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Garden decoration trends 2022: how to decorate your garden with creative ideas and sustainable materials

If you want your garden design to go beyond plants, you can try some common ideas to decorate an inviting garden. This offers many easy ways to revitalize your outdoor space. From adding pretty garden decor to on-trend colors to garden furniture, you’re guaranteed to bring more style and character to your outdoor space.

How to decorate a garden according to current trends

decorate a garden by minimalist design practically and beautifully following the trend

Nowadays, according to trend researchers, the garden area serves more as an extension of one’s home, where friends and family can meet in the fresh air. However, realizing such contemporary garden design can sometimes seem overwhelming. Therefore, try to approach decorative ideas for backyard or garden as in an interior. After all, the main idea is to create a cozy and inviting space. In addition, designing the outdoor space requires as much attention and detail as interior design.

create a living wall of plants in a small backyard and decorate the small garden with colors

Think about layering patterns, colors and materials to create an environment that suits you and your style. As with interior design, however, your ideas should express your individuality, not just the trend. Regardless of the size of your yard, decorating should be something you can have fun with. Creating a new look doesn’t have to involve high costs or disruption. In fact, garden decorating can be as small as adding some color to your garden wall to the more complex color schemes you create with plants. In 2022, garden design dethrones even interior design, showing itself more natural than ever, but no less cozy. Without further delay, discover the trends you can follow in 2022 to decorate and better design your garden.

Beautify patio or garden terrace with decorative tiles

decorative tiles as flooring for outdoor terrace according to outdoor design trend 2022

A patio area is the perfect addition to a garden and one of the most popular places for garden decoration. In addition, patios are a great way to divide your space and separate your entertaining area from your flower beds, greenhouses and vegetable patches. This also provides the perfect space for stylish and trendy garden furniture to enjoy outdoor meals. In 2022, consider designing a patio with patterned tiles as a characterful alternative to concrete slabs. However, when installing a tiled patio, be sure to select tiles that are suitable for outdoor use and are slip-resistant.

Add meaningful artwork and splashes of color.

decorate expressive artwork with floral patterns in the garden and follow the trend 2022

In addition to planting to transform your yard into a natural oasis, you can add accents with decorative elements. Trees, shrubs and potted plants immerse the seating area in nature. Keep the garden decor to a color scheme inspired by similar artwork. Accordingly, the matching hues in the decor can help tie the garden and outdoor seating area together into a cohesive space.

more splashes of color in small patios create a spacious feeling and are totally trendy in 2022

Exterior paints have also come a long way over the years. There are more than just masonry colors for modern facade design . This year’s trend sees colors for garden spaces becoming more expressive. This can be achieved with inspiring accent walls that do the work of wallpaper. Patterned flooring, as well as fence panels in bold hues that become the outdoor equivalent of wood paneling, are also on trend. In addition, garden paint is no longer just used for the fence and garden shed. All outdoor areas can be beautified with creative colors. Walls, masonry and metal as well as wood can be painted in the latest colors from the same pot to create a stunning and uplifting overall look.

Paint garden wall or fences colorful.

colorful patio areas or garden terraces with matching painted brickwork

The transformative power of color extends to the garden as well as your bedroom. Traditional garden walls are often unpainted, but can look fantastic in a fresh and fun hue. Fences also benefit from a coat of paint, whether you want to refresh your current color or try something completely new. White, light blue and classic green are ideal for this. If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect picket fence, now is the time to achieve the look. Choose your color palette based on hues that match your existing garden design and plants, and most importantly, put a smile on your face. Use sample pots to make sure you get the exact color you want. Always choose a wood color that is specifically formulated for outdoor use. This will ensure that the colors you choose will last longer.

Decorate in style in the garden with matching home textiles

make patio or outdoor space with fireplaces even more beautiful with matching home textiles

When planning your garden decorating ideas, treat your garden like your interiors. Throws and pillows go a long way toward creating a cozy outdoor space, while a rug underfoot encourages you to kick off your shoes and relax. Home textiles may seem like small details, but they offer a quick and easy solution to decorating. As the days get warmer, their transformative power is no longer limited to indoor spaces. Adding outdoor pillows not only brings much-needed comfort to your seating area, but also allows you to blur the lines between indoors and out. This helps create a space that feels like a carefully considered living area.

Add decorative lighting

rustic lighting in the garden creates a unique atmosphere during the summer

Lighting is an essential part of any garden decor, adding instant warmth to the space and letting you enjoy your garden late into the night. Combine several different outdoor lights to showcase all aspects of your garden. Additionally, consider adding pretty fairy lights to your pergola and patio, for example, and then combine them with solar garden lighting in the garden paths to create a calming backdrop for cozy evenings outside.

create romantic atmosphere in garden area with moroccan style lanterns

There’s no doubt that candles create atmosphere. For garden decor that shouldn’t be disturbed by the breeze, you can place lanterns or Moroccan solar lanterns around your hard surfaces for a beautiful glow. Wind lights also make a garden look warm and inviting during the day.

Place garden tools as a luxurious accent

designer garden tool as garden decoration with golden garden hose and watering can

A garden hose is essential for every gardener, but most hose reels are a thorn in the eye. That’s why designers have chosen to create luxurious accessories. Silver claws, gold deer antlers and matching hoses transform the everyday garden tool into something everyone can admire. It’s certainly an expensive garden decoration, but you’ll have the best-dressed hose in the area. Even a traditional green garden hose looks trendy when hung from these modern golden antlers.

Decorate the privacy screen in the garden

create the privacy you need outdoors with a decorative and stylish privacy screen

Privacy is essential if you want to make your garden a sanctuary. One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this is to install a privacy screen. Positioned around your patio, this will help create a cozy, intimate space where you can relax in peace. Opt for a design with small holes or a decorative pattern to prevent you from feeling claustrophobic. Otherwise, you can combine the privacy screen with matching climbing plants to create a botanical oasis.

Sustainable garden decor made from recycled materials.

decorate the garden with sustainable and recycled materials and old furnishings

When you’re thinking about how to plan a garden, using pots is a great way to add some flexibility to the final design. The flower pots themselves can also function as decorative pieces. Choose heavily glazed, colorful and patterned pots to make a great statement. To keep it sustainable, you can also get creative by giving new life to household items that are past their prime. Add old metal tubs, buckets and even trash cans to your garden area. Turn them into makeshift flower pots that will add a touch of farmhouse chic to the space.