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Create flowering hedge: fast-growing plants provide blooms in the garden

A flowering hedge is a real eye-catcher and is in no way inferior to evergreen hedge plants in terms of privacy. Unlike rhododendron and co., a flowering hedge consists of shrubs that are planted at a greater distance from each other. This allows the individual shrubs to develop and branch freely. We list the most beautiful flowering shrubs that grow quickly and provide privacy.

Planting a flowering hedge: fast-growing shrubs offer several advantages

Flowering hedge plants for garden evergreen varieties

Flowering evergreen shrubs are real eye-catchers all year round. In spring and summer they fascinate with a splendor of flowers, and in autumn their foliage turns red, orange and bronze. In the cold season they provide food and shelter for insects, small animals and native birds. Although most plant species are pruning tolerant, they will do just fine without a trim. Accordingly, they also require less maintenance than ordinary hedge plants.

Creating a flowering hedge: copper rock pear

Flowering hedges which plants choose shrub copper rock pear

1. copper rock pear is a shrub with an umbrella-shaped crown. It gains 25 inches per year and reaches a maximum growth height of 6 feet. Its racemose flowers appear in early April and in autumn its leaves shine in red, orange and yellow.

Plant flowering hedge: Evergreen barberry varieties

Flowering hedges different varieties barberry in the garden

2.There are several barberry species that are interesting for fans of flowering hedges. However, they are not suitable for families with small children and pets, because most barberry varieties are poisonous.

  • Barberry “Darwin” is a fast-growing evergreen shrub with leaf thorns. In spring, it produces abundant orange flowers that emit a sweet fragrance. In the fall, it bears small berries (not edible). This variety prefers a partial shade location. You can give it a topiary after it has finished flowering.
  • The large bloodberry is an undemanding, fast-growing plant with bright yellow flowers. The racemose flower umbels appear in early May. The shrub bears red berries in the fall that provide food for small animals. For humans, the berries have only ornamental value. What makes blood barberry special are its green leaves, which have a metallic blue undertone.
  • The narrow-leaved barberry has slightly overhanging shoots and yellow-orange flowers. It is especially suitable for small hedges. A shrub grows up to 2 meters wide and the same height.
  • Especially attractive looks variety “Rose Glow”. As the name suggests, the foliage turns pink. The flowers are yellow.

Create flowering hedge: The fast-growing dwarf medlar.

Dwarf medlar as a flowering hedge plant choose advantages

3. dwarf medlar is a hardy shrub , which grows 30 cm per year. Its pink flowers and dark green leaves attract attention in spring. In the fall, the dwarf loquat bears its small red berries that adorn the shrub into the winter. These berries provide food for native birds and small animals, but they are poisonous to humans.

Native plant for the flowering hedge: the wild apple.

Plant wild apple as flowering hedge ideas for flowering hedges

4. wild apple is a native species that bears small fruits. In nature, the multi-stemmed wild shrub grows around 3 meters high. In the garden, it can reach a maximum growth height of 6 meters. Wild apple forms its white-pink flowers in early May and bears fruit in late September.

Plants for narrow flowering hedges

Daisy shrub as hedge plant flowering and wintergreen provides privacy screen

5. daisy bush is the perfect hedge plant for the Mediterranean garden. It is not hardy, but can provide privacy screening for the patio or outdoor seating area in summer and fall. It is best to plant the shrub in a large container and then move it to winter quarters before the first frost.

Flowering hedge as a source of food for birds and insects.

red andes shrub for flowering hedge planting tips

6. red Andean shrub (Escalonia rubra) has dark green leaves and small pink flowers. The plant scores with a very long flowering period that extends into autumn in good weather.

7. gorse is a native ornamental shrub that is especially popular for its yellow flowers. It provides food for birds and insects, but it is very poisonous to humans. Therefore, it is not suitable for families with children or pets.

Compact shrubs for flowering hedge

Planting large flowered St. John's wort for flowering hedge

8. large-flowered St. John’s wort reaches its maximum growth height of 150 cm in less than 3 years. The shrub blooms tirelessly from June to October. Its beautiful yellow flowers and wintergreen foliage make it a real eye-catcher. The compact shrub is perfect for screening patios and lounge areas.

9. finger shrub is a fast-growing shrub that scores with a fairly compact habit and a long flowering period. It tolerates topiary and requires pruning, which is usually done in the fall and spring.

10. hydrangea of the variety “Vanille Fraise” can grow up to 2 meters in height. It tolerates pruning, which promotes flowering.