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Corten steel raised garden bed – Why this beauty is a great choice and cool ideas for the garden.

Raised beds are an extremely practical element in the garden. They are very popular not only for gardens on slopes, but also delight many other garden owners. The reason is simple: you can comfortably work in the bed without having to bend or kneel. In addition, a raised bed attracts all eyes rightly, because the plants come so even better to the validity. Many choose raised beds made of wood. But today we would like to introduce you to a beautiful alternative. We mean the corten steel raised bed, which has some advantages compared to wood. Which are those, whether the material is harmful when used for fruit and vegetable plants and some great ideas for raised beds made of stainless steel we show you today!

Corten steel raised bed – visually beautiful and practical at the same time!

Corten steel raised garden bed with grasses and other plants

Sure, wood looks appealing and looks nice rustic. However, you also get that rustic feel with a corten steel planting bed because of its rust look. In addition to that, it exudes a touch of modernity, making it a real eye-catcher in any garden. Another important advantage of steel is that it is exceptionally durable. While wood weathers, molds, and becomes brittle after a certain amount of time, with a Corten steel raised garden bed you get a weather-resistant element that you will continue to use for many, many years (15 to 20 on average) without having to renew or replace it. The simple look will also make your garden look neat.

Corten steel planting bed – the advantages and disadvantages.

Corten steel raised bed in minimalist front garden with small trees

A certain disadvantage is that the rust layer will rub off in the initial stages, as it is still very thin. In some cases, it can even be washed off completely. It takes about a year for the pretty patina to solidify to such an extent that it hardly or no longer stains at all – and that without any special care requirements. So if you like the look of stainless steel, a corten steel raised bed is the perfect choice. How about combining the bed with a matching Corten privacy screen?

Idea for corten steel raised garden bed on terrace with vegetable plants and ornamental plants

Another disadvantage could be the fact that metal is a better conductor of heat. So if the bed is in a very sunny place, it could heat up quite a bit during the summer heat and thus dry out faster, which is not good for some plants. But you can counteract this by watering more frequently. In addition, special insulating panels are also offered for this purpose to interrupt heat conduction. However, be sure to use sheets of natural material for vegetable beds. For a flower bed, plastic plates are also suitable.

But: the warmer bed also brings its advantages. Because it warms up faster, you can start sowing earlier. Also, the warmth is good for the plants later in the fall. Thus, you can significantly extend the season.

Corten steel raised beds against snails and rodents

Protect raised beds from overheating with suitable insulation

It is also over and done with the snail plague. On the one hand, the height makes it difficult for them to reach your plants. But also the patina is a very good protection. This contains a lot of copper, which the snails do not like at all. Also, the disadvantage we mentioned, that metal heats up a lot, is your helper in this case. Another problem with beds are also rodents, which can destroy vegetables, as well as flowers. Raised beds, and therefore the corten steel raised bed, can be lined with a grid that will prevent them from entering.

Here you will learn how to care for tomatoes in raised beds.

Corten steel raised bed – the right location

Corten steel raised beds in different heights for ornamental plants and vegetable beds

So, whether the bed of corten steel may be in a sunny location depends primarily on whether you provide it with insulation. Otherwise, it is best to adapt the location to the plants that you want to plant in it afterwards. But not only the garden itself is ideally suited for the raised bed in rust optics. Such a bed can also be placed on the terrace, of course, and even on the balcony (please pay attention to the weight!). If you have a greenhouse in the garden, you can also equip it with raised beds, making gardening much easier. So, the corten steel raised bed proves to be practical for various areas of your garden.

Build your own corten steel raised garden bed

Design border beds from corten for a neat look in the garden

If you want to build your own Corten steel raised garden bed, you have several options to choose from. Use a kit for the classic Corten steel raised bed or have a Corten steel raised bed custom made if you want special shapes. For example, corten steel raised beds that are curved are very popular. These are edge beds with a slightly lower height than the classic raised bed, which are specifically designed to stand out even better than normal beds.

Corten steel raised bed for trees in front of a wooden privacy screen

Corten steel raised beds are just as likely to be round in design. In general, round beds are a real eye-catcher, but they must be planted in a certain way. What to consider here, you will learn in this article . Otherwise, you have a free choice. Raised beds are adaptable, but need a seepable soil with a joint, so that excess water can drain away well. Otherwise, the next heavy rain will cause waterlogging, which in turn will lead to root rot.

What layers?

Corten steel raised bed round design on two levels for beautiful flower arrangements

Before you put the corten steel raised bed, remove the turf and fill the whole thing with gravel. You will get the perfect drainage, without disturbing the exchange of nutrients between the garden soil and the soil of the raised bed. On top of this you can spread compost (shredded material, small twigs, etc.), which is followed by a layer of special soil for raised beds and then compost again . You then fill the bed with high-quality plant soil.

Is the corten steel raised bed toxic?

Corten steel raised bed planted with red grasses as background for classic garden beds

Ornamental bed, fragrant herb bed , vegetable bed – everything can be planted in raised beds. But especially gardeners who want to grow edible plants in the raised bed of stainless steel, of course, ask themselves the question of whether the material could be harmful. And such a belief is actually circulating on the net. The reason is that various heavy metals are contained in the stainless steel. Nevertheless, the corten steel raised bed is not toxic. On the one hand, the heavy metals are under the rust layer. On the other hand, they are bound into the metal, so you or your plants are not directly exposed to them. If you are still not sure: The same alloy is also used for everyday household items that are labeled “stainless steel” – including your cutlery.

Raised beds in stainless steel on several levels for vegetables

Corten steel raised bed with edging build in minimalist garden.

Low corten steel raised garden bed to red gravel in minimalist garden style

Combine raised beds with low beds with bed edging

Modern garden design with corten steel raised bed and stainless steel bed edging

Mobile raised beds on wheels

Mobile corten steel raised garden bed for the terrace steel plates

High tubs for flowers made of rusted corten

Tubs made of corten for balconies and small gardens

Build raised beds with permeable substrate to avoid waterlogging

Small bed with geraniums in round shape for convenient plant care

Idea for the entrance area with chic corten tubs with small trees

Small raised beds in stainless steel in the form of tubs for the entrance area

Corten steel bed edging build high for slopes

Idea for raised beds in garden on slope with ground covers

Creeper and raised bed made of steel rusty-pretty

A bed of corten is laid out with a protective grid

Lush garden planting in raised beds of different heights

Curved corten bed borders for vegetables and other garden plants and garden path made of gravel

Corten raised bed in the form of a shelf for a green privacy screen on the terrace

Raised beds times differently in the form of shelves as a simultaneous privacy screen for the terrace

Raised bed as an accent on a terrace

Corten steel raised bed with tree as an accent for a modern patio with gray floor tiles

Corten steel raised garden bed with bench for a nice seating area

Corten steel raised bed with bench build in the garden

Curved border bed

Corten steel raised bed curved as a border bed on the wall of the house

Potted plants for the garden displayed in corten

Corten steel raised bed as protection from snails and rodents

Idea with steel edging for raised bed

Corten bed border with hedge plants and tree

Plant vegetables in corten steel raised garden beds

Convenient gardening thanks to raised beds in the garden

Corten steel raised garden bed buy in round shape

Stone garden with Cortenstahl Hochbeet arrange - red accents before a gray front

raised beds in the form of planters for terraces and balconies

Plant narrow raised bed with grasses for garden, terrace or balcony

Building raised beds against snails

Round corten raised beds in front garden with rock garden