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Creative DIY garden decoration with old drawers – Upcycled furniture pieces into charming flower gardens

Using planters as garden decorations with old drawers, you can beautify your outdoor space in a sustainable way. With a little creativity, you can create original flower gardens that would make every corner in the garden look unique. Moreover, this is a great way to add some rustic elegance to your garden area with repurposed materials. Discover some inspiring examples of such garden decorations here, with which you will surely impress your guests.

Fancy ideas for garden decoration with old drawers

upcycling of unusable furniture in retro style as creative and sustainable garden decoration

These DIY projects vary depending on the type of planters you want to make. Any idea can be transformed into a decorative flower garden by upcycling drawers . While some old furniture is completely unusable, drawers often remain in pristine condition because they are kept under the protection of the desk or cabinet. However, you can freshen them up yourself with polishing and a color to your liking. Their size and storage space also make them perfect for planting, whether you want to grow flowers in containers or add soil yourself.

retro style for the garden with vintage drawers from old cabinet or dresser with attached plants

When it comes to cabinets and drawers, those with a more decorative look are easier to incorporate into your garden. This is because plants and nature in general are full of character and not uniform. As a result, pieces with decorations fit in more easily.

beautiful and creative diy garden decoration with old drawers turn into colorful flower boxes

In contrast, flat, square or rectangular objects often need to be rearranged or colored to fit in. Anyone who is bored with decorating in the yard or garden of the house can try these colorful ideas that will add beauty to the place.

Create triple mini flower gardens by yourself.

three desk drawers stacked on top of each other in red color with matching plants as decoration

This is a unique look thanks to the way the drawers are stacked. Such a project also allows you to keep flowers in the spaces inside the drawers. This makes it very versatile as you can easily move the flower garden around when needed. To make it look even more diverse, you can also grow different plants in each drawer.

Hanging flower boxes as vertical garden decorations with old drawers

vertical flower boxes attached to a wooden fence as garden decoration with vintage drawers in blue and red

If you have pull-out drawers that you no longer want to use, you can use them as vertical planters. In addition, this allows you to hang a garden decoration on a wall or fence. However, in most cases, the drawers are longer and you will need to reduce their depth so that they do not protrude too far from the wall. Finally, you can paint your creations in any colors that you will use to express your personal taste.

Combination of window frame and drawer to hang.

combination of vintage window frame and blue drawer as hanging garden decoration with old drawers

Here is another version with hanging planter. However, in this case, you create your garden decoration with old drawers and a whole window frame that you attach to it. By doing this, you will create a look that resembles a window box that looks like those of outdoor houses, although the drawer is not as deep as some window boxes. For this reason, when doing so, be sure to use those plants that do not require much space to grow their roots.

Turn stock cabinet into colorful garden decoration with old drawers

diy garden decoration with planted filing cabinet as colorful accent in garden area

If you have an old filing cabinet that you no longer have a use for, you can use it to create a creative and colorful garden decoration. Unlike many desk drawers, this will give you more depth and, accordingly, more options for planting.

planters taken from filing cabinet and painted as diy garden decoration with old drawers

However, sometimes such cabinets can be too deep. If this is the case, you can add something at the bottom as a base to support the container or soil in the drawers. Alternatively, this also gives you the opportunity to grow larger plants or those plants that need more space for their roots to dig into the ground.

Make small flower pots from drawers

small outdoor corner embellish with diy garden decoration with old drawers in white

Next on the list of garden decorations using old drawers is an idea you can easily do with small pull-out drawers. These can be from a small desk or your grandma’s old jewelry cabinet. Unlike many of the examples above, these drawers have much less space. Therefore, each of them will only be able to accommodate one plant at most. For this reason, leaving the drawers alone as decoration can look a bit empty. So, stack at least three drawers on top of each other to increase the volume of your decorative element.

Mini herb garden with wooden planter box for interiors

mini herb garden in improvised planter from old drawer in vintage look for indoor use

Vintage wooden furniture is just beautiful and can add rustic charm to any indoor or outdoor space because it looks timeless. This is also true for the next example. If you have a smaller, narrower wooden drawer that can stand in the middle of a table without overwhelming that space, then you can grow herbs in it. In addition, such a decorative element also fits perfectly on kitchen countertops, where you can easily pick off the herbs when you want to use them for cooking.

Potholders as a garden decoration with old drawers.

diy potholder from old drawer create space for two flower pots in outdoor area

This garden decoration made from an old drawer takes advantage of the larger, wider desks and furniture. You can also use ones that slide out from under the bed for this. It would really help if they had wheels or some sort of legs so the drawer doesn’t just lay flat on the floor. This would be a much easier set up as it will also allow you to get more space. Thus, the entire drawer can be used as a small potting shed or raised bed by storing flower pots or growing plants in it.

Combine different sized drawers as flower boxes.

square drawers as decorative flower pots in the garden and achieve a rustic look

In most cases, the drawers available have similar sizes. This is because they come from the same cabinet or desk. However, if you happen to have old drawers of different sizes, you can create a combination out of them and make your garden decoration even more interesting. Moreover, you can use such contrasting sizes in your favor. If the boxes come in different colors, they will look even more vibrant together. Besides, this also creates a harmonious and natural look, because there is not much uniformity in nature.