water, you don’t have to compromise on style or selection. You definitely don’t have to sacrifice color, fragrance or impact in your flower beds.

Drought tolerant garden plants with low water requirements

Drought tolerant garden plants with low water requirements

Of course, all plants need water to survive. However, some plants require little constant watering to survive, which is why they are called drought-tolerant plants. They belong to the category of plants that, because of their adaptations, can go for months or even years without water when there is little rainfall. Because of the different weather conditions in different regions of the world, some plants have adapted to harsh climatic conditions to thrive without water.

Climate change and global warming have also made plants much more tolerant, as they have developed survival mechanisms to survive drought . Some drought-tolerant garden plants can survive in areas with less than 25.4 inches of rain per year. The survival tactics of most drought-resistant plants are evident in the fact that some have developed thick leaves, while others have very thin and needle-like leaves to store water or reduce water loss. Most garden plants that require little water also have roots that reach great depths to access the water.

Hardy flowers with low water needs: geraniums.

Winter hardy flowers with low water requirements - beautiful geraniums

The geranium is an amazingly drought-tolerant, long-lived perennial or flower known by the botanical name Pelargonium . It thrives in areas with very low rainfall and high heat, which means it requires very little watering. This plant produces oils that are used in aromatherapy and in the treatment of acne as skin care substances. Geranium oil has a sweet aroma that lifts the mood.

Evergreen shrubs that need little water – desert rose.

Evergreen shrubs that need little water - desert rose

The evergreen desert rose ( Adenium ) is a flowering plant native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Since the plant is very tolerant of heat and drought, it only needs occasional watering. It can be grown as a houseplant or garden plant as it is relatively low maintenance and has brightly colored flowers. This rose produces a sap that contains poisonous cardiac glycosides that can be used as arrow poison in hunting.

Drought-tolerant garden plants: the perennial perennial jewel lily.

Drought tolerant garden plants - the perennial shrub jewel lily

Tall jewel lilies ( Agapanthus ), with their long, sturdy stems, large, spherical flower heads in purple, blue or white and narrow, strap-shaped leaves, add beauty to your garden from mid-summer to early fall. You can plant them in the ground in a sheltered spot in full sun, or place them in a pot to give your patio or balcony an eye-catching look.

In any case, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the cultivation of the decorative lily, because these plants, native to South Africa, are perennials that return year after year. Despite their exotic appearance, they are hardy. You can leave them in a pot, go on vacation and they’ll still be blooming when you get back.

Low-maintenance succulents – aloe vera

Low maintenance succulents - Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species that originated in the Arabian Peninsula and has naturally survived in arid and semi-arid areas. It also thrives in tropical climates. The plant has thick and fleshy leaves that retain water. Aloe vera thrives mainly in hot and dry areas, but can also survive in meadows and coastal regions. It is mainly grown for agricultural and medicinal purposes.

Due to its medicinal value, aloe vera is one of the most well-known plants with low water requirements and is used as a main ingredient in various products such as body oils, hair shampoos, bath soaps, detergents and pharmaceutical gels. For example, studies have shown that aloe vera gel can help limit the growth of harmful bacteria on fruits and vegetables, reduce inflammation and boost the body’s immunity. It also aids in digestion by relieving constipation, prevents sunburn and can heal wounds.

Drought tolerant garden plants – the artichokes.

Drought tolerant garden plants - the artichokes

A member of the thistle family, artichokes thrive in light watering after they are fully grown and look very attractive in the garden when their purple-blue flowers sprout.

Olive tree also needs little water

Olive tree also needs little water

Drought-resistant plants often have gray or silvery-green leaves that reflect the sun’s rays, and the olive tree is a classic example. These elegant evergreens from the Mediterranean spread vacation cheer in the summer and provide welcome structure in the colder months. Olive trees can withstand mild winters, but when temperatures drop below -10°C, you need to consider how to protect the plants from winter by covering them with garden fleece.