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Create cornelian cherry hedge: a native mixed hedge with yellow dogwood provides privacy for the garden

Cornelian cherry, still known as yellow dogwood, is a deciduous hedge plant that attracts pollinating insects to the garden with its flowers. If you plant several shrubs close to each other, you will have enough privacy screen for the terrace in the garden season and you will also do something for the environment. We explain how you can create a cornelian cherry hedge.

Create cornelian cherry hedge: The yellow dogwood is perfect for the natural hedge

Berry woody plants for natural hedge combine

Cornelian cherry (still known as Dürlitze) is a beautiful ornamental shrub for the home garden. It begins blooming in March when the first pollen and nectar-rich flowers appear, providing food for pollinating insects such as bees , bumblebees and butterflies. The multi-stemmed large shrub bears edible red fruits that provide food for birds and small garden animals. The fruits are also edible for humans. The wild shrub has deciduous foliage that turns reddish brown in the fall.

Dörlitze flowers yellow rich in pollen and nectar

Cornelian cherry is a heart rooter, which means it forms both deep and shallow roots. It is very adaptable and can cope with both a full sun and a shady location. The bird feeder is also quite undemanding when it comes to soil conditions. It prefers a calcareous nutrient-rich garden soil, so you can water it with tap water. This native plant is perfect for group plantings and for hedges, for example, as a screen in the front garden.

Planting the wild hedge with duerlitz: You should consider the following

Create cornelian cherry hedge ideas for mixed hedge and tips for planting.

Location: Before you plant the cornelian cherry hedge, you should find the right location. A place in the sun to light shade turns out to be perfect. It is not necessary to have the garden soil tested in a laboratory. However, you can ensure good drainage by adding sand to the garden soil. This is because the shrub does not tolerate waterlogging. Rain, snow and wind can be tolerated by the duerlitz without any problems.

Create wild hedge with cornelian cherry and other fruit trees

The right time to plant: The perfect planting time for the Cornelian cherry is spring, or early spring. The young plants are a maximum of 1.5 meters high and still have compact root balls, which of course makes planting much easier.

The distance between the plants: The special thing about the Dürlitze is its spreading growth. The shrub forms more main shoots and looks like a small tree. It grows to a maximum height of 5 meters and has a growth rate of 20 to 30 cm per year. Therefore, when planting the bushes should be placed in the ground at a distance of 1.5 meters.

Care before and after planting: The large shrub does not need regular fertilizing. It is enough if you enrich the soil with compost at the start of the season or immediately after planting. Water the fruit tree as needed – it prefers a fresh to moderately moist soil.

Create a bird hedge with the yellow dogwood.

Cornelian cherry in spring with fruits for bird protection hedge

Starting in April, when the night frosts are over, you can create a hedge with cornelian cherries. You should take into account that the cornelian cherry grows very slowly in the first few years and needs time to develop its root system. Therefore, the right planting partners are crucial. It gets along best with slow-growing flat-rooted plants with similar requirements for location and soil.

Prune Cornelian Cherry Hedge: Is topiary necessary?

Cornelian cherry hedge create useful tips

Young plants require maintenance pruning, which can be done one to two weeks after planting. Simply shorten the shoots by a third. Since severe pruning is prohibited after March, you should only thin out the cornelian cherry a bit and shape it into the desired form. Check the shoots for nesting birds first. In the next few years, the cornelian cherry will do fine without pruning. It will tolerate topiary, but it is not necessary. Pruning has no effect on flowering or bearing capacity.

Planting mixed hedge with cornelian cherry

Planting Dörlitze useful tips and instructions

Suitable planting partners for the mixed hedge include the following woody plants and perennials:

  • Common honeysuckle
  • Red-leaf rose
  • Bladder bush
  • Peacock
  • Blackthorn
  • Rocky pear
  • Wooly and common snowball
  • Sloth tree
  • Hedge barberry
  • Cherry laurel
  • Dwarf medlar
  • Dog rose
  • Black elderberry
  • Blackberries
  • Mountain ash

Proper care in the early years is critical. Especially during prolonged drought, water the plants regularly. Never allow the soil to dry out. If necessary, you can additionally lime it.

Process the fruits

Cornelian cherry fruits process into jam

The wild fruits of cornelian cherry are edible for humans and animals. You can also eat them as you like raw or make them into jam. You can also prepare various smoothies or other drinks (such as liqueurs or cocktails) with cornel cherries. You can also bake cakes with cornel cherries or make your own chutney with the fruit.