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Garden in summer: design ideas for summer in the garden, which will contribute to the well-being of the outdoor area.

There are numerous ways to get the most out of summer in the garden by making simple tweaks. These range, for example, from redesigning the garden area for more fun on summer evenings to replanting the garden beds. Grow your own ingredients for cocktails at garden parties and impress your guests with a unique atmosphere. Here are some tips and ideas to help you design your garden area.

How summer can feel better in the garden

enjoy your morning coffee in your own garden in nice weather and start the day in the best way possible

With long sunny days, warm nights and plenty to pick, sample and enjoy, summer is the season to enjoy what your garden has to offer.  Enjoying your morning coffee outside with a slice of toast can be a perfect way to start your day. However, you could also take this time to just sit back, relax, and watch the birds flitting among the garden beds.

choose suitable plant varieties for flower box and plant them in spring

When you go to work, you’ll surely find that you feel calmer and more focused when you start your day in the fresh air. So discover great ways to make the most of the summer months and spend more time outdoors by making simple garden updates with instant rewards.

Grow and try new plant varieties.

enjoy fresh herbs during the summer season and use them for delicious summer dishes

Plant fruits, vegetables or herbs you’ve never grown before. For example, you can plant artichokes, yellow tomatoes, purple beans, wild berries or hot peppers. Just try growing something new in the summer season to enjoy more flavors and tastes. Most likely, you will be surprised and even thrilled at how some plants can grow and taste.

include your own harvest of yellow cherry tomatoes and herbs from the kitchen garden in recipes

This might inspire you to add new ingredients to your summer dishes. If you have already exhausted your kitchen garden, you can fill a few pots with unusual herbs. Such would be Thai basil, shiso, lemongrass, Vietnamese cilantro, chocolate mint, chervil or lemon verbena, which can be easily incorporated into many recipes.

Grow garnishes for summer drinks

grow mint leaves in your own kitchen garden and use them as a garnish for cocktails in the summer

Instead of buying a few short-lived bunches of herbs from the supermarket, plant a few of your favorite varieties for cocktails as garnishes. Start with basil, mint, cilantro or all three and get creative with others like lavender, violet or lemongrass. If you have space in your yard and a Mediterranean climate, consider adding a fruit tree or two with standout summer beverage options like Meyer lemon, kumquat, pomegranate and lime.

Install outdoor shower for summer in the garden.

install stylish outdoor shower with wooden privacy screen for summer in the garden

Making the dream of a refreshing outdoor shower a reality can be easier than it looks. If you have a water connection where you can install a garden shower in the nearby garden area, all you need to do is install simple plumbing and shower fixtures. For example, the outside wall of an indoor bathroom would be a good choice. In doing so, just create a path for water drainage that is further away from the house. In addition, you can consider this as an idea for your next garden remodel.

Refresh flower boxes in front of the windows

colorful mixture of flowers in a flower box in front of a house window in summer time

Mini window box gardens are great ways to add even more color and texture to your home without having to fuss with larger gardening tools. Plant your window boxes with blooming summer flowers and perennials like sun-loving lavender, geranium, lobelia and fatleaf. Consider begonia, fountain weed and mint weed for partial shade window boxes.

Spice up planting beds during the summer in the garden.

hobby gardener during summer in the garden grows new varieties of flowers

Plants with interesting foliage often need less care than those that are popular mainly for their flowers. At the very least, they can skip drying out in the process. To make a primarily foliage-based garden bed as stunning as one with flowers, you can choose foliage plants with high texture and color contrast. It’s best to plant them close together. For example, your bed can contrast on the contrast of the stringy, dark purple leaves of New Zealand flax with lighter grass and upright, architectural agave. This fills the garden with color and creates texture for more visual appeal with the plants.

renew garden beds and prepare them for summer with fertilizers and potting soil

On the other hand, opt for all flowers and plant a bed with a single species of a lush summer bloomer for a burst of color. It will require a bit more work to maintain than a garden bed of mixed foliage, but thus you are celebrating summer in the garden. Sunflowers are also easy to grow, and as cheerful as they look, they can always be a good choice.

Provide water sources for beneficial insects in the garden.

provide water source and bird bath during the summer in the garden for beneficial insects

If you live in an arid climate, the months between rains can be tough on native birds, insects and other wildlife. This is especially true in areas where development has taken away their natural water sources. So try setting up a simple fountain, or simply fill an empty saucer with water. As you relax in the garden, observe how beneficial these creatures can be to your plants. Remember to keep the water feature or garden fountain filled and clean at all times during the summer, as these little creatures learn to rely on it as a water source.

Celebrate and relax during summer in the garden.

a group of friends barbecuing and celebrating during the summer in the garden

With a few simple, inexpensive updates, your outdoor space can feel like a new festive place. Try putting up lights, a paper garland or a traditional pennant chain for more ambiance. Bring out some colorful throw pillows for a barbecue or summer party, or invest in a movable fire pit for outdoor socializing.

relax in the garden during the summer and enjoy a cozy corner with fairy lights

Make your patio even more inviting by putting out a colorful rug for the summer season. Most outdoor rugs are made of durable nylon, polyester or polypropylene, often from recycled sources. Many are treated to resist fading from sun exposure. Those made of bamboo, jute and other natural fibers, however, are less weather-resistant. Therefore, they are best used on a covered patio.

spend the summer in the garden with a book on the hammock and linger under the shadows

Summer days or evenings are for lounging, and what better way than swinging in a hammock? Hang them between trees or the beams of a sturdy pergola. If you don’t have the perfect place to hang it, you can invest in a hammock own frame. These have the advantage that you can choose an inviting place in the garden to put them.