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Driving cats out of the garden: How can you successfully chase away the animals with natural means?

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your garden. Perhaps you’ve created raised beds with phenomenal soil, and suddenly the neighborhood cats think your garden is their personal litter box. However, there are effective methods to keep the animals away from your carefully cultivated soil and prevent them from damaging your flowers, fruits and vegetables. You’ll discover proven tips below on how to keep cats out of your garden – pet-friendly and with home remedies!

Drive cats away from the garden with water

Drive cats out of the garden with water

Most cats don’t like getting wet unexpectedly at all. So using water to drive away unwanted visitors can be extremely effective. You can try using motion-activated sprinklers to chase them away. Such a device can be set up whenever you are not working in the garden and is connected directly to the hose. When it senses movement, it shoots a stream of water in the direction of that movement.

These systems are not without theoretical drawbacks. Initially, it may be easy to over-water plants in popular areas of the garden. The best part is that it is a non-toxic, non-harmful method. If you want cats to stay out of the garden, this is a fantastic way to do it.

How can you keep cats away?

Drive cats out of the garden with herbs, plants and mulch

Cats prefer to walk on soft, loose soil and avoid spiky surfaces. Make your garden beds less inviting. Try these inexpensive, recycled and simple spiky solutions:

  • Twigs

Cover garden soil where cats frequent with twigs until your spring plants are established.

Hint: twig bundles help wild bees!

  • Pine cones

Tuck pine cones or other prickly garden debris (fall leaves, for example) into the soil around your plants. Stone mulch or eggshells are other options.

Drive cats out of the garden - helpful ideas and tips

  • Chicken wire

Place chicken wire or plastic fence pieces over the soil.

Use scents to chase cats away

Scare off kittens with scents, sounds or plants

  • Piss off plant, lavender, et al.

Cats don’t like the smell of rue, lavender, polemint, piss-off plant and lemon thyme. Plant some of these plants in the garden. Planting can also help attract pollinators and other beneficial insects.

  • Citrus scents

These animals should avoid strong citrus scents. Throw the peels of citrus fruits directly onto the garden soil.

  • Coffee grounds

Sprinkling coffee grounds over the soil can also help. If you don’t mind sprinkling coffee grounds over the garden every few days, it may have some effect.

Chase cats away with scents - coffee grounds, citrus peels, etc.

  • Smell of predator urine

Commercial cat repellents mimic the smell of predator urine. They are touted as nontoxic and organic and are not supposed to harm plants.

Drive cats out of the garden with sounds.

There are devices that are activated by motion and ultrasonic devices that emit a frequency. You can not stand the cats, but it is inaudible to humans. Simply place the device in your desired location and watch as unwanted cats and animal pests are deterred from entering the 15 m protection area. Once an animal enters this area, the device emits an ultrasonic sound and flashes ultra-bright strobe lights to effectively scare it away and keep it away.

You can hang a delicate bell on the garden fence or fill a can with stones that rattle when disturbed by a cat. Also try wind chimes to keep the animals away.

Set up a cat zone

Set up an area specifically for cats to keep them from exploring other parts of the garden. Choose plants like catnip and set up a sandbox to serve as a toilet and curb the problem of cat feces.

Get a dog to deter cats.

Deter cats in the garden - you need a dog

One sure way to deter cats from visiting your property is to have a loud and lively dog that greets them with an enthusiastic bark.

Scare cats away with rosemary essential oil.

Keeping kittens away - animal friendly chase the animals away

Since cats have 80 million olfactory receptors (humans have 5 million), the concentrated scents of essential oils can keep them away from your yard. Recommended oils include rosemary, citronella and orange.

This method is one of the best to repel kittens. Add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil to 250 ml of water and spray it on a problem area in your outdoor space.

Sprinkle herbs on the ground

It can be difficult to keep cats out of garden beds. If you want to go the extra mile, it is recommended that you dry and powder the plants we mentioned above to sprinkle.

If kittens don’t like the plants, the smell of freshly crushed leaves may deter them for a few hours. But once the initial odor fades, usually within 24 hours, it is no longer effective. Most dried plants lose their aroma and degrade far too quickly.

There are three things that retain their scent a little longer than most other options. Crushed hot peppers like cayenne bell pepper and some pipe tobaccos can actually keep them at bay for two to three days. Cayenne pepper, however, has an unpleasant side effect: If cats go through it and then lick their paws, it can make them sick.