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Decorate and plant garden shed outside: how to beautify your tool shed or mini shed!

The garden house is an all-rounder and can perform various functions in the outdoor area. On the one hand, it provides storage space for garden tools, on the other hand, it is a winter home for flowers. If the mini-house is connected to the power grid, then in the summer it can be transformed into a guest house, a home office or even a bar. So it is all the more important that the cottage looks beautiful. We’ll show you how to decorate the outside of your garden shed.

Decorate garden house outside: How to make your mini house an absolute eye-catcher

Garden house decorating outside with flowers and clay plates

You don’t have to hide an old wooden garden shed with climbing plants or tall perennials. Staged with the right decoration, it quickly becomes a real eye-catcher. First, however, you should repaint it. For this purpose, sand off the old paint and first provide the cottage with a protective coating that will protect the wood from moisture and UV rays. Now is also the right time to do repair work and re-glaze windows and doors. Then you can paint the house in a neutral color and the window and door frames in an accent color. Then you can start decorating. Clay plates, wooden wall decorations, door wreaths and, of course, lots of flowers will make the mini house a popular retreat during the summer months.

Embellish a small garden house

small wooden garden house exterior design

A small garden shed presents a big challenge. To make it look inviting, several little tricks will help. Paint the cottage in a darker pastel shade. Dove gray or gray-green works well. Then accent with door and window frames in snow white. Flower boxes on the window sills, curtains and a matching door decoration will make the cottage look cozy, charming and homey. You can also show off the French-style cottage look with Mediterranean flowers and plants. Tall flowers, ornamental grasses and perennials around the garden path also provide privacy and visually separate the cottage from the rest of the garden.

Make the garden shed practical on the outside as well

Garden shed beautify outdoor ideas

If space is limited, then you should also consider functionality when designing the outdoor area. Plant herbs in the flower boxes, leave space on the terrace for wood chips. A drag or canopy will also ensure that often used tools, exotic potted plants and other garden accessories stay dry. Accordingly, you can plant vegetables around the garden shed, creating a kitchen garden in miniature.

Decorate garden house: Paint and decorate appropriately

garden house beautify stripes paint ideas for colors

Another example of successful garden design in a small format. Perfect for the terraced house or city villa: a garden shed placed at a corner of the garden. Paint the shed along with tubs and other decorations in cheerful summer colors, arrange a comfortable seating group in the same color palette and decorate the front door with found objects from the last vacation. For example, you can make a garland out of shells and sea glass.

Plant the area around the garden house

Garden house mediterranean design ideas for planting

To make the mini-house look inviting, not only the facade plays a role. The area around the garden house should also look friendly. If it is located right next to the house and a terrace seamlessly connects the two, then you can create a transition with flowers. For this purpose, exotic potted plants, as well as native perennials are suitable. Beautifully grouped around the garden house or arranged in large planters, they provide a sea of flowers.

Garden house decoration with color

Decoration for garden house exterior paint with colors

Not only with flowers you can beautify your garden house. You can also paint the facade as you like. Decorate the mini-house with floral motifs. In stores, you can also find various wall tattoos that are suitable for outdoor use. Such are, for example, the wall stickers for the garage door. With them, you can likewise decorate the garden house. Since the wall stickers only adhere to a flat surface, you can apply them to garden houses made of metal.

Nautical garden house decoration

Garden shed decorating ideas for outside in sky blue

You have a pool in your garden and want to use the garden house as a pool house? Then you can decorate it appropriately with nautical accessories. Hang a life preserver on the door and scatter decorative sand around the house. Illuminated fishing balls will add a romantic touch to the decoration.

Garden house with vintage style decorations

Vintage garden house paint from recycled wood

A vintage style garden house exudes charm. If you have an old wooden house, then you can paint the individual wooden boards in cheerful colors.

garden house painting and planting ideas for exterior

Another variant is to paint the house in an accent color and then paint it any way you like. You can use special paints suitable for outdoor use for this purpose. Alternatively, you can draw with chalk together with the children.

Garden house decoration for outside made of metal

Garden house paint in green and orange and decorate

Garden decoration made of stainless steel enjoys great popularity. The material has a reddish-brown patina, which gives the decorative pieces a vintage look. If you have metal accessories to which you want to give an antique touch, then proceed as follows:

1. brush the metal pieces with a brine solution and let them dry in an unheated room at temperatures between 5° and 10° Celsius. For the brine, mix warm tap water with salt in a ratio of 4 to 1.

2. alternatively, you can rub the surface with acetic acid.

The end result is a layer of corrosion that gives the garden decoration the desired rust look.

Garden house decorating: Ideas with flowers and plants

Garden shed decorating with flowers and bike vintage ideas for outside

Flowers and plants play the main role in the next garden decorations. Let your creativity run wild and combine different decorative elements. You can also plant annual flowers in plant bags and then display them in baskets. There are no limits to your own imagination.

Planting garden house: how to connect the interior with the exterior.

Garden house with peak roof and door in sky blue

Often, from October, the garden house becomes the winter quarters for the potted plants. However, after the Ice Saints they are allowed outdoors again. However, to ensure that they blend harmoniously into the garden landscape, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planting the area around the garden shed. Choose plants and flowers that visually match each other. For example, if you have an olive tree, then you can plant around the garden house Mediterranean ornamental grasses, herbs and flowers.

Paint garden shed ideas for allotment garden

A small tool shed at the end of the lawn may not catch your eye. But you can jazz up the small garden shed with several flowers in ceramic pots. Here’s a tip: paint the inside of the garden shed an accent color and leave the doors open. In addition, you can create a cozy corner in front of the house with comfortable garden furniture and a fire bowl.

Garden shed design outside with flower boxes and storage space

If the garden house is located in the shade of tall trees or perennials, then the planting will be a great challenge. You can choose seasonal balcony flowers for shade and plant them in window boxes. To make the house look inviting, paint it white or a bright color of your choice.

Garden house decorating outside ideas for planting

A small garden house in the middle of the flower bed looks very charming and harmoniously fits into the outdoor area. Choose flower varieties to match the style of the house. A classic garden house looks especially beautiful together with climbing roses or hydrangeas. For the country style garden house, rock flowers and tall ornamental grasses are a good choice.

Planting the area around a guest house

Garden house design outside painting and planting allotment garden

If the garden house has water and electricity and provides enough living space, then it can also be used as a guest house.

Vintage style garden house design

In this case, you can decorate the entrance to the house appropriately. For example, you can make a house sign yourself from driftwood. Together with conifers in tall flower pots and a door wreath made to match the season create a charming ensemble for the front door.

Decorate an old house: Upcycling

garden house vintage decorate outside design ideas

You can also decorate an old garden shed with upcycled household items. Turn buckets into flower pots, make a patio out of pallets and a garden table out of two ladders and an old door. Vintage signs, wine crates and other flea market finds will add the final touch to the decor.

Plant the area in front of the garden house

garden house vintage decorating exterior ideas

With the help of a garden shed, any garden will become a true oasis of well-being. A slightly curved garden path, a flower bed and evergreen plants will frame the mini-house. Just in front of the garden house you can create a small lawn and completely dispense with a terrace.

Garden house planting with climbing plants and paint ideas

Climbing plants are suitable for small garden houses with a terrace. They provide privacy and sun protection and attract butterflies.

Garden house door beautify and repaint ideas

If the garden house is used as a hobby room, then it should be visually separated from the rest of the garden. A raised terrace allows an unobstructed view of the rest of the garden.

old garden house exterior beautify ideas

garden house planting with climbing plants like ivy better insulation

garden house decorating ideas for outside