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Climbing plants for balcony: fast-growing and flowering climbing plants for the sunny south side, which provide privacy protection

They form beautiful flowers, are hardy or emit a sweet fragrance into the air: climbing plants are a great option for natural privacy screens. We have compiled a list of the most beautiful fast-growing perennials for the sunny south side. Which climbing plants are suitable for balcony, we explain in the article.

Climbing plants for balcony: Black-eyed Susanne

black-eyed susanne is hardy climbing plant for balcony

Black-eyed Susanne is a fast-growing plant that is not hardy. In its native country it is perennial, in this country it is usually grown as an annual climber . However, if planted in containers, it can be overwintered. Black-eyed Susanne requires climbing support. It is a great addition to a container garden on the balcony and can also be placed as a wall planting. The climbing plant feels especially at home in a sunny spot and, with regular watering and fertilizing, thanks you with a splendor of blooms from June to October.

Clematis: Flowering balcony plants for the trellis

Clematis as a trellis plant for balcony for sun

Clematis varieties delight with a wide variety of colors. The plant prefers a full-sun location, but the roots should always remain moist. A finger-thick layer of mulch prevents the soil from drying quickly on hot summer days. Not only regular watering is very important for the climbing plant. It also needs fertilizing every 10 days. The perennial can remain outside in winter, provided that it is protected from frost with fleece.

The evergreen woodland vine for the sunny south balcony

evergreen woodland vine hardy plant for balcony and terrace

Evergreen woodland vine is not a native plant. Actually, the exotic comes from China. In this country, it is a beautiful ornamental plant for the balcony. It forms its fragrant white flowers as early as March and retains its dark green leaves through the winter. However, in the cold season it needs frost protection. Otherwise, the perennial is very easy to care for. It prefers a location in the sun, but needs sun protection for the roots. The place protected from the wind provides the best conditions for its rapid growth.

Climbing plants for the sunny south side: American climbing trumpet

American climbing trumpet is a flowering climbing plant for sunny south side

American climbing trumpet is perfect for a large south-facing balcony. The fast-growing plant with attractive funnel-shaped deep red flowers prefers a full sun location, but can also cope with off-sun and partial shade spots. Good drainage is an absolute must, as the trumpet flower cannot tolerate waterlogging well.

Pompon vine: The annual climbing plant provides a splendor of flowers on the balcony.

Showy vine for privacy screen for balcony tips

The different varieties of morning glory are also true sun worshippers. However, they need regular watering, because the soil should be fresh to moderately moist. With the appropriate climbing support, the flowers develop quickly and form numerous climbing shoots. Pointe vines are suitable for planting in containers and for wall planting, and provide privacy screens throughout the garden season.

Fast-growing climbing plants for balcony and terrace: climbing roses

Climbing roses for south balcony what variety tips

Climbing roses can be easily climbed up trellises on a sunny south or west-facing balcony. The roses can be easily cultivated in containers, as long as the volume of soil is at least 30 liters. The perennial is available in garden centers in two varieties: Rambler roses have very thin shoots and quickly entwine the climbing support, while typical climbing roses have upright, sometimes even woody shoots and grow much more slowly.

Large Nasturtium: Annual climbing plants for balcony

Plant large nasturtium for south balcony

Great nasturtium is a fast-growing plant with bright yellow to orange flowers and beautiful green leaves. It is native to South America, where it has been cultivated as a perennial climber. However, this frost-sensitive exotic can only be grown as an annual in Germany. The nasturtium can not tolerate the sub-zero temperatures in winter at all and dies. As long as the location is sunny and protected from the wind, the climbing plant blooms all summer long.

Climbing jasmine: winter-hardy fragrant plant for the south balcony

Climbing jasmine is hardy scented plant for balcony

Climbing jasmine is the second fragrant plant we present to you today. Winter hardy and flowering – jasmine solanum is the perfect climbing plant for balconies with southern exposure. It likes sunny and warm, grows quickly and tolerates light frost. With proper care, regular watering and fertilizing, the flowering period extends from April to November.

If it gets hot in the summer, then sitting on the sunny south balcony is no fun. However, the appropriate climbing plants provide sun and privacy protection. Flowering climbers are a beautiful addition to a container garden. But they are much more than simple ornamental plants and also provide food and habitat for insects. So if you want your own personal oasis, you can opt for fast-growing and flowering climbing plants. However, when choosing other potted plants, you should keep in mind that they will be somewhat shaded.