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Drive away mice: With these home remedies and tips you can effectively get rid of rodents in the garden!

Mice and other rodents are among the most common pests found in and around homes, and they can multiply quickly, which can multiply your pest problems. There are several different types of mice that can be found on your property. If you’ve spotted these rodents outside on your property or signs of a rodent infestation, you should figure out how to get rid of the mouse population in your yard before they potentially invade indoor spaces. Find out how to get rid of mice below!

Mice in the garden – signs

Mice in the garden - Signs - How to drive them away

There are many signs of mice and other rodents in your garden. The main signs are holes in the soil where rodents dig in search of food, for example, near seeds, bulbs or root vegetables. Bite marks on vegetables and other plants are another sign of mice in your garden. Your outdoor space can provide an abundance of food for these pests, especially if you have many fruit and vegetable plants. For these small rodents, the natural cover of a garden is another attractive aspect.

Repel mice without poison

Protect your plants

Drive away mice without poison - Protect your plants

You probably don’t want to give in to the problem and simply remove all your plants. However, you can take steps to protect your plants from mice, or at least minimize their impact and keep them from damaging your plants. Try wrapping your flower pots outside with chicken wire to keep hungry rodents from getting to them. These pests don’t like to bite metal and aren’t strong enough to bite through it anyway.

Eliminate all possible nesting sites

Get rid of rodents - Eliminate all possible nesting sites

Mice prefer warm, dry little corners to build their nests. It’s important to regularly check areas that are attractive to these pests for signs of an existing nest. Areas to look for include wood piles, which can provide rodents with a considerable amount of shelter. Another area where pests often set up camp is the garden shed. Check all corners and take a peek inside the garden shed as well.

Unfortunately, finding a nest is not the best sign, as it means mice are present and may have spread as well. Also look for holes in the ground, as pests may dig a nest and line it with leaves or other materials to build it.

Grow plants that deter rodents.

Grow plants that deter rodents

Some plants naturally act as deterrents to mice and other rodents. Planting these plants in your garden will make it less attractive for them to hide. Try planting some of these popular flower and plant species:

  • Mint
  • Daffodils
  • Spurge
  • Allium
  • Lavender
  • Chickling pea
  • Grape hyacinth
  • Catnip

Drive away mice with home remedies

Drive away mice with home remedies - Apple cider vinegar with water

Mice have a keen sense of smell and you can use that to your advantage to get rid of them. Wondering what scent will keep the pests away? Try one of the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar and water.

Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it to spray the area around your garden where you’ve seen signs of small rodents. Reapply any natural deterrent , at least once a month.

Control rodents in the garden with hot pepper solution

  • Hot pepper solution

Mix chili flakes, sliced habanero peppers, dishwashing liquid and water to make a hot pepper spray that will deter mice. Spray the mixture anywhere you have detected mouse activity. While this mixture is not toxic to humans or pets, it can irritate the eyes, nose and mouth. So be sure to avoid any places where people or pets are present.

Get a cat

Get rid of rodents - Get a cat

Cats are among the most effective deterrents available. If you can adopt a cat to help contain your mouse population, you should. Alternatively, find a friend who has a cat: place buckets of used cat litter in various locations around your yard. When rodents smell the cat urine, they will leave your outdoor area.

Alternatively, you can buy pure ammonia. It smells like the urine of a predator and will deter mice. Place cotton balls soaked in ammonia in places rodents like to visit.

Try out live trap

Try live trap - effectively get rid of rodents in the garden

You can buy live traps at home improvement stores. Place them wherever you’ve noticed mouse activity and bait the pests with peanut butter, cheese or popcorn. Once you catch a mouse, release it at least 2 miles from your home. Otherwise, it could come back again. Be sure to wear heavy gloves and do not touch the rodent directly.

Drive away mice with ultrasound

Drive away mice with ultrasound - tips

Ultrasound can effectively keep mice away. Plus, these deterrents are safe for children, pets and other animals. They are available at any hardware store and can be placed anywhere in the garden.

Get rid of the small rodents with essential oils.

Get rid of the small rodents with essential oils

Essential oils with strong odors, such as peppermint and clove oils, can repel mice. For best results, soak cotton balls with the essential oil of your choice and place them in areas where you’ve observed signs of rodents. While the scent will not drive the pests away, it can be an effective deterrent when combined with other methods.