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Drive away mole: Tips on how to chase away the pest from your garden animal-friendly with home remedies!

While some people think moles are cute, they can cause serious damage to your lawn and landscaping. These animals build intricate networks of tunnels and mounds in the ground and quickly kill or damage the plants, grasses and trees in your outdoor space. If you want to reclaim your garden, you should learn how to drive out a mole. Don’t worry – it is possible to figure out how to get rid of him in a humane way.

What are moles?

How to get rid of moles in a pet friendly way

Moles are burrowing insectivores: they feed on insects and insect larvae, but they especially like to eat white grubs. They are about 15 to 20 inches long and have gray to black velvety fur, a slender hairless snout, and small eyes and ears. The mole’s large front feet have long claws that dig much like a hoe. With the exception of the breeding season in the spring, these animals usually live alone, so the tunnels in your yard are likely home to only one pest. They are most active during the warm, humid months, although they live underground year-round.

Moles are constantly building new feeding tunnels and don’t necessarily use the same one twice. You can find entrance and exit mounds, which are usually round and symmetrical, and are thrown up by this animal in a volcano-like manner. The hole is usually filled with soil, but remains visible.

How to spot mole damage in your garden

How to recognize mole damage in your garden

  • Dead grass

Patches of dead grass are a good sign of a pest problem. When moles dig their tunnels, they disrupt the root systems of nearby grasses, killing the grass on the surface and leaving bright spots in the lawn.

  • Mole Mounds

When moles dig their tunnels, they act like mini-excavators, moving all the dirt from the tunnel to the surface and creating a telltale molehill at the tunnel entrance.

Get rid of mole animal friendly

Drive away moles with home remedies – vinegar

What are the moles?

Problems with moles can be combated with a little help from vinegar. The smell of vinegar deters the little pests, so they stay away from your garden. You can use white vinegar for this purpose. Simply pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it around your garden. This will keep the moles away and your garden looking good.

Use a plastic bottle

Use plastic bottle to chase away pests

Stick an empty plastic bottle upside down and at a slight angle into the entrance of the mole tunnels. Moles don’t like the vibrations caused by the bottle and will move on.

Drive away moles – apply a repellent.

  • Castor oil

In some cases, a mole repellent is an effective solution to an infestation. Castor oil, for example, will not kill moles, but it will cause digestive upset in animals that come in contact with it and make your lawn an unattractive place to live. Make a spray that consists of 100% castor oil, water and dishwashing liquid.

* Three parts castor oil
* One part dishwashing liquid

Mix four tablespoons of this mixture with 4 liters of water and soak the tunnels and entrances in your garden with it.

  • Cayenne pepper or mint oil

Moles are mostly blind, but they can smell very well. You can add cayenne pepper (these animals hate spiciness) or essential oils like eucalyptus and mint oil (two scents that drive moles away) to enhance the effect of the castor oil mixture.

  • Coffee grounds

Old coffee grounds sprinkled around tunnel entrances or exits can be a natural repellent, as the smell bothers their sensitive noses.

Drive out moles: Eliminate food sources

Moles love grubs. If you eliminate the grubs and other insects in your garden , the pests will move in search of better food sources.

Use plants as a barrier

Use plants as a barrier - drive away mole

Moles have an aversion to strong-smelling plants such as daffodils, marigolds and any species in the daisy family. Plant these species at the edges of your garden to create a natural barrier, or plant them in raised beds to protect the root system. You can also purchase ready-made mole barriers at your local garden center.

Keep your lawn in order

Drive away mole - apply a repellent

Moles feel safest in hiding. Therefore, removing their harborage is a good way to get them to move out of the way. Keep your lawn mowed and your garden beds maintained. Avoid covering beds with thick layers of mulch, and remove any piles of wood or organic debris. You should also water less, as excess moisture attracts insects and creates an ideal habitat for moles.

Create an unfriendly environment

Moles don’t like to live in troublesome areas. This is good news for you, because it means that you can easily get rid of them by creating an unpleasant environment. For this purpose, buy an ultrasound from your garden center and stick it in the soil of your garden. This device uses electronic pulses to create irritating sounds that will make the moles move away. But do not worry – you will not be able to hear or feel the electronic pulses.